Pony Slaystation

Pony Slaystation

by Pantytec


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Pony Slaystation

The Pantytec boys, Zip and Sammy Dee, are just as concerned with making funny noises as they are with concocting a mutant house groove. If most of Pony Slaystation sounds a bit cartoonish, it's not just because the duo is inspired by the noises made by barnyard animals as they bound around, stick their noses in the ground, and gobble up food pellets. Some of these noises are actually sampled from cartoons and are fed through the duo's soundchipper to make them sound all the more bizarre. This oddball house record works equally well on the floor (the non-stop 4/4, albeit a demented non-stop 4/4, is in full effect) and through headphones (there are so many sounds going on that you might not get the full effect otherwise). The rolling tropical groove of "Supratahiti" is made all the more sinister with the addition of a vocal sample from a man who sounds as if he has a throat full of yogurt, not to mention the late addition of a too-buried keyboard vamp that sounds as it was lifted from a late-'80s Prince or Al B. Sure record. All the grunts, sperks, ka-chunks, and spelches that adorn these elastic rhythms add up to one unique record.

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Release Date: 05/20/2002
Label: Perlon
UPC: 0718751717824
catalogNumber: 28


  1. Micromission
  2. Elastobabe
  3. Doubledip Uuh..
  4. Valentine
  5. Quattroporte
  6. Elastobabe
  7. Supratahiti
  8. Candy Coated Conspiracy
  9. Into the Duster
  10. Valentine
  11. Pink

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