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Power of Positive Parenting

Power of Positive Parenting

by Glenn I. Latham, Sidney W. Bijou
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Skills for Success is written with today’s students in mind. The book provides step-by-step guidance in an easy-to-use format. Each skill is presented on a two-page spread with clearly numbered steps and clear instruction. Key skills required to get started with Microsoft Office are covered, giving readers a complete introduction to the core tools.

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ISBN-13: 9781567131758
Publisher: Brigham Distributing
Publication date: 09/28/1994
Pages: 397
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About the Author

Kris Townsend is an Information Systems instructor at Spokane Falls Community College in Spokane, Washington. Kris earned a bachelor's degree in both Education and Business, and a master's degre in Education. He has also worked as a public school teacher and as a systems analyst. Kris enjoys working with wood, snowboarding, and camping. He commutes to work by bike and enjoys long rides in the Palouse country south of Spokane.

Robert L. Ferrett recently retired as the Director of the Center for Instructional Computing at Eastern Michigan University, where he provided computer training and support to faculty. He has authored or co-authored more than 70 books on Access, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, WordPerfect, Windows, and Word. He has been designing, developing, and delivering computer workshops for more than two decades.

Catherine Hain is an instructor at Central New Mexico Community College in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She teaches computer applications classes in the Business and Information Technology School, both in the classroom and through the distance learning office. Catherine holds a bachelor's degree in Management and Marketing and a master's degree in Business Administration.

Alicia Vargas is an Associate Professor of Business Information Technology at Pasadena City College on California. She holds a bachelor's and a master's degree in Business Education from California State University, Los Angeles and has authored numerous textbooks and training materials on Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Shelley Gaskin,
Series Editor for the GO! Series, is a professor of business and computer technology at Pasadena City College in Pasadena, California. She holds a master's degree in business education from Northern Illinois University and a doctorate in adult and community education from Ball State University. Dr. Gaskin has 15 years of experience in the computer industry with several Fortune 500 companies and has developed and written training materials for custom systems applications in both the public and private sector. She is also the author of books on Microsoft Outlook and word processing.

Table of Contents

Common Features

Chapter 1 Common Features of Office 2010

Skill 1 Start Word and Navigate the Word Window

Skill 2 Start Excel and PowerPoint and Work with Multiple Windows

Skill 3 Save Files in New Folders

Skill 4 Print and Save Documents

Skill 5 Open Student Data Files and Save Copies Using Save As

Skill 6 Type and Edit Text

Skill 7 Cut, Copy, and Paste Text

Skill 8 Format Text and Paragraphs

Skill 9 Use the Ribbon

Skill 10 Use Shortcut Menus and Dialog Boxes

More Skills 11 Capture Screens with the Snipping Tool

More Skills 12 Use Microsoft Office Help

More Skills 13 Organize Files

More Skills 14 Save Documents to Windows Live SkyDrive

Collaboration 1: Share SkyDrive Files and Folders


Chapter 1 Create Documents with Word 2010

Skill 1 Create New Documents and Enter Text

Skill 2 Edit Text Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Skill 3 Select Text

