Politics of Identity in Serbia

Politics of Identity in Serbia


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"These thought-provoking essays on the Serbian ethno-myth make this book a valuable contribution to the literature on the former Yugoslavia."
The Journal of Slavic Military Studies

"The newspaper articles . . . offer incisive, ironic, and often witty analyses of nationalist discourse found in a wide variety of texts, including political speeches."
Slavic Review

Symbols are central to politics. In this groundbreaking work, Ivan Colevic investigates the symbols of politics and the politics of symbols in Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia-Hercegovnia. The first part of the work, "The Serbian Political Ethno-Myth," analyzes Serbian political mythology about the nation and nationalism in particular, as well as the role of narratives in political discourse, and notions of time, nature, borders, heroism, and national identity.

The second part, "From the History of Serbian Political Mythology," is concerned with the historical development of Serbian political myths. The third part, "Characters and Figures of Power," comprises case studies which analyze political symbolism, myth, rhetoric, and propaganda. These studies are based on examples gleaned from the Serbian press, academic texts and literature, political speeches, and from everyday life.

Finally, Colevic investigates the relationship between the masses, mass culture, and politics, including the recruitment of soccer fans into the war in the former Yugoslavia, and how symbolic communication was used by Serbia's anti-Milosevic opposition.

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ISBN-13: 9780814716250
Publisher: New York University Press
Publication date: 09/30/2002
Pages: 328
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Ivan Colevic is one of the most widely respected social theorists from the former Yugoslavia. This is the first translation of his work in English.

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Ivan Colevic, leading anthropologist and cultural critic, specialist in cultural symbols, is himself the greatest symbol of the decency, respectability, humor, and guts of a small but important group of Belgrade intellectuals."-, -Maria Todorova,author of Imagining the Balkans

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