by Elana Johnson


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Vi knows the Rule: Girls don’t walk with boys, and they never even think about kissing them. But no one makes Vi want to break the Rules more than Zenn…and since the Thinkers have chosen him as Vi’s future match, how much trouble can one kiss cause? The Thinkers may have brainwashed the rest of the population, but Vi is determined to think for herself.

But the Thinkers are unusually persuasive, and they’re set on convincing Vi to become one of them….starting by brainwashed Zenn. Vi can’t leave Zenn in the Thinkers’ hands, but she’s wary of joining the rebellion, especially since that means teaming up with Jag. Jag is egotistical, charismatic, and dangerous: everything Zenn’s not. Vi can’t quite trust Jag and can’t quite resist him, but she also can’t give up on Zenn.

This is a game of control or be controlled. And Vi has no choice but to play.

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ISBN-13: 9781442421264
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Publication date: 05/08/2012
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 432
Sales rank: 773,788
Product dimensions: 5.56(w) x 8.06(h) x 1.12(d)
Age Range: 14 Years

About the Author

Elana Johnson wishes she could experience her first kiss again, tell the mean girl where to go, and have cool superpowers. To fulfill her desires, she writes young adult science fiction and fantasy. She lives in central Utah where she spends her time with many students, one husband, and two kids. Find out more at ElanaJohnson.com and follow her on Twitter at @ElanaJ.

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Good girls don’t walk with boys. Even if they’re good boys—and Zenn is the best. He strolled next to me, all military with his hands clasped behind his back, wearing the black uniform of a Forces recruit. The green stripes on his shirtsleeves flashed with silver tech lights, probably recording everything. Probably? Who am I kidding? Those damn stripes were definitely recording everything.

Walking through the park in the evening is not technically against the rules. Good people do it all the time. But walking through the park with a boy could get me in trouble.

When darkness fell, another rule would be broken.

The whir of a hovercopter echoed high above the trees. In this park, the saplings stood an inch or two taller than me. Some trees in the City of Water are ancient—at least a century old. But the forest is off-limits, and even I know better than to break that rule.

The filthy charcoal shade of the sky matched the impurities I’d filtered from the lake in class today. I imagined the color to be similar to the factory walls where my dad worked, but I had never been there and hadn’t seen him for years, so I couldn’t say for sure.

People don’t return from the Badlands.

“Vi, I’m glad you finally answered my e-comm,” Zenn said, his voice smooth, just like his skin and the perfectly fluid way he walked.

“You know my mom.” I didn’t have to elaborate. Not with Zenn. “I told her I was coming whether she said yes or not.” I tried to hide how desperate I’d been to see him, how happy his e-comm invitation had made me. He could’ve asked me to the moon and I would’ve gladly gone. And taken whatever punishment followed.

I’d left school during the afternoon break. The Special Forces compound is a two-hour walk south of the City of Water. I’d crossed the border and trekked for half a mile in the Fire Region just to see him. Crossing borders is also against the rules, but Zenn was worth every step.

I watched the hovercopters circle closer, comfortable in the silence with Zenn. Sometimes it said more than we did.

The sidewalks had stopped functioning thirty minutes ago, clearly curfew for this park. As one hovercopter dipped nearer, it took every ounce of courage I had to keep from reaching out, grabbing Zenn’s hand, and running.

Before, I might have done it. But there was something different about him. Something that made me think he wouldn’t run with me this time.

Another quick glance confirmed it. His eyes. They held no sparkle. No life. Maybe the Forces worked him too hard.

My sweet, wonderful Zenn. I hoped he was okay here. His eyes worried me.

“Well, now that you’re here, I’ve got something for you,” he said, smiling.

I angled my body toward him. Zenn’s e-comm had said he had a surprise for me—surely something he’d tinkered with until it was absolutely perfect. Like he was.

“The Forces have kept me busy,” Zenn continued, reaching into his pocket. He didn’t seem concerned about the circling hovercopters, but he wasn’t always living one breath away from getting arrested. “But we might not get to see each other again for a while. Your birthday is in a couple weeks, and you’re my—”

“You down there!” An electronic voice cut through Zenn’s throaty tone. I flinched and took a half step behind Zenn. A one-manned tech-craft, the hovercopter was invented especially for ruining lives. No one ever escapes from one. Not even me.

On the bottom rudder, a red rose winked through the twilight. My breath shuddered through my chest—I’d been caught by this hovercopter before. Maybe since Zenn was a Forces recruit and had invited me here, I wouldn’t get in trouble.

Yeah, right. Fairness isn’t something the Director cares about.

“Cards!” the mechanical voice shouted. Zenn pulled out his lime green activity card and held it straight up. An electric arm grew from the side of the police vehicle and flew down to scan the bar code on the back of Zenn’s card.

I slowly retrieved my own ID. No one in the Goodgrounds can so much as step onto the sidewalk without an electronic record of their activity.

My card was blue for the City of Water. I raised it halfway as the arm jangled at me, trying to get a better angle to scan the bar code. Then I’d be busted for being out of bounds—after dark.

Zenn watched me with a wary eye. “Vi. Don’t give them a real reason to lock you up.” He stepped close enough for his body heat to permeate my senses. Touching was against the rules, but he’d broken that one lots of times.

I smiled, even though he was right. Lock Up is not a fun place. The stench alone is enough to set rule-breakers straight. Still, I almost threw my activity card into the brambles where no one would ever find it.

Zenn’s face stopped me, his mouth drawn into a fine line. My bar code would be attached to his—we were in the park after dark (gasp!)—and if I got into serious trouble, he might not be able to advance in the Special Forces. And I couldn’t have that weighing on my conscience.

