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Poundmaker: A Novel of Early Canada

Poundmaker: A Novel of Early Canada

Poundmaker: A Novel of Early Canada

Poundmaker: A Novel of Early Canada

Paperback(2nd ed.)



IT IS 1872 ON THE CANADIAN PRAIRIES—thirteen years before the North-West Rebellion. Young Poundmaker’s life is turned upside down when Crowfoot requests to adopt him as his son. Poundmaker is Cree and Crowfoot is chief of the Blackfoot Confederacy. This adoption marks the end of a bitter war between their people and is part of Crowfoot’s plan to bring peace to the prairies.

But as Poundmaker settles into his new life, he discovers there is far more at stake. The buffalo are disappearing and everything is changing—food is becoming scarce and the people are under pressure to give up their way of life and accept reserves. The settlers have promised to teach them and support them as they learn this new way of living—but are they trustworthy?

As the tensions and violence of the North-West Rebellion threaten to pull them in, Poundmaker must fend off farming disasters, smallpox outbreaks, simmering violence, stubborn misunderstandings, and deliberate opposition, and through it all he must lead wisely and find a way to keep his people safe.

Rereleased in this new edition to celebrate the exoneration of Poundmaker and the apology issued by the government of Canada, Norma Sluman tells the story of one of Canada’s most famous Cree leaders. With accuracy and empathy she gives her readers a deep look into the life of a man whom history branded a dangerous traitor and rebel but who did everything he could to ensure peace and safety for his people.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781775254034
Publisher: Historical Fiction
Publication date: 10/01/2019
Edition description: 2nd ed.
Pages: 316
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.71(d)

About the Author

Late author, Norma Sluman, was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Her involvement with Canadian Aboriginal issues began when she moved to Calgary with her husband Ken and the first of three children, daughter Marnie. While living in the three prairie provinces, Norma's burning ambition to write influenced the kind of writing she wanted to do. She studied Canadian history, the prairie Indigenous bands, modern writers and their works.

Norma's family, including second daughter Shirley, born in Calgary, moved back to Toronto where son Kenneth Jr., was born. Norma settled down to arrange masses of research materials into her first historical fiction novel, Blackfoot Crossing, followed by her second novel, Poundmaker, both published by Ryerson Press.

Moving again from Toronto to Winnipeg, Norma met Jean Cuthand Goodwill, while working at the Winnipeg Friendship Centre. They became lifetime friends. Over the period of six years, Norma and Jean set about to co-write John Tootoosis, a Biography of a Cree Leader. John Tootoosis was Jean's father and his history was taped in Cree - Jean translated, and Norma wrote. First published by Golden Dog Press; three reprints were published by Pemmican Publications, Inc.

Marnie Sluman Somers, daughter of late author Norma Sluman, is the editor and publisher of The Amulet. Marnie inherited the unpublished manuscript of The Amulet from her mother. Finally heeding its persistent cry for publication, she has kept the story intact while editing the style for today's historical fiction market. Her passion is to continue her mother's work, to tell the stories of the past so we can understand where we've come from and build a better, more compassionate, future.

Marnie became a full-time freelance writer in 1997, creating news releases, articles, and marketing content for the agricultural industry. Her writing has been published in agricultural magazines, newspapers, and websites across North America. She lives on an acreage near Carberry, Manitoba with her life and business partner Wilf.

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