Skill 4 Insert Text from Other Documents

Skill 5 Change Fonts, Font Sizes, and Font Styles

Skill 6 Insert and Work with Graphics

Skill 7 Check Spelling and Grammar

Skill 8 Use the Thesaurus and Set Proofing Options

Skill 9 Create Document Footers

Skill 10 Work with the Print Page and Save Documents in Other Formats

More Skills 11 Split and Arrange Windows

More Skills 12 Insert Symbols

More Skills 13 Use Collect and Paste to Create a Document

More Skills 14 Insert Screen Shots into Documents

Chapter 2 Format and Organize Text

Skill 1 Set Document Margins

Skill 2 Align Text and Set Indents

Skill 3 Modify Line and Paragraph Spacing

Skill 4 Format Text Using the Format Painter

Skill 5 Find and Replace Text

Skill 6 Create Bulleted and Numbered Lists

Skill 7 Insert and Format Headers and Footers

Skill 8 Insert and Modify Footnotes

Skill 9 Add Citations

Skill 10 Create Bibliographies

More Skills 11 Record AutoCorrect Entries

More Skills 12 Use AutoFormat to Create Numbered Lists

More Skills 13 Format and Customize Lists

More Skills 14 Manage Document Properties

Chapter 3 Work with Graphics, Tabs, and Tables

Skill 1 Insert Pictures from Files

Skill 2 Resize and Move Pictures

Skill 3 Apply Pictures Using Styles and Artistic Effects

Skill 4 Set Tab Stops

Skill 5 Enter Text with Tab Stops

Skill 6 Apply Table Styles

Skill 7 Create Tables

Skill 8 Add Rows and Columns to Tables

Skill 9 Format Text in Table Cells

Skill 10 FormatTables

More Skills 11 Insert Text Boxes

More Skills 12 Format with WordArt

More Skills 13 Create Tables from Existing Lists

More Skills 14 Insert Drop Caps

Chapter 4 Apply Special Text, Paragraph, and Document Formats

Skill 1 Create Multiple-Column Text

Skill 2 Insert a Column Break

Skill 3 Apply and Format Text Effects

Skill 4 Use and Create Quick Styles

Skill 5 Add Borders and Shading to Paragraphs and Pages

Skill 6 Insert and Format Clip Art Graphics

Skill 7 InsertSmartArt Graphics

Skill 8 FormatSmartArt Graphics

Skill 9 Create Labels Using Mail Merge

Skill 10 Preview and Print Mail Merge Documents

More Skills 11 Create Resumes from Templates

More Skills 12 Create Outlines

More Skills 13 Prepare Documents for Distribution

More Skills 14 Preview and Save Documents as Web Pages

Integration 1: Format Research Papers and Include Information from the Web

Integration 2: Use Excel Data in Word Mail Merge

Collaboration 2: Create Flyers using Word Web App


Chapter 1 Create Workbooks with Excel 2010

1.1 Create and Save New Workbooks

1.2 Enter Worksheet Data and Merge and Center Titles

1.3 Construct Addition and Subtraction Formulas

1.4 Construct Multiplication and Division Formulas

1.5 Adjust Column Widths and Apply Cell Styles

1.6 Use the SUM Function

1.7 Copy Formulas Using the Fill Handle

1.8 Format, Edit, and Check the Spelling of Data

1.9 Create Footers and Change Page Settings

1.10 Display and Print Formulas and Scale Worksheets for Printing

More Skills 11 Create New Workbooks from Templates

More Skills 12 Use Range Names in Formulas

More Skills 13 Change the Theme

More Skills 14 Manage Document Properties

Chapter 2 Create Charts

Skill 1 Open Existing Workbooks and Align Text

Skill 2 Construct and Copy Formulas Containing Absolute Cell References

Skill 3 Format Numbers

Skill 4 Create Column Charts

Skill 5 Format Column Charts

Skill 6 Create Pie Charts and Chart Sheets

Skill 7 Apply 3-D Effects and Rotate Pie Chart Slices

Skill 8 Explode and Color Pie Slices and add Text Boxes

Skill 9 Update Charts and Insert WordArt

Skill 10 Prepare Chart Sheets for Printing

More Skills 11 Add and Edit Comments

More Skills 12 Change Chart Types

More Skills 13 Copy Excel Data to Word Documents

More Skills 14 Fill Series Data into Worksheet Cells

Chapter 3 Manage Multiple Worksheets

Skill 1 Work with Sheet Tabs

Skill 2 Enter and Format Dates

Skill 3 Clear Cell Contents and Formats

Skill 4 Move, Copy, Paste, and Paste Options

Skill 5 Work with Grouped Worksheets

Skill 6 Use Multiple Math Operators in a Formula

Skill 7 Format Grouped Worksheets

Skill 8 Insert and Move Worksheets

Skill 9 Construct Formulas that Refer to Cells in Other Worksheets

Skill 10 Create Clustered Bar Charts

More Skills 11 Create Organization Charts

More Skills 12 Create Line Charts

More Skills 13 Set and Clear Print Areas

More Skills 14 Insert Hyperlinks

Chapter 4 Use Excel Functions and Tables

Skill 1 Use the SUM and AVERAGE Functions

Skill 2 Use the MIN and MAX Functions

Skill 3 Move Ranges with Functions, Add Borders, and Rotate Text

Skill 4 Use the IF Function

Skill 5 Apply Conditional Formats with Custom Formats, Data Bars, and Sparklines

Skill 6 Use Find and Replace and Insert the NOW Function

Skill 7 Freeze and Unfreeze Panes

Skill 8 Create and Sort Excel Tables

Skill 9 Use the Search Filter in Excel Tables

Skill 10 Convert Tables to Ranges, Hide Rows and Columns, and Format Large Worksheets

