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Portrait of Our Marriage

Portrait of Our Marriage

4.6 6
by Ms Martha Emms

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Inspired by an episode on Oprah from years ago that dealt with men addicted to porn, a dream, and 8 women's lives, Portrait of Our Marriage, a fictional memoir, is one woman's story you don't want to miss. Nicky, embarks on a journey to find herself and become her own person despite the legacy of a domineering father and an emotionally-and often physically-distant


Inspired by an episode on Oprah from years ago that dealt with men addicted to porn, a dream, and 8 women's lives, Portrait of Our Marriage, a fictional memoir, is one woman's story you don't want to miss. Nicky, embarks on a journey to find herself and become her own person despite the legacy of a domineering father and an emotionally-and often physically-distant husband. Reminiscing events from her life, she looks at pictures and remembers the romance, falling in love, marriage, and her family.
When her husbands interest in pornography becomes an obsession. She wonders how she will compete? Some may call her a wimp, others will say she's a woman in love trying to hold her family together. Fun, sexy, intense, hot, compelling, thought provoking, and so real you may find it shocking even disturbing.
Although this is one woman's journey, many women today deal with this issue in silence, feeling ashamed, and embarrassed. What would you endure for love? The romance will seduce you. The story could be yours.

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Portrait of Our Marriage 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Enjoyed this read. Honest glimpse into a growing problem in marriages.
MarilynSlagel More than 1 year ago
I loved this book! The couple in this book could be any couple anywhere in the world. A bold look at just how insidious online pornography can be and the damage it can cause to relationships.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Interesting read!
SUMMERAB More than 1 year ago
Portrait of our Marriage, by Martha Emms, is an emotionally graphic, sexually explicit, no-holds-barred portrayal of addiction to pornography. Told from the point of view of the wife of an addict, it is heart-wrenching. The story unfolds, as it so often does in life, slowly and painfully over years, clearly capturing the rationalizing and minimizing that partners often do when they hope beyond hope that a problem isn’t really a problem, or will just go away on its own. Nicky is madly in love with Brett—their meeting, romance and marriage almost idyllic, until small cracks appear. As Brett’s secrets reveal themselves through those cracks, Nicky begins to question and confront him. Brett’s angry denial and the confusion in the world outside their marriage about the male prerogative to indulge in pornography keeps Nicky tied up, anxious, and uncertain. Like many women in her situation, she grows increasingly isolated and less sure of herself as a wife and a person. Fortunately, as Nicky eventually discovers, she’s not alone. The book does a good job of showing how difficult, but vital, help-seeking can be to women with troubled partners. Addictions have a trajectory that’s destructive and even deadly, however, unless the addict owns the problem and takes action. Will Brett do that—face his addiction to pornography? Will their marriage survive the toll that addiction takes on intimacy and trust? You’ll have to read the book to find out. Five Stars.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What a bittersweet story of love and addiction.  Nicky and Brett were the perfect couple.  They were popular in the neighborhood and had some close friends to go camping and skiing with.  They loved to snow ski.  In fact they met on the ski slope where Brett was a member of the ski patrol and Nicki skied into him.  Martha Emms tells this story beautifully from the moment the couple first met and how they came to fall in love.  Nicky was from a repressive background and trying to learn how to live a full adventuresome life.  Brett, an engineer, was perfect for her.  He possessed a fearless love for adventure and supported her as she overcame her fears.   Nicky could not have known that some of Brett’s behaviors that all single men engage in would some day consume his life through addiction.  She tells of the creeping isolation, and her efforts to seek help.  As the addiction escalates Emms chronicles the steps and denial of Brett’s descent into his own empty world.   Brett’s love of his family is clear to the reader.  I found myself rooting for Brett each time he told Nicky that he would change.  I applauded his efforts to reach out to his wife and family while still in the grips of something stronger than himself. Emms tells the story almost like a mystery leaving the reader trying to guess what will happen next.  Will the loving husband defeat his addiction?   The big thing I learned from the story is to never judge others.  We just don’t know what goes on in private lives and all sorts of addictions are so common. We don’t know why someone may quit a good job or leave the perfect spouse. I highly recommend this book, especially for those who may be living in relationship where addiction is destroying a loved one.
SheilaDeeth More than 1 year ago
Looking at memories in a digital photo frame might revive a marriage, and looking at porn on the internet might destroy it. Both come together in Martha Emms’ fictional tale Portrait of our Marriage, which marries graphically sensual romance with the harsh realities and imperfections of life. Just how imperfect can a marriage become before it’s time to call it quits? And where is the line between being selfish and being true to oneself? Outwardly Nicky has it all. After a somewhat repressed childhood under a domineering religious father, she meets Brett, the perfect hunk and ideal date. Soon they’re off to the gorgeous scenery of Havasu Falls where myriad mysticisms blend into a beautiful marriage ceremony and the future beckons. Brett’s role as the perfect husband is marred only by his love of certain magazines and movies, and the internet, but surely Nicky, determined not to let the past spoil her future, should be able to cope. She protects her children. She presents herself to the world as perfectly happy, and she hides her pain. Beautifully descriptive passages bring gorgeous scenery to life. Haunting internal dialogs create deepening empathy. And if anyone can be “a nice perv,” Brett surely can. But addiction’s ability to destroy relationships is hauntingly real and very well-drawn in this thought-provoking novel. Framed by steamy romance, this tale runs the gamut of emotions and reveals those cracks in the balance between image and truth. Sometimes drawing a line might be more important than holding onto a broken memory. Disclosure: I heard about this novel on the internet and was lucky enough to get a free ecopy.
BPerlin More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed reading this book Portrait of our Marriage. It was a very touching story that I found easy to get into. The writing was very good and I got to know the characters right away. I think many people would enjoy reading this story about a marriage that somehow changes over the years. Expectations not realised and major life changes. I think this story was told from the heart. I am excited for book two to come out.