Positive Thinking: Secrets for Creating an Abundant Life Through Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking: Secrets for Creating an Abundant Life Through Positive Thinking

by Benjamin Smith


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The assumption of this book is that too many of us simply accept that our thinking is out of our control. Somehow our minds have become swamped with negative thoughts, negative attitudes and lack of self-esteem and we have allowed ourselves to believe that we are powerless to change this. The fact is we can change the way we think and we are the ones best equipped to do so. By following some simple steps we can change our outlook from that of cynical negativity to one of positive optimism. The rewards to be reaped from a positive disposition range from increased health and lower stress levels to greater inter -relational abilities that can benefit both our work and social environments. This book sets out to help us to start looking at the world around us with a fresh pair of eyes. Eyes that are open to all the wonderful things we have and the wealth of opportunity that lies before us. It offers some simple methods by which we can change the way in which we view our lives, the problems that confront us and the negative outlook we so often carry with us. Free from the restrictive burden of negative thinking, suddenly we are able to see new opportunities and respond to them with a fresh positivity. We soon find ourselves exposed to a world of abundance that always existed but which we have become blind to.

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Publication date: 06/12/2016
Pages: 26
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