Portable Video: ENG & EFP / Edition 4

Portable Video: ENG & EFP / Edition 4

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Taylor & Francis

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Portable Video: ENG & EFP / Edition 4

Portable Video focuses on technique and technology for single camera electronic news gathering and electronic field production. Covering everything from basic creative and technical editing techniques to budgets and copyright issues, it is accessible to the home videomaker or amateur and to the professional seeking information on the newest advances in technique and equipment.

Portable Video: ENG and EFP, Fourth Edition has been revised and updated to cover all of the latest equipment and techniques. Additionally, it discusses the history of video production and electronic news gathering, and the importance of the verbal content in any production is explored in a chapter on scriptwriting.

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ISBN-13: 9780240804385
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 10/28/2001
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 344
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction; ENG and EFP: The World of Professional Video; ENG: Capturing the Event; EFP: Studio Production on Location; Part One: The Tools; Chapter 2 Video: The Process of Image Acquisition; Lenses, Cameras, and Recorders; Principles of Lens Operation; Video Cameras; Camera Funtions; Videotape Recorders; Batteries; Tripods and Camera-Mounting Devices; Chapter 3 Microphone and Audio Recording Techniques; Microphone Structure; Sensitivity; Impedance and Other Factors; Style; Special Applications; Accessories; Audio Cables and Connectors; Selection and Placement; Monitoring, Mixing, and Stereo; Chapter 4 Light: Understanding and Controlling It; Part 1 The Physical Properties of Light; What is Light; The Color of Light; The Direction and Size of a Light Source; The Quantity of Light; Part 2 Creating Light; Light Emitters; Lighting Equipment; Part Three Basic Lighting Technique; The Starting Point: Exposure; The Art of Casting Shadows; Basic Theory; Formal Lighting; Natural Lighting; Light as an Editorial Tool; Conclusions;Chapter 5 Basic Shots: The Language of Video; Identifying the Story Line; The Range of Shots; Shots by Focal Length; Camera Action Shots; Special Use Shots; Composition; Summary; Part Two: The Process; Chapter 6 Scriptwriting; ENG; EFP; Chapter 7 Pre-production and Production; ENG; EFP; Graphics and Props preparation; Clearance on Copyright Materials; Travel Planning; Production: Shooting on Location; ENG versus EFP; Setting Up; Sound and Light; Location Integrity; Maintaining Control; Back-up Plans; Security; Dealing with the Public; Checklists; Rolling Tape; Rehearsing; Shooting (and Re-Shooting); Wrapping Up; Chapter 8 Post-Production: Editing It All Together Part One: Technical Editing Basics; Types of Edits; Technical Concepts; Editing Machines; Video Input Switch; Understanding the Editing System; Part Two: Creative Editing Basics; Sequencing the Shots; Maintaining Continuity; Establishing a Story Line; Pacing; Adding-Post Production Value; Editing Sound; Summary; Part Three: Styles and Applications; Chapter 9 ENG Style Part One: Taped Coverage; Spot News; General News; Feature News; Sports News; Summary; Part Two: Live Coverage; Live TV; Getting the Picture Out; Communications; Interrupted Feedback; Form and Style; EFP; Chapter 10 EFP Styles; Corporate and Professional Videos; Commercials and Public Service Announcements; Performance Videos; Sports Video; Music Videos; Nature and Documentary Videos; Video Art; Multimedia; Internet; Chapter 11 Budgeting and Pricing; Eng vs EFP; In House versus Independent Production Units; Creating an Accurate Budget; Budget Tracking; EFP Pricing Formula; Entry into the Video Marketplace Chapter 12; Copyrights and Legal Issues; News Productions; Non-News Productions; Copyrights; Protecting Your Work; Insurance; Chapter 13 New Trends and Technologies; Buying Equipment; Digital Technology in Portable Video; Cameras; Videotape; Editors; Exhibition Monitors; Digital TV; High Definition TV; Streaming Video; A Cautionary Note; A Final Note

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