Power Sex and Shame: Overcoming Sexual Exploitation

Power Sex and Shame: Overcoming Sexual Exploitation

by Peter Mosgofian


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"Overcoming sexual exploitation is a daunting commitment made more comprehensible and achievable thanks to Peter Mosgofian’s important work. Power, Sex and Shame deserves to be read and discussed widely. Lives depend on it.”- Peter Dunne, Emmy and Peabody Award-winning producer and writer.

Sexual exploitation is (almost) everywhere.

In this book, survivors and their advocates (friends and family) will learn to identify how exploitation occurs and recognize the various ways people in power can manipulate others to compromise their sexuality. Readers will also explore the powerful impacts of shame and vulnerability and how to overcome those significant forces. The author provides specific steps toward healing from the abuse of power and introduces practical, every day actions to take on the misuse of power at a systemic level in all areas of our lives.

"Serving in my counseling practice for forty years has impacted me deeply as I have worked with women and men who have been or were currently being exploited by men (or women) misusing their power. This book provides a balanced, compassionate approach to help survivors and their advocates heal." - Peter Mosgofian


The facts show that untold (and it isn’t really a fact if the numbers are “untold”) millions of women (and a large number of men) have been victims of some type of sexual exploitation, often beginning very early in life. Sexual exploitation by men and women in positions of power at every level of our society is big news because it is a big, pervasive problem—in the numbers of victims, the severity of the harm, and the adverse moral and ethical impact on every level of society.


"Peter is an experienced and gifted counselor who provides ample research and resources to his patients. Peter also has an amazing ability to be able to look at reality straight on and unafraid and deal with it in a very compassionate and productive way. Peter has filled this book with his wisdom, knowledge and experience giving very practical tips and knowledge to those who are dealing with sexual assault or are relatives of those who are dealing with it. Peter's tools are very clear and Peter never gives information that is not well researched an experienced. I highly recommend this book --- Peter is an amazing counselor and author sharing his experience here with us."

"As a therapist, what I liked about this book was its ability to show the pervasive problem of sexual exploitation in our culture (most often by men in power). This book gives a great overview of so many of the issues involved (how to heal, psychological factors, systemic and cultural issues, and the power at play). I appreciated that the author talked about the cultural and systemic issues at play especially within the church because too often the focus and blame is on the survivors and what they did or didn't do. Read this book if you are a professional helper or someone interested in this topic of sexual exploitation."

"Heartbreaking in its revelations of suffering, breathtaking in its investigative intelligence. A difficult subject, Power Sex and Shame breaks new ground in its revelations of betrayal and suffering. Told with open-hearted spiritual generosity, Peter Mosgofian's work is tender, shocking, and essential."

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781629671345
Publisher: Peter Mosgofian
Publication date: 07/25/2019
Pages: 236
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.54(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Naked and Ashamed: Sexual Exploitation by People in Power

Chapter Two: Patterns in Adult Survivors of Sexual Exploitation

Chapter Three: Healing from Sexual Exploitation

Chapter Four: Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky - A Model of Sexual Exploitation

Chapter Five: Love, Sex, and Power: The Dangerous Triangle

Chapter Six: The Dynamics of Adult Sexual Exploitation: Who Violates?

Chapter Seven: Systemic Issues in Sexual Exploitation

Chapter Eight: Waging War Against Sexual Exploitation

Chapter Nine: Is There Help for Sexual Violators?

Chapter Ten: The Root Causes of Sexual Exploitation

Chapter Eleven: Changing the Culture of Sexual Exploitation - A Proposal For A 21st-Century Sexual Revolution

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