I rolled my eyes at Zenn, something he didn’t see because of my oversize straw hat—another rule, one I actually followed. The scanner beeped, and a horrible squeal erupted from the hovercopter.

“What have you done now?” Zenn’s voice carried a hint of laughter amidst the exasperation.

“Nothing,” I answered. “I’ve done nothing this time.” I’d been good for two months.

This time?” he asked.

“Violet Schoenfeld, stay where you are!” the mechanical voice boomed. “The Green demands a hearing.”

“Vi! The Green? Seriously, what have you done?”

“Can I have my present now?”

* * *

Everyone knows the Green is just a fancy name for the Thinkers. They’re the ones who broadcast the transmissions and categorize the people. The ones who do the thinking so regular people won’t have to.

Zenn would join Them when he finished training with the Special Forces. He’d wanted to be a Greenie for as long as I’d known him, but that didn’t stop our friendship. This arrest might—SF agents didn’t hang out with criminals.

Inside the hovercopter, large panels with multicolored buttons and complicated instruments covered the dashboard. Glass encased the entire bulb of the body, allowing the pilot to spot rule-breakers from any angle. A window in the floor beneath the single—and occupied—metal chair provided a good view of the ground below. Since I had nowhere to sit, I stood next to the tiny doorway.

I felt trapped in a bubble, with the charcoal sky pressing down around me. My throat tightened with each passing second.

After cuffing me, the pilot scowled. “This return trip will take twice as long. We usually send transports for arrests.”

I made a face at the back of his head. Like I didn’t know that. Almost as bad as Lock Up, transports are twice as uncomfortable as the cramped hovercopter. And the filth and stink? Nasty.

With my extra weight on board, the pilot maneuvered the craft awkwardly and zoomed back toward the towers on the south end of the Goodgrounds. “I have a break in twenty minutes. I don’t have time for this.”

Then let me out. I watched Zenn fade to a distant dot, hoping it wouldn’t be the last time I saw him.

The hovercopter slowed and the pilot turned to glare at me. “Don’t try your tricks on me, girlie.”

I had no idea what he meant. I gripped the handle above the doorway as he swung the hovercopter to the left. Toward the towers.

The Southern Rim is only accessible to Goodies with special clearance or important business. I’d never been there, not that I hadn’t tried. No one I knew had ever been—water folk didn’t make trouble.

True fear flowed in my veins as we approached. Maybe sneaking to see Zenn had been a bad idea. The thought felt strange, almost like it didn’t belong to me. It grew, pressing me down with guilt. You shouldn’t have risked your freedom to see Zenn.

The voice in my head definitely wasn’t my own. Damn Thinkers. I shook the brainwashing message away. Zenn had risked his freedom for me last summer.

Below me, fields wove together in little squares, some brown, some green, some gold. Crops grown in the Centrals provided food for those in the Southern Rim and the rest of the Goodgrounds.

The fields gave way to structures standing two or three stories high. Constructed like the other buildings in the Goodgrounds—gray or brown bricks, flashing tech lights, and red iris readers in every doorway.

Windows were blinded off from the outside world. We certainly don’t want any sunlight getting in. No, that would be bad. According to the Thinkers anyway. Sunlight damages skin, no matter what color. Our clothes cover us from wrist to chin, ankle to hip, and everywhere in between. Suits for the business class. Jeans and oatmeal-colored shirts for everyone else. Wide-brimmed hats must be worn at all times.

Goodies are walking paper dolls, devoid of personality—and brains.

Yeah, that doesn’t work for me. I don’t want to be a paper doll. That’s why I broke the rules and stopped plugging in to the transmissions.

The pilot swerved and twisted around the tall buildings. I’d never seen the city up close. My eyes couldn’t move fast enough from one shiny structure to the next.

The pilot steered toward the last and tallest building on the border of our land. The one with the symbol that can be seen anywhere in the Goodgrounds.

The olive branch is the symbol of good. It signals our allegiance to the Association of Directors. More like Association of Dictators, if you want my honest opinion. But no one does.

“So now you’ve seen the Southern Rim,” the pilot said. “Was it everything you expected?”

I didn’t know how to answer, so I kept my mouth shut—a first for me. That was the Southern Rim? No magic, no golden pathways, no perfect escape from my sucky life. The wall now towered in front of me, closing off any thought of freedom.

The hovercopter hung in midair as a door slid open in the wall. Darkness concealed whatever waited inside. And what would I find on the other side? Could I come back? Maybe I would never see Zenn again. My mouth felt too dry.

“We’re going in there?” I asked.

“After I process your file,” the pilot said. He made a note on a small screen. A long list popped up.

“I’ve cited you before,” he said, smiling slowly. I remembered the last time: I’d left the City of Water after dark, crossed through the crops growing in the Centrals, and tried to enter the Southern Rim. I’d dressed up real nice in a fancy white dress and old platform shoes—which were the reason I’d been caught. No one can run in shoes like that.

I endured six rounds of questioning until I admitted I’d stolen the shoes from the basement of a house in the Abandoned Area—another off-limits place—another violation of the rules. Wearing contraband (which I didn’t know about at the time) from an illegal area, trying to enter another forbidden district, and then there was all that nasty business about lying. Like it’s the worst thing on the planet or something.

You see, Goodies don’t lie. Ever. Honesty is sort of bred into us, but somehow mine got out-bred. Maybe when I stopped listening to the transmissions. Or maybe because I just don’t give a damn.