More Skills 11 Apply Conditional Color Scales with Top and Bottom Rules

More Skills 12 Use the Payment (PMT) Function

More Skills 12 Create PivotTable Reports

More Skills 14 Use Goal Seek

Integration 3: Import Word Tables into Excel Worksheets

Integration 4: Insert and Link Excel Tables and Charts into Word Documents

Integration 5: Refer to Cells in other Workbooks

Collaboration 3: Create Excel Web App Workbooks


Chapter 1 Work with Databases and Create Tables

Skill 1 Open and Organize Existing Databases

Skill 2 Enter and Edit Table Data

Skill 3 Create Forms and Enter Data

Skill 4 Filter Data in Queries

Skill 5 Create, Preview and Print Reports

Skill 6 Create Databases and Tables

Skill 7 Change Data Types and Other Field Properties

Skill 8 Create Tables in Design View

Skill 9 Relate Tables

Skill 10 Enter Data in Related Tables

More Skills 11 Compact and Repair Databases

More Skills 12 Import Data from Excel

More Skills 13 Work with the Attachment Data Type

More Skills 14 Work with the Hyperlink and Yes/No Data Types

Chapter 2 Manage Datasheets and Create Queries

Skill 1 Find and Replace Data

Skill 2 Filter and Sort Datasheets

Skill 3 Use the Simple Query Wizard

Skill 4 Format Datasheets

Skill 5 Add Date and Time Criteria

Skill 6 Create Queries in Design View

Skill 7 Add Calculated Fields to Queries

Skill 8 Work with Logical Criteria

Skill 9 Add Wildcards to Query Criteria

Skill 10 Group and Total Queries

More Skills 11 Export Queries to Other File Formats

More Skills 12 Find Duplicate Records

More Skills 13 Find Unmatched Records

More Skills 14 Create Crosstab Queries

Chapter 3 Create Forms

Skill 1 Use the Form Wizard

Skill 2 Format Forms in Layout View

Skill 3 Use Forms to Modify Data

Skill 4 Use the Blank Form Tool

Skill 5 Customize Form Layouts

Skill 6 Add Input Masks

Skill 7 Apply Conditional Formatting

Skill 8 Create One-to-Many Forms

Skill 9 Enter Data Using One-to-Many Forms

Skill 10 Create Forms from Queries

More Skills 11 Validate Fields

More Skills 12 Add Combo Boxes to Forms

More Skills 13 Create Multiple Item Forms

More Skills 14 Create Macros

Chapter 4 Create Reports

Skill 1 Create Reports and Apply Themes

Skill 2 Modify Report Layouts

Skill 3 Prepare Reports for Printing

Skill 4 Use the Blank Report Tool

Skill 5 Group and Sort Reports

Skill 6 Format and Filter Reports

Skill 7 Create Labels Reports

Skill 8 Use the Report Wizard

Skill 9 Modify Layouts in Design View

Skill 10 Add Totals and Labels to Reports

More Skills 11 Export Reports to Word

More Skills 12 Export Reports to HTML Documents

More Skills 13 Create Parameter Queries

More Skills 14 Create Reports for Parameter Queries

Integration 6: Print Envelopes from Access Queries

Integration 7: Export Access Data to Word Documents

Collaboration 4: Create Windows Live Groups and OneNote Documents


Chapter 1 Getting Started with PowerPoint 2010

Skill 1 Open, View, and Save Presentations

Skill 2 Edit and Replace Text in Normal View

Skill 3 Format Slide Text

Skill 4 Check Spelling and Use the Thesaurus

Skill 5 Insert Slides and Modify Slide Layouts

Skill 6 Insert and Format Pictures

Skill 7 Organize Slides Using Slide Sorter View

Skill 8 Apply Slide Transitions and View Slide Shows

Skill 9 Insert Headers and Footers and Print Presentation Handouts

Skill 10 Add Notes Pages and Print Notes

More Skills 11 Type Text in the Outline Tab

More Skills 12 Use Keyboard Shortcuts

More Skills 13 Move and Delete Slides in Normal View

More Skills 14 Design Presentations for Audience and Location

Chapter 2 Format a Presentation

Skill 1 Create a New Presentation

Skill 2 Change Presentation Themes

Skill 3 Apply Font and Color Themes

Skill 4 Format Backgrounds with Styles

Skill 5 Format Slide Backgrounds with Pictures and Textures

Skill 6 Format Text with WordArt

Skill 7 Change Character Spacing and Font Color

Skill 8 Modify Bulleted and Numbered Lists

Skill 9 Move and Copy Text and Objects

Skill 10 Use Format Painter and Clear All Formatting Commands

More Skills 11 Edit Slide Master

More Skills 12 Save and Apply a Presentation Template

More Skills 13 Create Slides from a Microsoft Word Outline

More Skills 14 Design Presentations with Contrast

Chapter 3 Enhance a Presentation with Graphics

Skill 1 Insert Slides from Other Presentations

Skill 2 Insert, Size, and Move Clip Art

