Position Yourself For Power: Practical Tips To Eliminate Stress, Anxiety, & Self-Sabotage So That You Live Your Best Life Now

Position Yourself For Power: Practical Tips To Eliminate Stress, Anxiety, & Self-Sabotage So That You Live Your Best Life Now

by Jaime Garza


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The body's stress response system dates back to early man. In prehistoric times, humans needed stress as a way to keep them on their toes and alive. Today however, things are not as dramatic, for the stress we usually deal with doesn't involve life and death or anything near that extreme. But yet many times, our thinking creates big things from small, minute things, causing our response systems to over react. Not only that, sex, drugs, violence, and negativity are all abundantly available through the media, Internet, friends and coworkers keeping us away from our greatness. We have been systematically disempowered and conditioned to believe we need outside resources to cure internal afflictions. By indulging in this negativity and believing in this need for external solutions, we have given our power away. They are by their very nature, designed to keep us playing small, keep us limited, and keep us confined in our symbolic cages. We must make every effort to see our power for what it really is, and grow it by using the strategies discussed in this book. It's only then that we start growing into the best version of ourselves, and when you do that, we help others do the same as well.Now's the time to Discover your Greatness and Position Yourself For Power.

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Publication date: 03/16/2016
Pages: 182
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In 7th grade I had a well-meaning football coach who planted seeds of doubt and discouragement in me by calling me out on my passing skills. I had been a quarterback since an early age, but it was this grade that throwing the ball was a big part of a quarterback's repertoire. For the life of me, I could not throw a spiral and he belittled me for it, in front of all my teammates. So aside from me doubting myself in everything, I was now getting picked on and bullied by my whole team. The sport that I loved, I now hated, and school that was a necessity, I now dreaded. During this same time my family was going through a divorce and it was a very difficult time for me. I quickly fell into depression and soon after, began dabbling in all types of drugs. I was trying anything that could give me relief, distract me from reality, and help kill the time. I became a "Wandering Generality" with no real purpose and no real drive to do anything. It wasn't long after when I got my first Anxiety Attack and it was the introduction to the worst feeling I had ever experienced. This fear that an attack could happen at any moment drove me into isolation and I found myself lost and nowhere to turn to. Doctors had given me some samples of medications to see what worked well with my body in hopes that I could be cured. I quickly saw that they were not the solution. I knew there had to be more, there had to be a better way, but I didn't know where to start. A pastor told me about some strategies that could help, and they did, but there were still gaps. There were still times when those things the pastor told me to do, didn't work. It was then that I stumbled upon Personal Development, and fell in love with this new way of learning and applying what I learned. The gaps were quickly filled in and I began finding my way back. I was no longer getting attacks and I was improving my life in leaps and bounds. I decided to resign from being a H.S. Bio teacher and pursue my passion of serving and helping to create larger visions of possibility to a larger audience. What used to take me 4 years as a classroom teacher, I now can do in 5 days, which is expand my reach and instill the strategies of empowerment and Peak Performance to more people in a scaled out, systemized way.

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