Power from on High: The Spirit in Israel's Restoration and Witness in Luke-Acts

Power from on High: The Spirit in Israel's Restoration and Witness in Luke-Acts

by Max Turner


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ISBN-13: 9781498225557
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers
Publication date: 04/10/2015
Pages: 512
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Max Turner is Emeritus Professor of New Testament at London School of Theology.

Table of Contents

Preface 11

Acknowledgments 15

Abbreviations 17

Part I Luke and the Spirit in Contemporary Scholarship

Chapter 1 The Laying of the Foundations: The History of Religions School and the Response to its Challenge 20

1 The Challenge of the History of Religions School 21

2 The Response to the History of Religions School 29

3 The Legacy of the Phase of Research from Pfleiderer to Von Baer 35

Chapter 2 Diverging Explanations of the Essential Character of the Gift of the Spirit 38

1 A Traditional Position: The Pentecostal Gift as 'the Spirit Himself' 39

2 The Gift of the Spirit as New Covenant Life and Sonship (J.D.G. Dunn) 48

3 The Spirit as the Power of Confirmation (N. Adler) 53

4 The Gift of the Spirit Emphasized by Luke as the Spirit of Prophecy and Missionary Empowering (G.W.H. Lampe, 1950-70 Writings) 56

5 The Gift of the Spirit Exclusively as the Spirit of Prophecy - Soteriological Functions of the Gift of the Spirit Denied to Luke (E. Schweizer, R. Stronstad and R.P. Menzies) 59

6 Luke's Pneumatology as a Fusion of the Spirit of Prophecy and the Soteriological Spirit (J. Kremer, Lampe [1976], J.B. Shelton, H.S. Kim and Dunn [1994]) 66

7 The Pentecostal Gift as a Broadened Form of the Spirit of Prophecy: The 'Charismatic Spirit' (G. Haya-Prats) 72

8 Conclusion and Prospect 78

Part II The 'Spirit of Prophecy' in Judaism and as a Background to Luke-Acts

Introduction 82

Chapter 3 The 'Spirit of Prophecy' and its Prototypical Gifts in Judaism 86

1 The Spirit as 'the Spirit of Prophecy' in Judaism 86

2 The Prototypical Gifts of the 'Spirit of Prophecy' in the Targums and of the Spirit in Early Judaism 92

3 Preaching and the 'Spirit of Prophecy' 101

4 Conclusion 104

Chapter 4 The 'Spirit of Prophecy and Miraculous 'Power' in Judaism

1 The Spirit and the Power of Miracle in the LXX and Targums 107

2 The Spirit and Miracles in Other Extrabiblical ITP and Rabbinic Writings 111

3 The Spirit and Power in the 'Messianic' Tradition 114

4 Conclusion 118

Chapter 5 The 'Spirit of Prophecy', Ethical Influence and 'Salvation' in Intertestamental Judaism 119

1 The Essentials of the Case that Judaism Envisages the Spirit of Prophecy to Have only Secondary (if any) Ethical/Religious Influence in Judaism 119

2 A Case that the Spirit of Prophecy Would be Expected to Have Major Ethical/Religious Consequences when Restored to Israel 121

3 The Spirit of Prophecy and 'Salvation' 133

4 Conclusions 136

Conclusion to Part II 138

Part III The Messiah of the Spirit

Chapter 6 The Coming of the Messiah of the Spirit in Luke 1-2 140

1 The Annunciation, Birth and Infancy Narratives as 'Previews of Salvation' 140

2 The Pneumatology of Luke 1-2 and its Relation to Luke's Theology 145

3 Conclusions 162

Excursus: References to People as 'Filled with' or 'Full of the Holy Spirit or Other Qualities in Luke-Acts 165

Chapter 7 The Promise of John the Baptist: He Shall Baptize You With Holy Spirit and Fire (Luke 3.16) 170

1 The Context of the Promise 170

2 The Form of the Baptist's Promise in Luke 3.16-17 and its Origin in Q 172

3 Luke's Understanding of the Baptist's Meaning 175

4 Luke's Own Interpretation of the Promise in Luke 3.16 186

Chapter 8 The Empowering of the Messianic Son 188

1 Jesus' Baptismal Experience of the Spirit (Luke 3.21-22) 188

2 The Testing of the Messianic Son (Luke 4.1-13, 14) 201

3 Jesus' Return to Galilee 'in the Power of the Spirit' (4.14) 210

4 Conclusions 211

Chapter 9 Jesus Anointed With the Spirit to Announce New Exodus Liberation 213

1 Literary-Critical Introduction to Luke 4.16-30 215

2 The Citation of Isaiah 61.1-2 in Luke 4.18-19 220

3 The Spirit-Anointed Prophet-Liberator of the Pre-Lukan Tradition in Luke 4.18-27 226

4 The Significance of Jesus' Citation of Isaiah for Luke 233

Excursus: New Exodus Hopes and Luke's Gospel 238

Excursus: The 'Great Prophet' of 7.16-Elijah or Moses? 244

5 Jesus' Exultation in the Spirit (Luke 10.21) 264

6 Conclusion 265

Chapter 10 Pentecost: Jesus' Enthronement as Israel's Messiah and the Spirit as His Executive Power In Israel's Restoration 267

1 The Pentecost Speech 268

2 The Pentecost Speech and 'the Beginnings' of Jesus' Work (Luke 1-Acts 2) 290

3 The Pentecost Speech and the Body of Acts 303

Part IV The Disciples and the Spirit

Chapter 11 The Circle of Jesus' Disciples and the Spirit from the Beginnings of Jesus' Ministry to His Ascension 318

1 Spirit, 'the Kingdom of God' and 'Salvation' in the Ministry of Jesus 319

2 The Promise of the Spirit to the Disciples (Luke 24.47-49; Acts 1.4-5,8) 341

3 The Spirit as the Means of Continuation of Salvation 346

Chapter 12 The Reception of the Pentecostal Gift in the Church of Acts 348

1 Does Acts Imply that the Spirit Given to all Christians is the 'Spirit of Prophecy' Promised by Joel 349

2 The Reception of the Promise of the Spirit in Acts 352

Excursus: Tradition and Redaction in the Cornelius Narratives 378

3 Conclusions 397

Chapter 13 The Effects of the Pentecostal Gift in the Life of the Church and 'Salvation' in Acts 401

1 The Spirit as the Empowerment of Mission/Witness to Unbelievers 402

2 The Spirit of Prophecy as the Transforming Self-Manifesting Presence of God in and for the Community 404

3 The Spirit of Prophecy as the Primary Means of the Restoration/Salvation of Israel in Acts 418

Chapter 14 Conclusions 428

1 Jesus and the Spirit 428

2 The Nature of the Gift of the Spirit to the Disciples 431

3 The Spirit and Salvation in Luke-Acts 433

4 The Spirit and 'Sonship' in Luke-Acts 438

5 The Implications of this Thesis for the Pentecostal/Charismatic Debate 439

Select Bibliography 456

Index of References 479

Index of Authors 505

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