Power Play

Power Play

by D. M. Richardson

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Lonely torment was Katrina's best friend. A mother who hated her. A father that disappeared when she was little. And a school full of people who enjoyed nothing more than making her already hard life miserable. Being different wasn't always great. Sure it could be a measure of pride, but for Katrina it was something to be wary of. Caution was the better part of valor afterall. But then a new guy moves to town. Someone who doesn't understand the hierchy and tested Katrina's boundaries. With him others come, eliminating her lonliness, just in time for her to have to force it upon herself. A mysterious enemy hell bent on forcing her to bend to his will. In an effort to save the few people that ever cared for her she isolates herself. Pushing them away was the hardest thing she had ever had to do. Yet, they make it near impossible, insisting on putting themselves in harms way just for the sake of being close to her. Somehow she manages to pull everyone together. To make a stand and liberate her race from the centuries of hiding that had plagued them. She simply prays that everyone comes out of it alive.

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ISBN-13: 9783736897052
Publisher: BookRix
Publication date: 06/17/2015
Sold by: Bookwire
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 322
File size: 822 KB

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