Power Nihilism: A Case for Moral & Political Nihilism

Power Nihilism: A Case for Moral & Political Nihilism

by James Theodore Stillwell III, Matthew Ray, Brett Stevens


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Within this text James Theodore Stillwell III extracts thought strands from profound thinkers such as Hume, Nietzsche, Kant A.J. Ayer, C.L. Stevenson, J. L. Mackie, Ragnar RedBeard, Peter Sjöstedt-H and interweaves them into a meta ethical tapestry that is a liberating-brutally honest red pill.

Mixing non cognitivism, error theory, with projectivism, Stillwell puts forth a kind of moral nihilism (Power-Nihilism) that dispenses with both secular and theistic forms of moral realism.

In the final chapter James articulates his qualified form of political nihilism and critiques such concepts as ""Natural law"" and ""Natural Rights"" along with a few other pivotal concepts within political theory.

This book also covers such topics as the will to power, slave morality, bad conscience, the on going destruction of Western civilization, radical individualism, collectivism, egalitarianism, hierarchy and much more...

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