Pop My Cherry

Pop My Cherry

by Gary Roberts


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A book of hot, erotic poems. Mature/Extreme Content (18+)

Poor Guy (A popular girl is crazy about a fat, nerdy 'Burly Bear' and wants him to join her and her friends in their Friday night orgy. Yay! Hey, fat boys may rule after all!)

She Is My Drug (A woman's body is this man's drug....forget heroin, with this woman's body he doesn't need to go to rehab!)

Niche Market (A woman wants a man to star in a porn movie with her, even though he is 'less than attractive' in the conventional sense. Can he ignore the other cast member's mocking of his imperfect body?)

Thank You, Liz (A man says thank you to a woman training him in exercise, sex and life! 'You're fun I say! Don't be afraid of me because of my chiseled body....')

Hot Weather and Hormones (Summer is when the hormones starts and the skin shows. Hell on Earth for a love-shy man. Especially if said girl is attractive. But there's her side of the experience too....)

'Till Death When We Part (A love-shy Aspie man ponders the difficult question of what's going to happen when his parents pass on. Not just financially but more so emotionally.)

Sarah's Gift (Sarah has a gift....and that gift is her body. And nice skin. And tanned legs....well, you get the picture. Spoken off the cuff as typed.)

Sarah's Gift - Take Two (Same idea as part one, but with different wording.)

Small Dink (But Big Energy) (Punk song lyrics by Gary Roberts. Thought I'd throw it in the book.)

Magic Potion (A woman wants to hook up with a man....and get some of his 'magic potion'! 'wink, wink')

Ghetto Girl Number 3243 (About a girl the author used to have a crush on. The numbers were her last four digits of her home phone number....abstract poem.)

Beauty's Wake (Another abstract poem....you figure it out! To lazy to type a description....wait a minute, I am! Anyway, something about a chick feeling sorry for a dude at a party? Could be....)

No Bullshit (A girl and a guy in a coffee bar. She just wants him to experience one thing....without the whole outmoded 'courting' bullshit - according to her.)

Women's Intuition (She knows he likes her. Why is he so timid?)

Knock Out On the Beach (Quebec Lisa) (Another weird one. He likes going to the beach with her then proposes....)

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ISBN-13: 9781540636287
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/25/2016
Pages: 44
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.02(h) x 0.09(d)

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