And I’m a good liar, but that’s all been properly documented in my file, which the pilot was now reading with interest. “Mm-hmm,” he said. “A liar, a thief, and now the Green wants you. It’s no small wonder, Vi.”

I absolutely hate it when strangers use my nickname like we’re old friends. I ignored him as he eased the hovercopter closer to the wall. A red beam scanned the rose on the bottom and a signal flashed. The pilot steered into a long tunnel with black walls, hardly a wall and more like a building. As we careened through it, panic spread through me—something I hadn’t felt since learning Zenn would be leaving me behind to join the Special Forces. I wished he’d given me my birthday present before the stupid pilot arrested me.

When we finally cleared the tunnel, I gasped at the view below me.

A second city loomed behind that wall—an entire city.

People swarmed in the streets. Silver instruments and shiny gadgets winked up at me from the vast expanse below. My stomach clenched painfully, and I forced myself to keep breathing so I wouldn’t faint.

The fierceness of the advanced tech burned in my brain. I can feel technology, I’ve always been able to. And this whole new part of the Goodgrounds produced some serious tech buzz. My head felt like it was in a particle accelerator set on high.

“So here we are,” the pilot said. “The Institute—the birthplace of tech.”

No wonder I felt like throwing up.

© 2011 Elana Johnson

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Possession 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 86 reviews.
pagese More than 1 year ago
I have two words for this book, forgettable and confusing. I knew while reading this that it would be a book that wouldn't really leave an impression. I spent too much time trying to decipher how this world functioned and the various terms and ideas presented and not nearly enough time getting to know the characters. I wanted to like Vi. At first she seems like the bright spot in a dismal world. Everything is so tightly controlled and monitored and she refuses to comply. Of course she's arrested and imprisoned not long after the book begins. This is when the story goes down hill. She's imprisoned with Jag, and I mean in his cell with him. The rest of the prison is empty. Both are then sentenced to be tagged and banished to Freedom. Freedom is under complete control of the Thinkers and there they will be basically reprogrammed. For Jag, this seemed an appropriate sentence but really extreme for Vi. Which led me to believe that there was more to Vi than we know. Jag and Vi escape (of course they do) and head to the only place that offers asylum to people like them. Turns out Jag and Vi do have something in common. When Vi discovers what she can really do and why they want her, I begin to wonder how she never figured out this before. Things fall into place way to easily for her, almost at her will. At the same time, it like her moves are known to well. The Thinkers always seem to be one step ahead of her. There are too many unknowns to factor into the story. Things that Vi doesn't know, but everyone else seems to be aware of. I also didn't really feel the love triangle in the story. Jag seemed placed in front of her. He's the image of everything she's every been told is wrong and bad in this world. But, yet he's nothing like what she thinks he should be. I could never figure out Zen and what side he was really on. It confused the hell out of me. In the end, I didn't dislike the book enough not to finish it. But, it left very little of an impression on me. It's one of those book you finish and have very little thought of it afterwards.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Jag is an amazingly written character! My favorite
AbGirl More than 1 year ago
I feel like I've been introduced to the next HOT series at the very beginning. This book is amazing and fast paced as well. I was never bored. I couldn't get enough of it, and I loved all the twists that totally kept me guessing. It's one of my favorites. I would HIGHLY recommend it. Can't wait for the next one in the series! :D
haley18 More than 1 year ago
I am not much of a dystopian-lover, but I have noticed lately every dystopia book I have picked up so far..I have loved..so maybe this is a sign I need to start picking these up more. Possession by Elana Johnson did not fall short of my expectations what so ever, infact, it went way past them. Possession is about a snarky girl named Vi who lives in a world runned by the Thinkers, they tell you what to think..and if you don't listen to Them you get sent to the bad-lands a place for free thinkers..and this is exactly where they want to send Vi..she has gotten in more trouble then most..and now they want to punish her for it.the only thing is..being sent to the bad-lands isn't all that bad of an idea in Vi's head..I mean she would have Jag..the boy she just met, but can't stop thinking about.but what she doesn't realize is the Thinkers don't want to punish her, no, the Thinkers want her to join them, become one of them, become what she hates, or die.those are her choices. In a race against the Thinkers Vi will have to make hard decisions, ones that involve her head.and her heart.. I was quite surprised about how much I loved this book, I had been set up to think I wouldn't enjoy it based off of other bad reviews, but now that I have finished it I can say I loved it! I had a lot of things in this book I loved, the tech, the thinkers, the bad lands, but the thing that caught my attention the most was deff the characters. Elana Johnson has formed wonderful characters in this book, I absolutely loved Vi, and don't even get me started on Jag he was perfect. Even the 'bad guy' characters I found myself enjoying in this story. Now..time to talk about the ending.ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? That ending was crazy, such a twist, but I loved it, it will leave you ripping out your hair in irritation! The worst part? The next book doesn't come out till next June.NEXT JUNE. Ugh why must they torture me so? Anywho, Possession was a great debut, a great adventure, and an awesome romance. If you like dystopia books such as the Uglies, this book will not disappoint, even if you don't like dystopia you will probably like this. -WARNING: This book will get confusing if you don't read everysingle word, so if you're a skimmer I do not recommend this book
deppfreak4234 More than 1 year ago
So last week I was in borders ( sorry BN .. it was in the mall) but I was looking around and noticed this book and read the back and was a little apprehensive about it but I stuck with my gut and got it. The next day I got pulled it from my book shelf and started to read. OH MAN. This book was amazing! At first I was like what the heck is going on .. but soon got into it and I finished it in 4 hours. I couldn't put it down. It has romance, suspense, action, everything that I love! However some parts were kinda boring and like can we get this over with ... but other than that it was enjoyable. If you like the Hunger Game series you'll most definitely love this book! :D
suz.haugland on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
