Population, Health and Development: Perspectives on Uttarakhand

Population, Health and Development: Perspectives on Uttarakhand


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ISBN-13: 9788171889464
Publisher: Academic Foundation
Publication date: 07/01/2013
Pages: 558
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About the Author

T. V. Sekher is an associate professor at the International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS) in Mumbai. He is a former consultant to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and is the managing editor of the professional journal Demography India. Abhishek Singh is an assistant professor in the department of public health and mortality studies at the IIPS. He has more than 50 publications in reputed peer-reviewed national and international journals. Sulabha Parasuraman is a former professor and head of the department of population policies and programs at the IIPS. She has published numerous articles in journals of national and international repute and is the principal author of many books and research studies. She has served as a consultant to many organizations, including the UNFPA, the World Health Organization, and UNICEF.

Table of Contents

List of Tables and Figures 9

Editors/Contributors 23

Foreword 27

Message 29

Preface and Acknowledgements 33

Population, Health and Development in Uttarakhand: Issues and Challenges T.V. Sekher Niharika Tripathi 35

A Education, Employment and Income Inequalities

1 Education for All in Rural Himalayas: A Study of Uttarakhand Suresh Sharma Nilabja Ghosh 59

2 Elementary Education in Uttarakhand State Sandeep Kumar Sharma Manju Rani Ravendra K. Sharma 89

3 Who Gets Education in Uttarakhand? Analysis of NFHS-3 Data Nandita Saikia Jayanta Kumar Bora F. Ram 109

4 The Unorganised Sector Workers in Uttarakhand: A Need for Policy Intervention Bhagwan S. Bisht 119

5 Inequalities of Income Opportunity in a Hilly State: A Study of Uttarakhand Nilabja Ghosh Sabyasachi Kar Suresh Sharma 145

B Fertility and Family Planning

6 Age at Marriage in Uttarakhand: Changing Perspective and Role of Family Systems Ravi Prakash Sulabha Parasuraman 165

7 Economic Differentials of Fertility and Utilisation of Maternal and Child Health Services in Uttarakhand C.V.S. Prasad Jalandhar Pradhan 183

8 Unwanted Pregnancy: A Comparative Study of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh Sujata Ganguly Sayeed Unisa 197

9 Communication, Accessibility and Condom Use: Insights from Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, NFHS-3, 2005-06 Manoj Kumar Raut Daliya Sebastian Satyaban Sahu 215

C Utilisation of Health Services

10 Interactions with Health Workers and Reproductive Behaviour: Evidence from Uttarakhand Puspita Datta Chayan Roy Choudhury 239

11 Inhibiting Factors in the Utilisation of Public Health Care Services by the Rural People in Uttarakhand: Evidence from National Family Health Survey-3 Anita Bhargava Satyaban Sahu 253

12 Home to Institutional Deliveries: A Long Perspective in Uttarakhand Sanjay Rode 267

13 Understanding the Determinants of Breastfeeding Practices and its Discontinuation in Uttarakhand Archana Kujur Sulabha Parasuraman 287

14 Social Health Insurance and Social Security in Uttarakhand Avishek Hazra Subrata Lahiri 301

D Gender Issues

15 Indicators of Women's Empowerment and their Determinants among Currently Married Women of Uttarakhand: An Analysis of NFHS-3 Data N. Audinarayana 315

16 Gender-based Violence and Consequences on Sexual Reproductive Health of Women in Uttarakhand C.P. Prakasam 329

17 Inequalities in Maternal and Child Health Care: in Selected States of India: Whether Social Structure or Economic Differentiation Matters? Sandhya Rani Mahapatro 343


18 Perceived Risk and Vulnerability to HIV of Youth in Uttarakhand Dhananjay W. Bansod Benoy Peter 367

19 Study of HIV/AIDS Awareness among Teachers in Uttarakhand: A Mirror of Public Health Challenges Narayan Prasad Untyal Suyash Badola 397

F Urbanisation and Migration

20 Spatial Pattern of Urbanisation and Urban Growth in Western Himalayan Region in India Soumya Mohanty R.B. Bhagat 413

21 Migration and Workforce Participation in the Himalayan States R. Lusome R.B. Bhagat 435

22 Urbanisation: New Challenges in Uttarakhand Anup Badola 447

G Population and Development

23 Population and Development in Uttarakhand: Emerging Issues and Challenges H.C. Srivastava 459

24 Population Growth and Land Use in Uttarakhand Dewaram A. Nagdeve 479

25 Tribes of Uttarakhand: A Comparative Study Ravendra K. Sharma D.C. Jain Manju Rani 503

26 Availability and Quality of Drinking Water in Uttarakhand at Habitation and Household Level U.V. Somayajulu Tilak Mukherji 525

27 Population Ageing in Uttarakhand: Salient Demographic and Spatial Characteristics and Policy Implications Hemkhothang Lhungdim 535

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