Potty And Obedience Training, Diet And Everything Else For Your Affenpinscher

Potty And Obedience Training, Diet And Everything Else For Your Affenpinscher

by Nathanial Lordsburgh

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"Potty And Obedience Training, Diet And Everything Else For Your Affenpinscher" was carefully planned out before being written to besure that the tactics were the easiest for you to make, and the easiest for your Affenpinscher to accept.

We will cover Diet, including:
-Understanding Food Ingredients
-Vitamin And Mineral Supplements
-Affenpinschers Need Different Diets At Different Ages
-Cost Of Feeds
-Dry VS. Canned Food
-Home Made Diets
-Food Allergies
-How Much Should I Feed My Affenpinscher?
-How Often Should I Feed My Affenpinscher?

You will also learn about your Affenpinschers hygiene, veterinarians, vaccinations, signs of a sick Affenpinscher and what to do, spaying and neutering.

Need help traing your Affenpinscher? This book will also help!

How to train your Affenpinscher to stop :
-Chewing on furniture and shoes
-Not obeying leash commands
-Jumping on People
-Excitement urnination
-Not heeding your calls
-Chasing people
-Being aggressive
-Diggin in trash cans
-Digging up holes in your yard
-Whining, howling and excessive barking
-OCD (YES! AffenpinscherS can suffer from OCD!)

You will also learn the CORRECT way to potty train your Affenpinscher using the latest techniques that are fast and effective as well as humane,

All other Affenpinscher training books pale in comparission to "Potty And Obedience Training, Diet And Everything Else For Your Affenpinscher" and will be the ONLY book you will ever need!


Understanding Food Ingredients
Vitamin And Mineral Supplements
Affenpinschers Need Different Diets At Different Ages
Cost Of Feeds
Dry VS. Canned Food
Home Made Diets
Food Allergies
How Much Should I Feed My Affenpinscher?
How Often Should I Feed My Affenpinscher?

Bathing a Affenpinscher
First Steps In Grooming
Clipping A Affenpinscher

Pet Health Insurance
How To Choose A Vet
The Importance Of The Physical Examination
What Happens During An Examination?
Why Are Regular Check-Ups Important?
How Often Should My Pet Be Examined?

Common Questions About Vaccinations

Signs Of Ill Health
Heart Worm, Fleas And Other Parasites
Fleas And Other Parasites
Common Questions About Heart Worm
Heart Worm Prevention
Do Parasites Cause “Scooting”?

Nursing A Sick Affenpinscher
Home Dental Care
Preventing Dental Disease
Veterinary Dental Treatments
How To Administer Medicine

Spaying And Neutering
Spaying Of The Female Affenpinscher
Surgical Neutering Of The Male Affenpinscher

TRAINING YOUR Affenpinschers

Getting Started

Problems with Chewing
Pulling and Tugging on a Leash
Jumping on People

Excitement Urination
Submissive Urination

Not Heeding the Owners Call
Chasing People, Objects and Other Things
Escaping and Roaming

Out and About
Affenpinscher Fighting

Keeping Your Affenpinscher out of the Garbage
Digging Up Holes in the Yard

The Cause of OCD
Whining, Howling and Excessive Barking

Training Conclusion

Potty Training Your Affenpinscher

An Approach to Housetraining an Adult Affenpinscher

Consistency Is Key with Housetraining

Cruel House Training Tactics Are Out

Don’t Let Your Puppy Get Used To Making Messes

Don’t Scold, But Use Positive Reinforcement Instead

Housebreaking Versus Housetraining

Potty Training for Small Affenpinschers

Setting a Schedule for Your Affenpinscher’s Elimination

The Leash and Crate Mix

Watch Your Affenpinscher’s Diet During the Housetraining Process

What If You Don’t Want to Crate Train?

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