Postman's Knock

Postman's Knock

by Gavin Reid


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Postman's Knock by Gavin Reid

Blackkirk,Morecashire ,a once industrious town in the north west,now,down on its luck,,and everyone who lives there,knows it,.The only place taking on staff this xmas is Regal Post Sorting & Delivery Office,,under staffed,over worked & fighting computerisation,job cuts,mergers with other ,Offices & the inevitable xmas strike threat..With this scenario,welcome KEVIN WRIGHT ,a young ,well meaning veteran of government training schemes ,,,about to start what he thinks is another dead end job ,,,courtesy of his child support paying, ,sci fi fan,brother BOB ,,so thinks his over bearing MUM...

,At Regal Post he meets CHRISTOPHER FORD,a ,piss taking ,Union boss & ,father of five....OLIVER LITTLEJOHN;a grumpy,tired,,divorced,gentle giant who took up wrestling on the side,the day World of Sport was axed.....BARBARA BINT ;A stunningly attractive brunettte with an Essex girl past....C.D.;an elvis nut who spends his weekends singing in Working mens clubs,in areas that have no work...CHARLES DOUGLAS LAIRD & PENNY BLACK;mother & father figure of Regal Post,dreading,retirement as much as their work....ROY WALKER: ;small,neat,workaholic,gopher & gossipmonger of Regal Post.,though as he,ll tell you Its Not For Me To Say,,,..unlike

JOHN FERGUSON;smelly.sarcastic,lech,hates everyone,loves Babs (the feeling is not mutual) & thinks he should be chairman if not chief does...ROBERT CLEMENTINE,sarcastic,back stabbing Postman,who became sarcastic,back stabbing ASSISTANT Inspector,He,s after Gills job & tries to do the postmen out of theirs,even though he,s no good at his own....unlike Mr GILL,worldly wise and weary Chief Inspector (boss).whose toneless voice ,.hands behind back stance ,..& reply to everything being Thats No Excuse make him a much mocked figure.Secretly he longs for the seamingly simpler days of the old GPO too.

All are fighting change in their home,working & sex lives,while trying to get through them & better them.Knowing like a pile of junkmail.Their lives promised so much but delivered so little.




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ISBN-13: 9781425927899
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 09/28/2007
Pages: 348
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.99(h) x 0.78(d)

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