"To control or be controlled."That seems to be the over-all theme of Johnson's debut novel, Possession. It's almost a game and to play it, Vi (the protagonist reader's are introduced to), has to make the choice to become like the Thinker's in a way to keep from being controlled by them herself. She finds herself living in this dystopian society of sorts, where it's essentially good vs bad, and the Thinker's are the one's holding all of the cards and making the decsions. The bad, well those are the free thinkers, the one's who refuse to be manipulated and controlled. Vi, is well on her way to becoming one of the Goodies who wishes to be controlled no longer.Possession is quite a captivating story told, at times, confusing for the reader to follow along with what Johnson is trying to convey. It is my personal opinion that the author gets a little too caught up in knowing what's happening all of the time in the story, that she sometimes forgets to include little tidbits that would be helpful to the reader in explaining things further. In theory, the premise is fantastic and the story is quite captivating and enough to keep the reader turning the pages. The draw back is the lack of history established in the novel, itself. There could have easily been a little more world-building included towards the beginning of the story, to help the reader better understand the motives of the character's and the society itself. Johnson does well in providing the reader with well written solid character's that are relatable, a well developed plot with a bit of a unique twist to it, and wonderful imagery. Possession is a fast-paced interesting read, that provides some twists and turns towards the end, that the reader will not be expecting. It can be quite surprising and suspensful.
TheRandomGirl on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
In this dystopian society, there was only two choices for Vi Schoenfeld: duty or death. Vi didn't follow the rules¿she broke them. She doesn't want to be controlled. Too bad, cause it's ¿control or be controlled.¿Bad. Ass. That's what Vi is. Totally headstrong, I admired her character throughout the novel. Plus, I couldn't get enough of her. She cracked me up with her witty comments and sarcastic remarks. She and Jag, the irresistible and charming Baddie, have great chemistry that was absolutely entertaining and amusing. Not to mention how totally great these two are with their abilities¿especially Vi.There were twists throughout the story that made me gasp in realization and making me go, ¿Whoa!¿ The plot was just wow¿interesting and captivating, always leaving me with questions with the only answer being turning the page.Elana Johnson's debut novel is overall entertaining, intriguing, and exhilarating! Not to mention, totally wicked awesome. The ending had me in tears, leaving me breathless and needing the next dose of Possession.
pollywannabook on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyThe world in POSSESSION is a complicated mix of dystopian and sci-fi elements that unfortunately is never explained very well. The world is divided into two groups: The Goodies and the Baddies. The Goodies are those who obey the rules, create all the groundbreaking technology, submit to nightly brainwashing transmissions, and dedicate their lives to duty. The Baddies are the ones who live free and make their own rules. There are subdivisions in each group, but again, they were never adequately defined. The first half of the book I didn¿t mind the confusion because I expected that eventually everything would be explained. Sadly, that is not the case.I¿m pretty sure that in addition to being some kind of tech Messiah, Violet is bipolar. She goes from pissy and screaming one second to self-pitying and crying the next. I empathized with her frustration when no one would explain to her what her abilities were and the abilities and motivations of those around her, but her whiplash mood swings got old real quick. I was less than thrilled with the two love interests as well, specifically Jag who was almost more emotional than Violet.There are a couple twists that are no doubt supposed to be shocking but were actually extremely predictable or just not really a big deal. There was, of course, a ideological subtext criticizing totalitarian governments and Big Brother type demagogues, but I had very little energy to find it provocative or even interesting in the face of the worldbuilding and character failings.Overall, an interesting premise in what had the potential to be an interesting dystopian setting fails to explain itself or portray a likeable protagonist. I should be thankful that I never became invested in this book, because if I had, the ending would have been untenable. POSSESSION is a standalone novel, but there will be a companion book tentatively titled FUGITIVE that will be published in Summer 2012.Sexual Content:Kissing
AyleeArgh on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
In short: Possession by Elana Johnson has an interesting concept and a likeable heroine, but ultimately, the novel's downfall is its extremely fast pacing.If there is one thing I noticed about Possession by Elana Johnson, it's the novel's extremely fast pace, which can be seen as both a blessing and a curse. Sure, it means non stop action and never a dull moment, but at the same time, things moved too fast for me to truly absorb the events that occurred in the novel and to get a feel for most of the characters. It also means that how the dystopian world in Possession originated was summarized in one paragraph, which is not nearly enough to suffice my curiosity.The relationships between main character Vi and her two love interests in the love triangle fell flat for me, also because of the fast pacing in the novel. With Zenn, we get to see so little of him that I never got invested in his character. With bad boy Jag, things progress so unnaturally quickly that it seemed unrealistic and silly. I mean, they declared their love for each other only a few days after they met!The world building was okay for a dystopian (world building is the number one must that I expect to be done well in dystopians). There were some interesting concepts but again, they were not given time to fully develop due to the fast pace of the novel. One thing that I thought Johnson did do very well was all the terminology that the reader has to understand to grasp the concept of the world: this could have easily been confusing with the fast pacing, but I thought Johnson handled it well and I found I could follow it fairly easily.My favourite part of Possession would have to be the heroine, Vi, who was instantly likeable. A thief and a liar, Vi speaks and thinks in a very typical "teenage" way, with a very sarcastic tone that was enjoyable to read. Unlike some of the other characters, the reader will instantly get a feel for her personality and her rebellious nature as a "Free Thinker".Overall, for me, the fast pace was really Possession's downfall. That said, just because this novel wasn't for me, doesn't mean I don't think someone else couldn't (and hasn't, from reviews I've read) enjoyed it a lot more. If you are someone who gets annoyed by very slow pacing in books, then I would recommend Possession to you; you would probably enjoy it more than I did!