Skill 3 Modify Picture Shapes, Borders, and Effects

Skill 4 Insert, Size, and Move Shapes

Skill 5 Add Text to Shapes and Insert Text Boxes

Skill 6 Apply Gradient Fills and Group and Align Graphics

Skill 7 Convert Text to SmartArt Graphics and Add Shapes

Skill 8 Modify Smart Art Layouts, Colors, and Styles

Skill 9 Insert Video Files

Skill 10 Apply Video Styles and Adjust Videos

More Skills 11 Compress Pictures

More Skills 12 Save Groups as Picture Files

More Skills 13 Change Object Order

More Skills 14 Design Presentations Using Appropriate Graphics

Chapter 4 Present Data Using Tables, Charts, and Animation

Skill 1 Insert Tables

Skill 2 Modify Table Layouts

Skill 3 Apply Table Styles

Skill 4 Insert Column Charts

Skill 5 Edit and Format Charts

Skill 6 Insert Pie Charts

Skill 7 Apply Animation Entrance and Emphasis Effects

Skill 8 Modify Animation Timing and Use Animation Painter

Skill 9 Remove Animations and Modify Duration

Skill 10 Navigate Slide Shows

More Skills 11 Prepare Presentations to be Viewed Using PowerPoint Viewer

More Skills 12 Insert Hyperlinks in a Presentation

More Skills 13 Create Photo Albums

More Skills 14 Design Presentations with Appropriate Animation

Integration 8: Copy and Paste Objects between Office Documents

Integration 9: Send PowerPoint Handouts to Word

Integration 10: Create Hyperlinks to Office Documents

Collaboration 5: Edit Presentations Using PowerPoint Web App

Customer Reviews

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Power of Positive Parenting 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
PattyfromUtah More than 1 year ago
I purchased this book 14 years ago when I was having problems with my 14 year old daughter. A friend told me about the book. She was having positive results with her own children as a result of learning new parenting skills in this book.
I read it and used it through the raising of all my children. I too had positive results as I practiced the technics taught. Dr. Latham is wonderful and teaches in a way that you understand and realize you can do it.
One statement he makes over and over again in the book I remember to this day is , "You don't get people to do better by making them feel worse." That statement was so profound and true that it changed me.
I also found that if your children are misbehaving, look at your own parenting skills first. I discovered that I was the one who had the most to learn. When I improved my parenting skills my children's behavior improved as well.
This book changed my life. It was the best parenting book I have ever read. I am now purchasing one for each of my 9 children so they can learn the skills to become the best parents they can be. I recommend "The Power of Positive Parenting" to all parents who want to learn how to have a happy home with well adjusted kids. Parenting is definately a challenge.
Knowledge is Power.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This has been a wonderful book in helping deal with a BiPolar, ADHD and Autistic child. He no longer screams, curses, acts up and follows simple directions. We are having fun again and not strees out all the time. When we go out in public, its nice not to have to stay on top of his behaviors all the time. Thank you and I hope more parents read this book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Priceless. I wish I would have found this years ago. Don't wait one day longer. You and your children deserve it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
That is what I got after training and applying Dr. Latham's strategies. I couldn't take my teenage autistic daughter any where in public without fear of her doing something very unacceptable socially. So I was housebound during summer vacation. Now she goes places with very little trouble and we have fun again. She has become my joy again! I highly recommend it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book has changed my life! I have used Dr. Latham's techniques, and they work. I have become a much more positive and affectionate parent, which has helped me be more positive in other areas of my life. My children are becoming more cooperative each day without any nagging or shouting. Being a kid is hard enough! This book helps you make it easier for them, while strengthening your relationship and reinforcing parental authority.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago