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Potomac Review Issue #65

Potomac Review Issue #65


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Fall 2019 edition of Potomac Review.

Fiction by Timothy DeLizza, Ann Hillesland, Jessica Hollander, Ashley Anne Howard, Dan Leach, and Sarah Mollie Silberman.

Poetry by Aydin M. Akgün, Ellery Beck A.M. Brandt, Ronda Piszk Broatch, Mark Burke, Mick Cochrane, Kay Cosgrove & Lauren Hilger, Isolda Dosamantes (translated by Toshiya Kamei), Matt Duggan, Andrea England, Bill Glose, Sharon Kennedy-Nolle, Liz Marlow, Joshua Martin, Carol Matos, V.C. McCabe, Cameron Morse, Raynald Patrice Desmeules Nayer, John A. Nieves, Ann Quinn, Matthew Sumpter, and John Sibley Williams.

Nonfiction by Marisa P. Clark, Tracy Haack, Kevin J. Kelley, and Kevin King.

Illustrations by Lotte Marie Allen.

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ISBN-13: 9780999040348
Publisher: Montgomery College
Publication date: 11/29/2019
Series: Potomac Review , #65
Pages: 188
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.43(d)

Table of Contents


Ashley Anne Howard - Another Strange Land 1

Jessica Hollander - Purple sky 29

Ann Hillesland - Let Your Light so Shine 65

Timothy DeLizza - The Search for Housing 93

Sarah Mollie Silberman - It’s You 115

Dan Leach - The Devil is beating his wife 133


Ronda Piszk Broatch - When You Tell Me Your Father Came Back 24

Matthew Sumpter - 20 Weeks: Imagining 26

V.C. McCabe - Solastalgia 35

Liz Marlow - Food Deserts of Memphis 36

Ann Quinn - Procession 47

Isolda Dosamantes (translated by Toshiya Kamei) - When It Rains 48

Isolda Dosamantes (translated by Toshiya Kamei) - Garden of Shadows 50

Andrea England - Dream in Which Oprah Speaks to My Mother 60

Andrea England - Pompeii 61

Andrea England - Gift 62

John Sibley Williams - Succession 63

Raynald Patrice Desmeules Nayler - The Drought Cycle 76

Raynald Patrice Desmeules Nayler - El Niño 77

Sharon Kennedy-Nolle - Poor Visibility 78

Joshua Martin - Saturn Discusses How to Devour Your Children 80

Aydin M. Akgün - From a Few Bad Seeds 88

Kay Cosgrove and Lauren Hilger - Long Life to Us Both 89

John A. Nieves - Scraps (Laetitia) 90

Matt Duggan - When Foxes Come Out to Play 109

Mick Cochrane - Niagara Falls Vs. The Headwaters of the mississippi 110

Mick Cochrane - My Mother’s Wooden Spoon 112

Bill Glose - Grocery shopping 128

A.M. Brandt - The Way with STudents 130

Carol Matos - Seafaring 131

Ellery Beck - Fingers Without Hands 155

Mark Burke - As It Must Be 156

Cameron Morse - Pilgrims 158


Tracy Haack - Dormancy 39

Kevin J. Kelley - Po-tay-to/po-tah-to 53

Marisa P. Clark - Seeking Solace 83

Kevin King - Back from Abroad 161


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