Jibar on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Vi lives in a split society. "Bad" people live in the Badlands, while good people live in the Goodgrounds. Vi has been making a lot of trouble [for example she's been throwing rocks into a pond, and the ultimate crime: she walks with her boyfriend in the park! Le Gasp!] I had some serious trouble getting into it. The first ten chapters or so really dragged along and I kept thinking: You'll stop soon! Just one chapter! Which is of course a bad thing.Still, the chapters that followed were really good! Surprisingly enough, I like every character except for Vi but that is mostly because she was too perfect for my liking. Yes, she's easily angered. But other than that there too many good qualities in my opinion. Can I express some bad boy love? Jag is just plain awesome. Probably a big piece of work, too, but still very likeable. Not like Zenn, who to me felt forced (okay, well, he was) and not real. No idea whether that was intended or maybe it's just some weird quirk of mine.Sadly, I expected some things. But what Johnson really excelled at where the action scenes in the later part of the novel. For me - an action novice - they were very believable! And boy, those people have to calibrate their tasers!Some people have been comparing Possession to Matched. I can't really compare because I haven't read Matched yet but I think the reason for the comparison is mostly because of the similar cover. I don't think there are many other things except for the part where the Government pretty much controls every aspect of your life.That's probably what I found so shocking. Vi mentions that the transmission every citizen is required to hear are specialized. While her sister hears some stuff about the dangers of having a dog, Vi herself hears about helping those weaker than her etcetera. General mindwash isn't all that unheard of, but having all the quirks that make a person unique eradicated? That's a whole new kind of control, I believe.And, oh I want to gush some about the special powers of Thinkers, but that would probably give something away. And I need to mention that I haven't really understood all the terms. What is the difference between a Mind Ranger and a Water Ranger? What the heck is a Director and what do Special Forces Agents do? Maybe I just don't understand the hierarchy, but that gave me some trouble.Still, once you read through the first few drab chapters, this is a really great book. It isn't a five star book simply because of the "difficult to read through"-beginning!
BrandisBookMusings on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Possession by Elana Johnson is a book about choices. Violet lives in a world of strict regulation. You're either a Goodie or a Baddie. Things like not locking your door, not wearing long sleaves or hats, being out after dark, touching the opposite sex (even platonicly) is against the rules. Vi is a Goodie with a penchant for rule breaking. In an attempt to spend time with the boy she has grown up with and loves she is caught and taken to prison. There she meets Jag a bad boy who makes a play for her heart. Violet goes on a journey that will reveal things about her family, friends, the world she lives in, and even herself that will leave her questioning everything. I was really excited to read this book. It's in the genre I'm currently interested in, has romance (I can't resist love triangles), and had beautiful cover art that drew me in. Possession did not live up to my expectations. The premise was good, but the reader is thrown into a techologically advanced world without any understanding of what is what. It was slightly confusing. It also did not "flow" as smoothly as I would have liked. At points I found myself having to go back a page of so to try and reread to better understand everything.
Bookswithbite on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I don't how this plot twist came into so familiarity into many books, but lately books like this completely throw me off my guard! And I LOVE IT! HAHAHAHAH!First off this book is simply amazing! I love the futuristic feel of the book. The way everything was described was perfect. I adored the the plot twist that were in the book. While some were predictable others were not. The way the storyline flowed was awesome. I like the build up of the plot and how it lead to many different happenings!I know this may sounds masochistic, but I like it when a relationship drives me crazy in a book. I guess, to me, it feels real. You can see the flaws in the relationship. It's not some prince charming, fall in love forever. I do like those too, but relationships that have fights, a love that drives you crazy, makes me happy. The relationship with Vi and Jag made me want to pull my hair out. I was so frustrated with them! I mean, really c'mon! Throw me a freaking bone here! Vi, I understood, but Jag dude, you have some serious issues!I think what made this book irresistible was the storyline of the whole book. It not only grip you from the start, but had you all the way and would not let you go. The way it unfolded before your eyes was amazing. I love how well Ms. Johnson wrote the book. It was written very well and easy to read. The futuristic part you can relate to and understand.Now, the ending. As I said before, I have seen this trend come into lots of books I have been reading lately and you know what, it works. Yes, there was a cliffhanger, but nothing that you ever expect. If anything, this book just bites into you more, embedding its teeth into your skin. Yes, it's that good.
BookishBrunette on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This book is hard to describe... I loved Vi! In a society where the 'Thinkers' form your entire belief system, Vi has been banished to the badlands- a place for 'free thinkers'.Now I really, really tried to follow along with this book! I swear I did! I just found myself more confused than I would have liked to be most of the time. (duh) The relationship between Zenn, Jag and Vi was complicated, but I'm fairly sure I got most of it! And Jag is super super sexy... so yeah.Possession was kind of slow for me throughout the first half of the book, but when I hit page 200, I could NOT put it down!!!Some of the relationships in recent YA books have seemed so immediate and forced that I just want to throw something- but even though Vi and Jag were thrown together by fate and were complete strangers, they completely rocked my face off. I loved them together.There were so many details and people who were dead- no- alive! No- assuming new identities! See?I really enjoyed this book... after I gave up trying to figure out who was who, when and where at what specific time, place and date. Once I began completely focusing on only the story, I flew through this book!Now if you aren't the type of person who can easily let go of things like this, then Possession might not be for you. If you are able to keep about 10 different people with as twice as many identities between them straight, then you needn't worry because you're good to go!I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Vi and Jag MAY have been my favorite YA couple ever. Yes, I totally went there. Which makes the ending of this book so freaking heart-breaking and which completely makes this SUCH a hard book to rate.Yani from The Secret Life of an Avid Reader said that Elana Johnson won't confirm nor deny a sequel to Possession on her website. This would be a MAJOR FAIL in my book. I cannot accept this! Jag has to... GRRR. I can't say, but it just CAN'T end that way!!***S&S Galley Grab***
IceyBooks on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
In a world buzzing with techtricity, only one thing buzzes strongly in Violet Schnoefeld's mind - control, or be controlled. Elana Johnson's debut caught my attention from the very first pages. My favorite part: the ending. I have to say, that was what made my mind boggle. In my meager YA knowledge, I haven't come across a character as mouthy as Vi, our heroine. She's smart, thinks for herself, and pretty strong. I liked her attitude, and wicked hair, right from the beginning. And don't let me get started on Jag, the totally cool 'bad' boy. Being able to choose from good or bad and to differentiate between the two is one of the many, ongoing conflicts in Vi's mind. Possession is all about making the right decisions and fighting for them. The world debut author, Elana Johnson, creates is one that can easily be compared to that of Ally Condie's Matched - a society in control and a brave few who yearn for freedom. Though I thoroughly enjoyed Posession and definitely can't wait for book two, I did have some trouble here and there, hence the four star. There were certain parts where the storyline just... jumped and I had no clue what was going on. I spent a good portion of my time waiting for an explanation. However, it didn't steal my overall enjoyment for Possession, so I highly recommend it!COVER:The simplicity of the cover is what beautifies it. The font of the title is bold and gripping. All in all, this cover is a winner!
l_manning on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I was pretty excited about this book. Sadly, I was a little disappointed. First of all, it was pretty hard to get into. I felt like I was just dropped into this world, and I struggled to figure out what was going on. The beginning was also very slow story wise. Now, once the initial story picked up in pace, the book improved greatly. There were still some aspects I didn't enjoy though. The plot twists felt pretty random. They just appeared out of nowhere and made very little sense in the context on things.There were two potential love interests in this book, and I didn't really get a feel for either of them. One especially felt rushed. One page you're introduced to him, and on the next page it is true love forever and ever. It just kind of left me scratching my head. The ending was also vastly unsatisfying for me. I really wanted to love this book, and instead I felt like it was ok. It is by no means horrible or anything, just not as good as I was expecting.Galley provided by publisher for review.
stephxsu on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I felt like there was a significant lack of thorough world-building going on with this one. Lots of things just did not make sense, and led me to believe that they existed in the story merely to move the plot or characterization along. For instance, how does it make sense to put Jag and Vi, both apparently dangerous criminals, in the SAME JAIL CELL, when there is a whole entire room full of empty cells? And then to leave it minimally guarded so that escape is possible (yet is mysteriously never able to be fully realized)? That just seems rape scenario to me, and resulted in me not feeling the weird relationship between the two of them at all.And then there was the scene in which Vi eats really good food in jail, in which she eats ham or something, and remarks that she doesn't know what ham is. So the guards or Jag told her the term "ham"? Otherwise, she would not know the term. I mean, COME ON. The most important part of any dystopian novel is credibility and logic. I felt like this book left that aside in favor of advancing some magical li'l "romance" between Jag and Vi.Speaking of which...no. Just no. I think YA readers should be discouraged from falling in love with someone about whom the only thing they know is that he is "bad" and thus in jail or whatever. Come on, Vi. You claim to be smart and rebellious (what is up with that, by the way? You say you're a smart character but all you do is scream and kick and fight and you do no THINKING at all) but then end up just as enraptured by love as the next addlepated "dystopian" "heroine." Note the quotation marks. Yes, they are there on purpose.I never thought I'd say I'm tired of dystopians, but the recent deluge in the YA genre of poorly conceived dystopians that sacrifice believability and thoroughness for the sake of the illusion they call "luuuuv" is beginning to make me think I'm done with the subgenre. And that is a terrible, terrible thing to lead YA readers to.
renkellym on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Possession is a fast-paced, highly engaging dystopian novel that really held my attention. Though at times the quick pace made things a bit confusing (where are they now? Oh.), Possession was overall better for it. The pace matched the sharp mind of the heroine, Violet, who had a snide comment for just about everything¿a quality that made her hilarious but also endearing. One can never have too much snark. The most intriguing part of Possession is the creativity Elana Johnson employed in building her world. Vi has the ability to ¿sense¿ technology¿if she¿s around too much of it, she¿ll be in pain. People have the abilities to jump into the heads of others (something Vi experiences quite a bit from a mysterious man), and mind control plays a big role in the functionality of society. All of this was completely fascinating to me, and I loved how meta Possession¿s world could get. Though Vi¿s society is filled to the brim with neat technology, the mind is the ultimate weapon. The one thing that really bothered me about Possession was the constant turbulence in the relationship between Vi and Jag. They split up and got back together almost every chapter! To me, it seemed their disagreements weren¿t nearly as apocalyptic as they interpreted them. Thus, their penchant for abandoning each other got old fast. Still, the two made a very cute couple when they were together. Jag¿s lazy smile and high sensitivity made it very, very easy to warm to him, and his chemistry with Vi was perfect. Overall, I found Possession to be very fun, creative, and interesting. It¿s a solid contribution to the dystopian genre, and I¿d easily recommend it to anyone looking for something fast-paced and unique.
nlsobon on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
