The Power of Humility: Living Like Jesus

The Power of Humility: Living Like Jesus

by R.T. Kendall
4.6 5


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Power of Humility: Living like Jesus 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If one reads this book with an open heart it will expose what is in us all, pride and self righteousness in their many forms. I was humbled and repentant after reading this book and will read it more than once. Thank you R.T. Kendall for a great book on a difficult subject.
Seantaneous More than 1 year ago
There are so many things I didn't realize pride encompassed, such as self-pity. This is a great book on learning how to live the closest to Jesus, by living like him. RT Kendall writes about known and undetected forms of pride, and numerous ways to access the humility in our lives to be humble individuals that attract others.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I start to ready this book a month before my father pass away, i didnt knew them ,but,God was preparing me for that moment w this book, i went to my dads funeral and discover a life my dad have that i never knew it, the words and passages from the bible on that book kept me together in that difficult moment, and i praise the Lord for you Pastor Kendall,God bless you and thank you for make yourself available to God use you so powerfully....
ChristysBookBlog More than 1 year ago
The Power of Humility by R.T. Kendall is a powerful indictment of the popular Christian sin of pride. Kendall, long the pastor of Westminster Chapel in London, England, brings his many years in the pulpit and the Lord's service to this study of how pride affects our faith and hampers our lives. He uses several biblical examples to demonstrate how God punishes those who rely on themselves instead of Him. Kendall even speaks honestly about his own battle with personal pride as well as stories he's witnessed personally. Pride may be the worst sin that keeps us from God, because even Christians can be very guilty of it, often masquerading as false humility. Here's a few of my favorite quotes from the book: You can talk about your failures and disappointments to almost anybody; you can only discuss your successes with a true friend. Pride makes us judge. It is pride that seeks to vindicate ourselves. The apostle Paul had made a huge step forward in this area: he refufsed to clear his name and simply chose to wait for the day God chooses to do it. You will not die by swallowing your pride. This is not always an easy book to read, as readers will often squirm with personal conviction, but it's a vital book to read for deeper faith.
richardblake More than 1 year ago
By the end of the first paragraph of chapter one, R. T. Kendall had captured my full attention. I was already asking myself, "If I am a spirit filled Christian, how can I justify my subtle attitude of self righteousness and arrogance." "The Power of Humility: Living Free Like Jesus" is designed and destined to change lives. It is my prayer that my life might be one of them. because I want to emulate Jesus. Kendall points out the danger of crossing over the line from dignity to arrogance. He draws from Biblical examples to illustrate the results of arrogance. The lives of Pharaoh, Rehoboam, Uzziah, Haman, Nebuchadnezzar, Belteshazzar, and Herod Agrippa all suffered the results of their arrogance. Kendall goes on to help the reader recognize how pride and self righteousness entered into the world through the serpent in the Garden of Eden. I found the scriptural references and quotes from recognized leaders and personalities at the beginning of each chapter challenging, reflective, and profound. Many of them address a word of warning concerning humility, including: Self righteousness, self pity, hypocrisy, boasting, and judgment. Today we may personally be confronting pride in the context of social, racial, financial, physical, or spiritual realms. These all hinder our relationship with God. "The Power of Humility: Living Free Like Jesus" is an eye opening reminder to look within, to remember the source of our strength, to rely on the Lord for His blessing, while at the same time accepting and acknowledging his touch on our lives. This will allow the gifts and talents He has imparted to us to be used to bring honor to the Name of Jesus. As Reviewed for Midwest Book Review