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The Poor Will Be Glad

The Poor Will Be Glad

4.2 6
by Peter Greer

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A compelling call to carry God's mercy and compassion to the hurting people of this world This eminently practical book by two leading experts in the field of poverty reduction offers a clear plan to help ordinary Christians translate their compassion into thoughtful action. Authors Peter Greer and Phil Smith draw on their personal experiences to provide proven


A compelling call to carry God's mercy and compassion to the hurting people of this world This eminently practical book by two leading experts in the field of poverty reduction offers a clear plan to help ordinary Christians translate their compassion into thoughtful action. Authors Peter Greer and Phil Smith draw on their personal experiences to provide proven solutions for effectively reducing poverty. With photographs by Jeremy Cowart included throughout, The Poor Will Be Glad examines the pitfalls of traditional approaches and outlines a new model of economic development aimed at breaking the cycle of dependency.Through microfinance and employment-based solutions, people who share God's heart for the poor can reorient their efforts from giving handouts to offering a hand up, helping others provide for their families and regain their dignity. This book provides straightforward guidance for individuals and groups eager to carry God's justice, mercy, and compassion to the hurting people in our world.

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Publishers Weekly
It’s unusual to discover an engaging, detailed and affecting manual delineating a Christian approach to alleviating global poverty. That’s what Greer and Smith have given readers in this resource-rich guide to how individuals, businesses, churches and denominational groups can use the basics of microfinance—the provision of financial services to the poor—to partner with communities and find “employment-based solutions with proven results for effectively reducing poverty and extending the kingdom of God.” Greer, president of the Christian relief organization HOPE International, and Smith, a retired businessman and philanthropist, are enthusiastic realists, aware of the challenges facing those who are severely poor; the difficulties, new skills and patience required in churches that want to be catalysts for change; and the complexities of partnering with corporations that may have other, sometimes conflicting, agendas. The book works in large part because of the real-life experience, passion and dedication that both men, who write different chapters, bring to the table. Their biggest achievement may be helping to push skeptical readers off the fence about the potential of religiously funded microfinance—and giving interested parties plenty of practical tools to get started. (Nov.)

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From the Publisher
“The authors bring profound understanding to one of the greatest challenges throughout all of time. With an understanding of cultures coupled with intellectual strength, this book singularly defines practical and successful ways ordinary people can help fight poverty around the world. This book can affect systemic change and make a lasting difference in the world by changing the way leaders think.” -- Peter W. Teague, President

“[The Poor Will Be Glad is] an essential handbook for all local churches considering embarking into the mission of microfinancing. Peter and Phil tell us how to do something about the ‘hole’ in our gospel.” -- Gene Wood, Founder

“With the recent surge of interest in microfinance as a way to combat poverty, many Christians may have trouble separating truth from hype. Peter Greer and Phil Smith---two experienced microfinance practitioners---have made an extraordinary contribution with this eminently readable fusion of biblical wisdom and practical experience. Their candid evaluation of microfinance does not gloss over its challenges but demonstrates how Christians can prudently use it as a tool to take on the root causes of poverty. Every congregation seeking to get involved in microfinance should read this book. And Christian leaders in business and finance will appreciate it as a high-level primer on how they can apply their professional skills toward the advancement of God’s kingdom.” -- Tyler Wigg-Stevenson, Founder and Director

“The Poor Will Be Glad makes an excellent case that we need to be concerned with financial poverty and spiritual poverty and that the two are often best addressed together. Christian relief organizations need to be ever vigilant for opportunities to create a culture of dignity rather than dependency, and this book shows how to make it happen. Worldwide missions will never be the same.” -- Henry Kaestner, Chairman

“The present age is a truly unique historical moment. The richest people ever to walk the face of the earth co-exist with billions living in conditions not fit for creatures bearing the image of Almighty God. How are Christians to respond to this crisis? Drawing on their many years of experience in microfinance, Peter Greer and Phil Smith challenge readers to join God’s mission of making the poor glad through restoring them to sustainable work. This book is a timely and prophetic word, combining solid theology, best practices, and deeply moving stories from the frontlines. Do not just read the book. Join the revolution.” -- Brian Fikkert, Executive Director

“The Poor Will Be Glad is an honest, insightful, and practical resource forged from the vast experience of the authors, who deeply care about seeing people lifted from poverty. I am grateful to have this book in my hands and know it will add wisdom to all those who have joined the revolution.” -- Chuck Bentley, Chairman and CEO

“The journey through the pages of this book will open your eyes and challenge many issues the West has believed about solving world poverty. The Poor Will Be Glad confronts the traditional approach of creating dependency and offers real solutions to make poverty history.” -- Tom Davis, Chairman and CEO

“The elevation of Muhammad Yunus as a Nobel Prize-winning microfinance entrepreneur has many heads turning toward small loans as a solution for those seeking to escape extreme poverty. Peter Greer and Phil Smith do us a favor by reminding us just how bad poverty is, how powerful appropriate financial empowerment can be, and where God and his church are in all this. A helpful companion for those looking to expand the impact of their giving for the sake of God’s Kingdom.” -- Steven W. Haas, Vice President

“This book illustrates integrated solutions to spiritual and physical poverty with clarity and conviction. A must-read as we critically consider biblical stewardship of our resources.” -- David Weekley, Businessman amd Philanthropist

“Most Christians recognize the biblical mandate to care for the poor. But doing good doesn’t always really help. With biblical insight, economic savvy, realism, and loads of wisdom, Greer and Smith point to a paradigm that can empower the least among us. The Poor Will Be Glad holds forth a promise that can live up to its title. This is must-reading for church mission committees, development workers, and anyone who wants to truly make a difference in the face of poverty. Moreover, Greer and Smith rightly believe that physical poverty and spiritual poverty can be addressed together without losing the integrity of the other.” -- Dennis Hollinger, President and Professor


Meet the Author

Peter Greer holds a Master of Public Policy from Harvard’s Kennedy School and a BS from Messiah College. He is the president of HOPE International, a global faith-based microfinance organization serving hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs in fourteen countries. A frequent lecturer and a featured panelist at Harvard’s International Development Conference, Peter and his wife, Laurel, live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, with their three children.

Phil Smith, who holds an M.B.A. from the University of Tulsa and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Oklahoma State University, is a philanthropist and private investor who sits on the boards of publicly-traded Eagle Rock Energy Partners, L.P. and three private companies. He is the coauthor with Eric Thurman of A Billion Bootstraps: Microcredit, Barefoot Banking, and the Business Solution for Ending Poverty. Phil and his wife, Shannon, live in Tulsa, OK, with their four children.

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The Poor Will Be Glad: Joining the Revolution to Lift the World Out of Poverty (Large Print 16pt) 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book introduces a new way of looking at the poor and how we can serve them and recognize the gifts God has given them. I was impressed by the writing and enjoyed the stories.
Mike-Allen More than 1 year ago
The Poor Will Be Glad is an incredible, nontechnical, overview of the current state of microfinance. If you want to read how MF got started pick up Yunus, but if you want to know whats happening now - read Greer. The authors do a tremendous job incorporating their faith throughout the text, and give great insight into how the church should be involved in MF. Visually the book is stunning- full color photographs from the developing world are woven into nearly every page! This book deserves a place on your bookshelf but also could give your coffee table texts a run for their money! A must read for anyone who is interested in microfinance.
Bobbie_Lydick More than 1 year ago
If you are looking for a connection between economic development and Christian ministry, then feel free to hit "add to cart" right now. This book not only connects the two, but does a beautiful job of showing how they should not be separated. Be ready to catch the authors' passion and do not be surprised if you find yourself reusing examples from this book to tell your friends and family about the benefits of microfinance.
chrishorst More than 1 year ago
As a Christian, I found "The Poor Will Be Glad" to be a tremendous and much-needed overview of how the Church can truly help the poor around the world. We all know of the heartbreaking needs, but what can we tangibly do about it? How can we, here and now, use our time, talent and treasure to help the poor in a way which doesn't foster unhealthy dependency or strip the dignity of those we are trying to serve? Greer and Smith beautifully and seamlessly weave together stories and practical solutions to these questions. For anyone just beginning to ask these hard questions, or deeply familiar with Christ-centered microfinance, you will find this book valuable. I also appreciate their balanced view of the Gospel as holistic--word AND deed. They purport, and I agree, that our call as Christians is not an either/or proposition. We are called to share the Gospel both in demonstration and proclamation. This is an absolute must-read. Chris Horst