Power Engineering, Control and Information Technologies in Geotechnical Systems

Power Engineering, Control and Information Technologies in Geotechnical Systems


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Efficient and rational use of energy is one of the main challenges at present to develop a sustainable society. Long-term economic growth is only possible with the application of technological improvements in the use of energy. This book is discussing geotechnical systems with large potential for enhancing energy efficiency. Modern manufacturing processes are complex and make ever increasing demands on the use of energy. This work involves multidisciplinary collaboration and research on aspects of energy use in geotechnical systems. The work provides many practical examples and illustrative material and it effectively connects theoretical and practical aspects of efficiency improvement of geotechnical systems. Benefiting from authors’ extensive experience in industry and academia it brings together comprehensive technical information on reducing energy consumption. It provides valuable information covering operation of mine equipment and installations and features some topics never previously published in geotechnical courses.

The book is appropriate for students, researches, professionals and teachers interested in geotechnical systems and improving its efficiency.

Field of knowledge – energy efficiency of geotechnical systems

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ISBN-13: 9781138028043
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 03/27/2015
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 6.70(w) x 9.80(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Pivnyak Gennadiy Grigoryevich (1940) graduated from Dnepropetrovsk Mining Institute in 1963 (nowadays "National Mining University") with a specialization in Engineering Electromechanics. He has been affiliated with the NMU since 1963: Rector (1982), and Head of the Electric Power Supply Systems Department (1976). In 1967 he was awarded Candidate of the Technical Sciences degree, and Doctor of Technical Sciences in 1981. He is a prominent scientist in the field of power engineering. Being the founder of scientific school of mining and metallurgical power engineering, he developed general theory, design concept and synthetic procedures of powerful systems of electromagnetic transmission of overfrequency energy. His fundamental research helped to implement the latest electrotechnics for mining and metallurgical industry and machine-building industry, supply equipment for electric drive, transport and equipment with specific load.

Table of Contents

Traction and energy characteristics of no-contact electric mining locomotives with AC current thyristor converters
G. Pivnyak, M. Rogoza, Yu. Papaika & A. Lysenko

Universal model of the galvanic battery as a tool for calculations of electric vehicles
O. Beshta, A. Albu, A. Balakhontsev & V. Fedoreyko

Binarization algorithm of rock photo images on inhomogeneous background
P. Pilov, M. Alekseyev & I. Udovik

Compensation of the cogging torque by means of control system for transverse flux motor
E. Nolle, O. Beshta & M. Kuvaiev

Control of tandem-type two-wheel vehicle at various notion modes along spatial curved lay of line
O. Beshta, V. Kravets, К. Bas, Т. Kravets & L. Tokar

Independent power supply of menage objects based on biosolid oxide fuel systems
O. Beshta, V. Fedoreyko, A. Palchyk & N. Burega

The use of asymmetric power supply during the procedure of equivalent circuit parameters identification of squirrel-cage induction motor
O. Beshta & A. Semin

Energy indexes of modern skip lifting plants of coal mines
Yu. Razumniy & A. Rukhlov

Informational and methodological support for energy efficiency control
N. Dreshpak & S. Vypanasenko

Implementation of the insulation resistance control method for high-voltage grids of coal mines
F. Sckrabets & A. Ostapchuk

Comparative analysis of methods for estimating the Hurst acoustic signal whenever feed rate control in jet mills provided
M. Alekseyev & L. Berdnik

Automatic control of coal shearer providing effective use of installed power
V. Tkachev, N. Stadnik & A. Bublikov

Designing algorithm for coal shearer control to provide decrease in specific power consumption
V. Tkachov, V. Ogeyenko & L. Tokar

Optimization of fine grinding on the acoustic monitoring basis
N. Pryadko

Flexible couplings with rubber-cord shells in heavy machinery drives
B. Vinogradov & A. Hristenko

Determination of optimal configuration of effective energy supply system with multiple sources
Yu. Khatskevych

Simulation of the energy-effective operating modes of the mine main pumping
N. Rukhlova

A new method to solve a continuous facility location problem under uncertainty
S. Us

Identification of stabilizing modes for the basic parameters of drilling tools
L. Meshcheriakov, L. Tokar & К. Ziborov

The hydraulic impact and alleviation phenomena numeric modeling in the industrial pumped pipelines
A. Ghavrish & O. Shevtsova

On an approach to solving of multi-zone dynamics models identification problems
L. Koriashkina, A. Pravdivy & A. Cherevatenko

Identification, prediction and control of complex multiply technological objects
V. Kornienko, I. Gulina & Yu. Rybalchenko

Simulation of methane concentration process control at coalmine
O. Aleksieiev & T. Vysotskaya

Formation of the classification space of the expert system knowledge base for SCADA failure diagnostics
O. Syrotkina

Design of subordinate control system with two degrees of freedom
R. Mazur, V. Sosedka & M. Isakova

Anaerobic digestion model of solid wastes in small biogas plants: influence of natural convection on biogas production
A. Zemlyanka, M. Gubynskyi & T.Vvedenska

The electromechanical system of the turning machine tool
A. Bakutin

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