Power To Prosper In A Foreign Land

Power To Prosper In A Foreign Land

by Sam Jullius


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Many people think as soon as they travel abroad, all will begin to be well, but the assumption is totally incorrect. People flaunt foreign embassies in their countries, all hoping to go abroad without any specific assignment in mind is uncalled for. People do all manner of things to travel overseas, believing that their freedom of speech and the economic advantage over their homeland will help them succeed in no time as soon as they land in the foreign land.Well, in God's agenda, that may be the plan, but there are so many battles confronting people in foreign lands that cannot even allow them to settle and know what to do with their lives.I have seen cases of people who have been abroad for 30 - 40 years but have little or nothing to show for it. I know of a sister who had been in a popular nation for thirty-five years with no husband, no children, and not even a good job to justify her continued stay there. What may be responsible for this horrible situation and stories we hear about people living abroad, especially the blacks?The Lord instructed me to write this book as a relief to the battles confronting many people abroad who have tried their best but all to no avail. The truth is people who live abroad need prayers more than the people in their country of birth. Suppose you were fighting a single enemy when you were at home, as soon as you are privileged to travel abroad. In that case, you should get ready to fight double and multiple enemies, but most people go and relax when they get abroad, thinking there are no enemies in the foreign land, which is the deception of so many.As you are reading this book, I may not know precisely how many years you've spent in a foreign land, or maybe you are planning that one day you too will travel abroad; there is good news for you, and that is what this book is all about.

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Publication date: 02/25/2021
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