Politics, Reform, and Expansion, 1890-1900

Politics, Reform, and Expansion, 1890-1900

by Harold U. Faulkner

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In this present volume, one of a long series of studies in American history, Professor Faulkner deals almost exclusively with the years 1890 to 1900. He discusses the politics of the decade; the economic history of the period; efforts to reform and improve many areas of the existing society; and explores the new burst of territorial expansion resulting in part from the Spanish-American War.

“In this balanced and sensible book, Professor Faulkner treats the decade in its full variety.”—G.T. BLODGETT, The New England Quarterly

“The straightforward organization and clear writing, as well as the careful footnotes and twenty-three page bibliographical essay, will be boons to the scholars and students who will long be using this volume.”—The South Atlantic Quarterly

“This is in the main a scholarly, carefully documented, judicious review of the last decade of the nineteenth century...this volume has one merit so conspicuous that it reduces criticism of the work almost to caviling. This is its analysis of the spirit of expansionism that resulted in our acquisition of Puerto Rico, Hawaii and the Philippines....

“Mr. Faulkner is no propagandist. His language is always careful and restrained, but neither is he a historian of the neuter gender. He has opinions and he states them, without extravagance, but equally without ambiguity.”—GERALD W. JOHNSON

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About the Author

Harold U. Faulkner (1890-1968) was an American Economic Historian. Born on February 25, 1890 to John Alfred Faulkner and Helen Mae Underwood, he received his B.A. from Wesleyan University in 1913, and his M.A. and Ph.D. from Columbia University. He then went on to serve as Associate Professor of History at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. His other published works on economics and history include American Economic History (1924); From Versailles to the New Deal: A Chronicle of the Harding-Coolidge-Hoover Era (1950); and The Decline of Laissez-Faire, 1897-1917 (1951). Professor Faulkner passed away on June 19, 1968 in Northampton, Massachusetts, aged 78.

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