Politics of Climate Justice: Paralysis above, Movement Below

Politics of Climate Justice: Paralysis above, Movement Below

by Patrick Bond




This is an indispensable read for anyone who seeks to understand world leaders' responses to climate change through the United Nations' Conference of the Parties (COP). Patrick Bond provides vital background and theoretical context to what happened at the COPs of Kyoto, Copenhagen, Cancún and Durban. He explores the favoured strategies of key elites from the crisis-ridden global and national power blocs, including South Africa, and finds them incapable of reconciling the threat to the planet with their economies' addiction to fossil fuels. Finally, the book reveals sites of climate justice and interrogates the new movement's approach.

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ISBN-13: 9781869142216
Publisher: University Of KwaZulu-Natal Press
Publication date: 01/01/2012
Pages: 292
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Table of Contents

Abbreviations viii

Preface x

Acknowledgements xx

1 From Copenhagen to Cancún to Durham Deckchair Shifting on the Climate Titanic 1

Capital's negotiators 'doing their job' 5

Cancún: Step forward, status quo or step back? 7

Africans arm-twisted by Washington, Paris and Pretoria 11

The Seattle model 14

The REDD wedge 20

Temporary cure for post-Copenhagen hangover 25

2 Carbon Commodification's Cul-de-Sac 30

The Durban Group critique 31

Washington backs the market 35

Emissions trading's flawed friends 39

Europe's bad example 41

Africans "build faith in the carbon market' 48

3 Climate and Capitalist Convulsions 52

Convulsions within capitalist crisis 57

Moving the convulsions around 63

From capitalist crisis to climate-crisis capitalism 65

Shirring, stalling and stealing 68

Ecological financialisation as 'false solution' 72

4 Paralysis Above 76

Climate denialism 82

Washington gridlock 85

WikiLeaks and climate bribery 90

World Bank zealotry 93

Southern elite shortcomings 103

5 Politics of Climate Finance 111

From Clean Development Mechanisms to climate debt 114

Counting the climate debt 117

Africa united then divided on climate debt 121

Civil society ups the ante 126

Repaying the debt? 136

How to repay the climate debt? 139

6 South African Climate Injustice 143

A political ecology of South African neoliberalism 147

Government's 'Green' Paper 151

South Africa at the COPs 158

Medupi coal corruption 163

The Bisasar Road Clean Development Mechanism 168

Power to the people 173

Reforming climate policy for the Durban COP? 177

7 Climate Justice: Movement Below 185

Climate justice political traditions 187

Climate controversies and wedge issues 196

Climate justice scale politics 200

Eco-feminist and eco-socialist directions 209

Notes 215

Index 246

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