Portfolios that Sell: Professional Techniques for Presenting and Marketing Your Photographs

Portfolios that Sell: Professional Techniques for Presenting and Marketing Your Photographs




It used to be that art directors, creative professionals, and producers hired talent based on reputation, networking, and personal relationships. Today’s ultracompetitive business climate is vastly different. Art buying is now more project-oriented. Art directors and creative professionals now must review portfolios with their clients before making any hiring decisions. Since most photographers are self-employed, hiring a photo rep is an expense that cuts dramatically into an already-tight bottom line. So now more than ever, showing a “killer” portfolio that communicates a clear vision can mean the difference between winning projects or just sitting on the sidelines.

In Portfolios That Sell, veteran consultant and lecturer Selina Oppenheim reveals how to create an innovative, competitive, and effective portfolio that will get attention from any potential client. Based on her 20-plus years of consulting with scores of photographers, graphic designers, and illustrators, Oppenheim demonstrates how today’s commercial photographer can communicate expertise, experience, and creative vision clearly and intelligently through a well-executed portfolio. Packed with a wealth of no-fail tips and practical advice for effective marketing, self-promotion, and client relationships, Portfolios That Sell is an indispensable guide for the photographer who wants financial as well as artistic success.

• Filled with scores of high-quality images taken for real-life clients

• Presents important information about a timely, practical subject

• A unique look at the business strategies as well as the artistic concerns of preparing a winning portfolio

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780817455439
Publisher: Crown Publishing Group
Publication date: 06/05/2003
Pages: 144
Product dimensions: 9.08(w) x 11.01(h) x 1.57(d)

About the Author

Selina Oppenheim was one of the first consultants for visual professionals in the country, consulting with photographers, graphic designers, and illustrators for over 20 years. She is president of Port Authority, a Boston area–based marketing firm committed to creating strategic programs that enable clients to build businesses around their individual, creative, and financial goals. She lives in Boxborough, MA.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Developing Your Visual Integrity17
Working Your Portfolio22
The Habits of Today's Buyers24
Market a Single Vision25
A Portfolio Exercise: Learn by Seeing28
Elaine Brown on Vision29
Chapter 2Creating a Positioning Statement31
How to Write a Positioning Statement32
A Portfolio Exercise: Create Test Images35
Using Your Images as a Guide36
Chapter 3Market Application: Know What the Market is Buying41
Corporate Photography45
Secondary Markets48
A Portfolio Exercise: Investigate Your Market48
Chapter 4Editing Existing Images51
Apply Your Positioning Statement52
A Portfolio Exercise: Assess Existing Images54
Determine How Many Images to Add54
Two Industry Voices57
Chapter 5Creating New Images59
Rounding Out Your Message60
Steps to a Successful Shoot62
Chapter 6Working Through Creative Blocks67
A Case Study68
Tips for Working Through Creative Blocks71
Chapter 7Performing a Final Edit73
Step-by-Step Editing74
How Much Is Too Much?77
Chapter 8Arranging Your Portfolio79
Chromes vs. Prints80
Choosing the Right Layout81
Single Image82
Double-Page Spread82
Using the Spread Format84
Storytelling Approach85
A Portfolio Exercise: Placement of Images87
Chapter 9Production Choices91
Digital vs. the Darkroom92
Paper Choices96
A Portfolio Exercise: The Paper Test97
Determining the Size of Your Images98
Chapter 10The Physical Portfolio101
Post-and-Bound Portfolis102
Accordion-Style Portfolios103
Unbound Portfolios104
Cover Options106
Pre-made or Handmade Books and Boxes107
Working with a Professional Book Builder110
CD Portfolios and Web Sites111
Chapter 11Tearsheets113
Tear Section or Tear Book?115
Housing for Your Tearsheet Book115
FAQs on Client Lists119
Chapter 12Using Your Portfolio as a Marketing and Sales Tool121
The Portfolio as a Marketing Tool122
Preparing for a Personal Visit123
The Portfolio as a Sales Tool125
Branding Your Work125
Direct Mail126
Web Sites130
Building a Second Portfolio133
Tools for Success134

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