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American Chemical Society
Polymer Durability: Degradation, Stabilization, and Lifetime Prediction

Polymer Durability: Degradation, Stabilization, and Lifetime Prediction


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Provides a comprehensive overview of the science of polymer durability. Discusses the molecular mechanisms of polymer aging and deterioration, emphasizing UV and thermal exposure environments. Describes a variety of analytical techniques for studying degradation, with special emphasis on chemiluminescence. Covers advances in the use of additives and other approaches for enhancing polymer stability.
Reviews mechanisms and applications of major classes of stabilizers, and discusses the problem of stabilizer migration and loss. Examines new methods for predicting the aging rate and lifetime of a material.

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ISBN-13: 9780841231344
Publisher: American Chemical Society
Publication date: 05/05/1996
Series: Advances in Chemistry Series , #249
Pages: 728
Sales rank: 1,084,274
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.70(d)

Table of Contents

Auxiliary Mechanism for Transfer to Monomer during Vinyl Chloride Polymerization: Implications for Thermal Stability of Poly(vinyl chloride), W.H. Starnes, Jr., H. Chung, B.J. Wojciechowski, D.E. Skillicorn, and G.M. Benedikt
Thermal Stability, Degradation, and Stabilization Mechanisms of Poly(vinyl chloride), B. Iván
Thermolysis of Poly(chloroethyl methacrylates) and Poly(chloroethyl acrylates), W. Schnabel
Thermal Degradation of Automotive Plastics: A Possible Recycling Opportunity, M.Day, J.D. Cooney, C. Klein, and J. Fox
Mechanisms of Thermal and Photodegradations of Bisphenol A Polycarbonate, A. Factor
Photoaging of Substituted and Unsubstituted Silicones, J. Lacoste, Y. Israëli, and J. Lemaire
Photolysis of Methylene 4,4#'-Diphenyldiisocyanate-Based Polyurethane Ureas and Polyureas, C.E. Hoyle, H. Shah, and K. Moussa
Formation and Removal of Singlet (a¹*G[g) Oxygen in Bulk Polymers: Events That May Influence Photodegradation, P.R. Ogilby, M. Kristiansen, D.O. Mártire, R.D. Scurlock, V.L. Taylor, and R.L. Clough
Photodegradation Mechanisms of Poly(p-phenylene sulfide) and Its Model Compounds, Z. Osawa, S. Kuroda, S. Kobayashi, and F. Tanabe
Far-Ultraviolet Degradation of Selected Polymers, M.R. Adams and A. Garton
Physical Spreading and Heterogeneity in Oxidation of Polypropylene, M. Celina, G.A. George, and N.C. Billingham
Inherent Relations of Chemiluminescence and Thermooxidation of Polymers, L. Matisova-Rychla and J. Rychly
Chemiluminescence of Polymer Materials during Thermal Oxidation and Stress, S. Hosoda, H. Kihara, and Y. Seki
Luminescence from Nile Red in Poly(n-Butyl methacrylate), G. D. Mendenhall
Oxyluminescence of Cross-Linked Amine Epoxies: Diglycidylether of Bisphenol A-Diaminodiphenyl Sulfone System, L. Audouin, V. Bellenger, A. Tcharkhtchi, and J. Verdu
Chemiluminescence Analysis and Computed X-Ray Tomography of Oxidative Degradation in Polymers, B. Mattson and B. Stenberg
Odor Characterization of Low-Density Polyethylene Used for Food-Contact Applications, S.W. Bigger, M.J. O'Connor, J. Scheirs, J.L.G.M. Janssens, J.P.H. Linssen, and A. Legger-Huysman
Activity Mechanisms of Amines in Polymer Stabilization, J. Pospá%sil
Photostability of UV Screeners in Polymers and Coatings, J.E. Pickett and J. E. Moore
Light Stabilization of Bisphenol A Polycarbonate, T. Thompson and P.P. Klemchuk
Photostabilization of Macromolecular Materials by UV-Cured Protective Coatings, C. Decker
Measurements of Chemical Change Rates to Select Superior Automotive Clearcoats, J.L. Gerlock, C.A. Smith, E.M. Núñez, V. A. Cooper, P. Liscombe, D.R. Cummings, and T.G. Dusibiber
Action Mechanisms of Phosphite and Phosphonite Stabilizers, K. Schwetlick and W. D. Habicher
Characterization of Conversion Products Formed during Degradation of Processing Antioxidants, J. Scheirs, J. Pospá%sil, M.J. O'Connor, and S.W. Bigger
Effect of Stabilization of Polypropylene during Processing and Its Influence on Long-Term Behavior under Thermal Stress, H. Zweifel
Fluorophosphonites as Co-Stabilizers in Stabilization of Polyolefins, G.J. Klender
Processing Effects on Antioxidant Transformations and Solutions to the Problem of Antioxidant Migration, S .Al-Malaika and S. Issenhuth
Diffusion of Benzotriazoles in Polypropylene: Influence of Polymer Morphology and Stabilizer Structure, V. Dudler and C. Muiños
Diffusion and Solubility of Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers in Polyolefins: Influence on Stabilization Efficiency and Implications for Polymer-Bound Stabilizers, J. Malík, A. Hrivík, and D. Q. Tuan
Reactive Oligomeric Light Stabilizers, %S. Chmela and P. Hrdlovi%c
Weathering of Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene Plastics: Compositional Effects on Impact and Color, D.M. Kulich and S.K. Gaggar
Thermal and Photooxidation of Miscible Polymer Blends, L. Stoeber, E.M. Pearce, and T.K. Kwei
Influence of Titanium Dioxide Pigments on Thermal and Photochemical Oxidation and Stabilization of Polyolefin Films, N.S. Allen and H. Katami
Prediction of Elastomer Lifetimes from Accelerated Thermal-Aging Experiments, K. T. Gillen, R. L. Clough, and J. Wise
Mechanisms of Photooxidation of Polyolefins: Prediction of Lifetime in Weathering Conditions, J. Lemaire, J.-L Gardette, J. Lacoste, P. Delprat, and D. Vaillant
Degradation Profiles of Thick High-Density Polyethylene Samples after Outdoor and Artificial Weathering, J.C.M. de Bruijn
Comparison of UV Degradation of Polyethylene in Accelerated Test and Sunlight, P. Gijsman, J. Hennekens, and K. Janssen
Measurement of Radical Yields To Assess Radiation Resistance in Engineering Thermoplastics, K. Heiland, D.J.T. Hill, J.L. Hopewell, D.A. Lewis, J.H. O'Donnell, P.J. Pomery, and A. K. Whittaker
Thermal Scission and Cross-Linking during Polyethylene Melt Processing, R.T. Johnston and E.J. Morrison

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