Power Snuggles: Your Path to Vibrant and Lasting Love

Power Snuggles: Your Path to Vibrant and Lasting Love



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Power Snuggles: Your Path to Vibrant and Lasting Love by Jon Meyerson, Beverly Meyerson

Cuddle your way to happiness!

All relationships have a moment where communication goes out the window and a struggle for power overtakes common sense. Written by therapists Jon and Beverly Meyerson, this self-help guide will teach couples to turn their power struggles into power snuggles through couples' communication techniques. Situations covered include "the blame game," feeling unappreciated, taking steps for greater love, keeping things new and exciting, and getting to the deeper issues behind squabbles. By using the tips and techniques presented here, couples will achieve conversations they never thought possible while creating a welcoming and safe atmosphere for change in their relationship.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781455620449
Publisher: Pelican Publishing Company, Incorporated
Publication date: 01/23/2015
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Jon Meyerson received his bachelor's degree from the University of Pennsylvania and received graduate degrees in social work and economics from Catholic University of America and American University. He has been employed with the US Federal Government in the President's Office of Management and Budget and with Congressional committees on Capitol Hill.

Beverly Meyerson attended the University of California at Fullerton, the University of Maryland, and Long Beach State College. She has worked with children for fifteen years as a nursery-school teacher, a kindergarten enrichment teacher, and the administrator of a multi-campus child care center. Beverly was a volunteer in Montgomery Country, Maryland, who assisted victims of domestic violence and accompanied them to their court hearings.

Table of Contents

Preface 11

Acknowledgments 13

Introduction: Rachel in Love 15

I When Love Feels Safe and Warm

Feeling Safe 20

How We Learn to Love 22

The Beauty of Two 24

The Simplest Way to Warm a Relationship 26

The Magic Potion of Music 28

What Are Your Daily Highs and Lows? 30

II How Do We Avoid Conflicts?

The Blame Game 34

Who Should Control the Purse Strings? 36

What Bugs You? 38

When Your Partner Won't Decide 40

She Just Can't Take a Joke 42

I Know What He's Thinking! 44

Waiting for the Marshmallow 46

How Arguments Evolve and How to Avoid Them 48

Avoiding "Exits" in Your Relationship 50

You Have Power. Use it! 52

III The Power of the Past

The Orange 56

Messages from Your First Love 58

Emotional Allergies 60

Admit it. You're Criticizing Me! 62

Mom, Marriage Isn't What I Expected 64

Money, Money, Money 66

Jon and Beverly's Argument 68

XV Why Do We Argue over Loading the Dishwasher? & Other Stuff

Why Do We Argue over Loading the Dishwasher? 72

Company's Coming! 74

It's Not Really about Socks on the Floor 76

The Facebook Fiasco 78

Hold Hands, Not Handhelds 80

How Can Such a Little Remark Wreak Havoc? 82

You Have to Get Rid of Your Stuff! 84

Why Do I Have to Do It All? 86

When Your Partner Tries to Control You 88

V Is My Partner Crazy?

Are You and Your Partner Living in the Same Country? 92

Analytical Amanda 94

Ms. Dreamer vs. Ms. Practical 96

Neat vs. Messy 98

You're Always Late! 100

Eric Efficiency 102

What Could She Be Thinking? 104

Understanding Angry Andy 106

Heather the Helper 108

VI In-Laws, Outlaws, and Other Complex Forces

You Love Your Mom More Than Me 112

Meddling Mom 114

Balancing a Blended Family 116

Easing Our Hectic Lives 118

Help! I Need Time for Myself! 120

You Know How Men Are! 122

Don't Change Who I Am 124

Say Something! 126

Priorities, Priorities 128

Let Your Pet Settle Your Quarrels 130

Melting Stress 132

VII The Enigma of Love

Avoid the Golden Rule to Improve Your Relationship 136

When Being Right Is Wrong 138

But I Thought He Was the Perfect Guy! 140

You Don't Have to Say "I Love You" to Say I Love You 142

What Makes a Happy Marriage? 144

If You Win, You Both Lose 146

You Met Your Partner by Chance, Didn't You? 148

Unfair Games 150

Being Together yet Feeling Alone 152

It's Never Too Late 154

VIII Taking Steps for Greater Love

How Long Should I Wait? 158

Build-Don't Steal-Your Partner's Poker Chips 160

How to Talk so Your Partner Listens 162

A Three-Minute Relationship Change 164

The Impressive Benefits of Sexual Intimacy 166

Let's Talk about Sex 168

Learning to Love alter Infidelity 170

This Will Always Please Your Partner 172

A Powerful Way to Love 174

When Your Relationship Goes "Blah" 176

Counting the Ways He Doesn't Love Me 178

When Your Partner Needs Help 180

IX What Is Love All About?

Why Do We Love? 184

The ABCs of Caring 186

We Are All Born to Love 188

The Gift of Wishes 190

Creating Loving Cells 192

The Missing Cups of Tea and Thee 194

Our Upside-Down View of Love 196

X Rachel in Love

The Journals of Rachel and Bradley 200

Understanding Rachel and Bradley's Relationship 217

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Power Snuggles: Your Path to Vibrant and Lasting Love 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
KarenRKoenigKK More than 1 year ago
This is a great book for people who are just starting out as romantic partners, for those who need alot of relationship repair, and for those who want to make a good partnership a great one. It's easy to read, with both humor and scientific research woven into short (maximum 2 pages) chapters. I can't believe that after three decades of being a therapist treating couples as well as a happily married wife, I still learned so much. This book is a game-changer.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Jon and Beverly Meyerson write in an easy to understand and practical style and address a wide range of relationship issues that can lead to tension between couples. Among the numerous scenarios the authors write about in Power Snuggles, I found several that I personally identified with as applying to myself. Sometimes solutions to these life issues became self evident to me as I read the Meyerson's description of the problems couples face. In other cases I couldn't wait to see what these two professionals suggested for solutions that might work to improve relationships and lead to a happier life. The book is a helpful guide to solving relationship problems that couples invariably face over time.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a provocative book. Beverly and Jon Meyerson dissect the problems in relationships so efficiently, offering such sage, insightful advice that it is difficult to imagine any couple with access to this volume ever breaking up. The Meyersons are professional counselors and stress the need for continuous communication, empathy and constant effort in creating an enduring relationship. They do so with such lucid skill that the dynamics of maintenance sound simple. In fact some subjects require more intense treatment - e.g. "Learning to Love After Infidelity" - a possible subject for their next book? They also track a fictional couple Rachel and Bradley, through a year of courtship to the point of almost setting a wedding date. The Meyersons then identify seven shoals upon which this relationship could flounder and how to manage them. A well written, clever book - useful for couples of any age.