"Possession" is the story of Violet, a young girl that must learn to decide for herself in a society split into the "goodies" and the "baddies".What's great about "Possession" is the concept. It's ultimately a story about choice and learning to make your own choices. The main character, Violet, isn't your typical female character. At times she can be dependent on others, but for the most part she's a strong character - a nice surprise. The story begins in the Goodlands with Violet being arrested and being sent to Ward D where she ends up meeting Jag. The relationship that forms between them is an interesting one, especially considering the relationship with Zenn before Violet gets arrested. As the story goes on, Violet begins to learn that everything she's come to know about her family is a lie. She believed her father was taken away and that her sister, Tyson, was killed, but when she learns the truth, the story really takes a turn for the best.I did honestly enjoy this book. It was a nice, fun read.
BookAddictDiary on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Possession is more of an experience than just a book. To some, it may seem like just another novel in the cascade of teen dystopian novels being released this year, but it is so much more than that. Possession is an incredibly well-crafted and unique world with amazing detail and an incredible main character that readers will want to cheer for. Really, reading Possession was unlike what I was expecting, as well as unlike anything else I've read so far this year.Possession begins with Violet, aka Vi, being dragged into prison. Vi is something of a troublemaker, a rule-breaker, who dares to defy the strict rules created by the society in which she lives. While in prison she meets Jag, a rulebreaker himself and a member of a rebellion brewing in the outlying Badlands. After Jag and Vi escape, Vi is given the option to join the rebellion, but is torn by her growing love for Jag, whom she just met, and her near-lifetime romance with Zenn, the boy she was matched with, and the boy the Thinkers are using to brainwash Vi into coming back and conforming. Vi finds herself torn, not just between two boys she loves, but between rebellion and conformity.The most engaging thing here is debut author Elana Johnson's dark and gritty dystopian world. Virtually everything about it is very well, and carefully constructed to create something truly original. The world-building and world mechanics are some of the best I've ever seen, making it easy for the reader to slip into this new world and fully understand what is going on with the characters. Did I also mention that Johnson is a great writer? Her technical talent shines through in every word with crisp, polished sentences that move the story along quickly and easily. The dialog is also well done, though at times not necessarily believable as something that teens would say -even in this world.Speaking of characters, I love Vi. Can I say that again? I love Vi. She's freaky awesome. Not only does she come across as some superhero-like, butt-kicking heroine, but she's also smart and resilient, though not perfect. Vi is a fighter, which I absolutely love. She is a character who readers can cheer for and identify with, and most importantly, genuinely become invested in and care about what will happen to her next.As soon as I finished Possession, I wanted to read it again. More importantly, I wanted to know if there would be more. Even though I haven't seen anything online about sequels, they would be amazing. Possession is an excellent teen dystopian novel with just enough romance to keep younger audiences happy and plenty of science fiction/dystopian grittiness to pull in older audiences. Seriously -read this book!
psteinke1122 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Violet knows the rules and there are a lot of them. Vi lives in a dystopian society where the ¿Thinkers¿ tell everyone how to live, who to love, etc. Vi¿s problem is that she is a ¿free thinker¿ and pretty much does what she wants.Free thinking is what lands Vi in trouble and in jail. Locked in a cell with a very arrogant, yet good looking guy named Jag. They manage to break out and run for what they believe will be asylum and safety only there is no safety when the Head Thinker wants you to work for him!Not sure where to start with this one! The reviews have not been stellar but the blurb really appealed to me so I jumped in. Turns out the reviews were right.Reading it felt awkward and disjointed. Even though I read every word, I often didn¿t understand what was going on. The constant need to call everyone ¿babe¿ was like nails on a chalkboard for me¿but that¿s a personal gripe. However, Jag crying multiple times was just too much for me. I like my book heroes to be strong¿I don¿t mind showing emotions, but boo-hooing is just stomach turning for me. And Vi, the female, who should have been showing some emotion, would have been nice if she showed any!The ending was stellar! Talk about throwing me for a loop¿that was the last thing I was expecting. I might be inclined to read the next book in the series if only to see what and how that ending is resolved.For the most part this was a highly forgettable read for me. I notice that the reviews are highly polarized¿seems to be a ¿love it¿ or ¿hate it¿ thing¿For me it was meh!
MrsBoswellBooks on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This is a really hard review for me to write. While it was quite an interesting read, I still can't decide exactly how I feel about it.Vi is a strong and confident main character. In a world controlled by thinkers who tell you what to do, Vi is not one to be satisfied with answers like, "Because I told you so" and things of that nature. She's a fighter, not hand-to-hand but strong, snarky and quite an independent thinker. She doesn't want to do what the Thinkers tell her to, she wants to think for herself. She's a rule breaker and she does so often. Jag was a complete confusion to me. He was in and out of the picture so often, I wasn't sure what exactly he was doing. It seemed like he and Vi split ways then continued together every couple chapters! While I found myself liking him, I couldn't exactly put my trust in Jag, and I wasn't sure that Vi should either... although, she seemed to rely on him more than she should. Zenn, the other love interest of Violet's was not as much of a focus as I thought he would be from the synopsis. I would have liked to have seen more of him and gotten to know him better.The "love-triangle" fit the story really well. Jag was the baddie, some one that Vi had been taught all of her life to stay away from. Zenn was the goodie, the guy Vi had always planned to be with but is now being controlled by the Thinkers. I enjoyed getting to know Jag but, once again, I feel like I may have been cheated a little in regards to Zenn.There are quite a few characters in the book who have special abilities. Some have more stronger abilities than others, and these are the people that the director wants to control most. I find it amazing that Vi grew up with this ability she has, but never knew it was there until she met Jag. She and Jag both have interesting abilities that the director is most interested in and will do anything to contain them. Jag and Vi are on the run through a good amount of the book and their journey overflows with action, deception and the beginnings of a romance. In the end I found myself thinking, "Why doesn't Vi just use her ability to end it all?"The ending is what completely threw me for a loop! I've been used to "happily-ever-afters" and big smiles that when I completed Possession, I could NOT believe that Elana Johnson had actually ended the story like she did! When reading Possession, I had never once thought it could end the way it did, and it was kind of devastating in a way. I'm really hoping that the next in this series may clear up a few things for me.Overall, Possession is a fast-paced and unique dystopian novel. Elana does a great job of contributing to the dystopian genre and leaves readers hooked with an exceptional ending. I look forward to more of Elana Johnson's work in the future.
