Port Nowhere

Port Nowhere



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ISBN-13: 9780975254226
Publisher: Mystic Toad Press
Publication date: 01/30/2004

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Port Nowhere 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
tomjohnson1940 More than 1 year ago
On the far side of the universe is an asteroid occupied by a fascinating group of odd individuals of different alien races. It is an outpost of sorts, at the edge of civilization. The novel is a round robin of different authors taking part in telling a portion of the story as a whole; a story of every day life on the Rock. Like Babylon 5, we are pulled into the tale and don’t want to leave. Stuck on a world where they must live and work underground, most have only one great desire – to leave to Rock. The story has no true beginning or ending, as it’s intended as a continuing series featuring numerous episodes on the Rock. I was fascinated by the characters and writing, and was surprised the series did not continue past this one book. The characters are three-dimensional; some that we may love and some we may hate, but the authors are at their story-telling best, and the Rock is one marvelous place to keep the readers entertained. The book is a steal at this low price. Highly recommended for readers of SF adventure novels, and fans of shows like Babylon 5.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Here is a novel unlike any I have ever read before! There are twenty-three chapters and almost a dozen sci-fi authors! The entire novel takes place far away from our planet, Earth, at a place called 'Port Nowhere'. There are dozens of different species that call Port Nowhere home. The inhabitants affectionately call it 'The Rock', because people live below ground. Few ever see the surface. Many believe the stars and tales of other places are just that, tales. As for planets with free water, that could not really exist! Water is never free! ...................... LevOne is for the richest inhabitants. The lowest level (that house beings able to generously be labeled as civilized) is LevSev. There are lower levels, called the Depths. But trust me on this, you DO NOT want to go there! ......................... Let me tell you about a few characters now. As the story opens, Port Nowhere is getting a new local commander. Captain Carle Eversyn arrives on the Rock. He commands the Consolidated Guard (A.K.A. the 'Connies') of Malpairiso Sector. He has the last word on everything! His main goal is to capture Malik 'Mal' Blayne. Malik has single-handedly kept the Connies (and all the authorities that claimed authority before them) in chaos. Glimpses are often seen of Mal, but no one can find him. As with the best villains, Mal hides right under Captain Carle's nose. Mal is also Rudof Dyll, the richest person at Port Nowhere, but only his bodyguard knows it. Mal and Rudof look nothing alike. As for the bodyguard, he is one of the Vamir. Think Wookie, but meaner and deadlier. ...................... Then there is Crila 'Cri' Maragorn. Her left forearm is a prosthesis. She is a bartender at Dhamu's Place. But that left hand can become several weapons, power tools, and so much more! She joins the Circle of the Beryl. (Think assassins and spies that look like tall lizards.) Cri is half Human and half Halsan, so her form is human female, red hair, lilac skin color, and she is a lethal combination of lovely and deadly. .............................. There is also a boy, Tau the Silent, who is just hitting puberty. I found him exceptional. Tarzan, if you recall, was raised by apes. Tau was raised by things much more deadly. I refuse to say what and I doubt that you would ever guess. ....................... ***** There are several other characters, some get a lot of attention, some do not. The most awesome thing about this particular novel is that each chapter is written by a different author. So for the first few chapters, it is like reading an anthology. But each chapter picks up where the last left off! Soon the authors are using characters from each other. So Mal and Captain Carle have a plot going, then Mal could enter that plot and have another going that involves Tau, who may have another going with several others... You get the idea. ........................ We have all heard the saying 'Too many cooks in the kitchen will spoil the dinner.' Yet somehow, these authors have collaborated and the stories flow smoother than silk. You would have to really be looking to figure out where one author stops and another begins. Few authors can works well with other authors. This group is part of that elite clan. If you enjoyed the Starport Canteen scene during the original Star Wars movie, then you will LOVE this novel. I cannot recommend this novel highly enough! Astounding! *****