booknerdcanada on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Ana's world is full of technology that that is so advanced that I had a hard time wrapping my brain around what certain things do. Sometimes there were no explanations whatsoever so following along was rather difficult. I found myself assuming what things were based on what the term said which wasn't hard to do, but I would have liked a better explanation as to why things were the way they were. I love Ana's feistiness or you could say stubbornness. It helps her get out of sticky situations and her ability to control any type of technology and influence people to do things is pretty remarkable. I can definitely see Possession being made into a movie because the setting, the story, and the characters are so well fleshed out. Can I just say that the technology in this book is pretty damn neat? (Yes I said neat!) Teleportation, the creation of food, a phone that can pretty much do everything, I loved the gadgets in this book. Would definitely make my life a lot easier, but a lot less fun too now that I think about it.Control is another key component in the novel. Having a Goodie boyfriend who becomes an Agent in the Special Forces doesn't help Ana in any way, because his humanity slowly dissipates. I really enjoyed reading about Ana's struggles for her feelings for both Zen and Jag. Funny how she fell in love do easily with Jag, but I'm guessing you can't help who you fall for. We don't find much about Zen's history with Ana, but I feel like it was a different type of love. Her relationship with Jag (short as it may be) helped her feel alive, made her whole and complete. Oh what it's like to be in love again. Why are there Goodies and Baddies in the first place? What made them become slaves to the Thinkers? What's going to happen when Ana realizes what her father has done? Is Jag going to find her? What happened to her sister Tyson/Gavin?? There are so many unanswered questions! I can't wait to get my hands on the next book. RATING 4/5 COVERThe butterfly trapped in an ice cube is basically symbolizing Ana¿s freedom from the Association, from control. Since butterflies are beautiful and free and can do whatever they feel like, it's a perfect fit for what Possession is all about. I do rather love the glittery texture of the book jacket and the purple and green color of the title and author name in embossed lettering gave it a nice touch.QUOTES"The transmissions are crystal clear. No human contact past age eight, until you're married. That rule is the first imprinted, starting at age three, when the transmissions become mandatory."¿page 129 "Teleporting is the best¿and worst¿way to travel. The best part is the speed. You simply say where you want to go and your molecules evaporate, fly across space, and reassemble there. In a few seconds, any distance could be covered.The bad thing is the reorganization of your particles. It isn't exactly painful, but it takes several seconds for your body to start functioning again."¿page 229 "Vi, a Choker is someone who fills you up," he said, his soft voice reaching to the furthest parts of my soul. "Fill you up so full, you feel like you could choke.¿page 251
dasuzuki on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
So I wanted to love this book because it sounded amazing but it was kind of slow moving and left me feeling confused. Vi and Jag both intrigued me especially when you find out why the two of them are so special but for some reason that I can't put my finger on I just did not care for the two of them together. Even with seeing so little of Zenn I am already leaning towards him even though I know in the end Jag and Vi will end up together. Zenn is the one that kept me guessing about where his true feelings and loyalty lay and what are actions that he chooses to carry out vs what he is brain washed into doing. Despite knowing why Jag is a part of the rebellion his character comes across more of being a rebel because he's pissed off that people he loved were killed by the Thinkers vs Zenn fighting against the Thinkers because he thinks that is what is right.The powers that Vi, Jag and Zenn all possess was a neat twist but I found it hard to believe that Vi had no clue about it before joining up with Jag. And once she did figure it out it just seemed to come so easily and at full power and full control that it just doesn't seem real. In fact, the whole ending of the book moved so fast I felt like my head was spinning. It was like crawling at a snail's pace through most of the book and then all of a sudden revving up to a full blown sprint to the conclusion. One thing after another is revealed and it all felt jumbled together that I was not quite sure how they fit together.The main reason I rated this book a 3 instead of a 2 is that I'm hoping book 1 was a little slow and confusing because the author is trying to do a lot of set up and the next book will be better. I still find the idea fascinating and I really want to learn more about Zenn and what happened to Vi's father. The sequel will definitely be the make or break book for my decision on whether or not to keep reading the series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This series was way to confusing. Great characters, great story lines, although way too many, crappy editor. Pretty sure there was no editor. It jumped from one thing to the next, they acted like we're supposed to know why they're going to each city. I read the whole series because I felt invested in the characters, its almost like I feel sorry for the characters having to endure this mixed up story line. And let's talk about good guy/bad guy. Make up your mind. You can't have a bad guy kill an important character, show horrible ruthlessness then in one paragraph decide you want to pretend for him to have just been playing along so were supposed to like him now? I think the author has potiential, she just needs to slow down, don't try to fit so much in, explain facts and decisions, and get a professionial editor to tell her when something doesn't make sense.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I would not waste your time. This book is poorly written, confusing, disjointed and could not get me to be invested in the characters. There was absolutely no flow.