Power Up Your B2B Branding: And Make Your Competitors Hate You in 35 Days

Power Up Your B2B Branding: And Make Your Competitors Hate You in 35 Days

by Rob Dalton


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For decades, psychologists have been perpetuating a saying attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." This is total B.S. because every time your competitor (you know the one I'm talking about) launches a new ad campaign or marketing stunt, customers eat it up. Your customers. Bam! Your heart sinks. Your head explodes. As a marketing professional, you feel you've failed your company. I can only guess but I'll bet your company makes a better product, and your service is far superior, too. (Yup, life isn't fair.) So you have to decide. Will you hang your head and accept defeat? Or worse yet, make excuses for getting beat up on the marketplace playground? Or, is today the day you decide to take charge of your brand and the trajectory of your growth?If you are a Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing Director, Brand Manager, Digital Marketing Specialist or other influencer of your company's branding and marketing, I want to make you a promise. In 35 days you will stop introducing yourself as the person responsible for your company's marketing, and start introducing yourself as the person IN CHARGE of your company's marketing. Not one, but two editors tried to talk me out of writing this book. Because much of its content is heavily biased toward creative- and emotion-driven thinking—stuff both editors felt would unfairly challenge marketing directors and turn off corporate decision-makers. I respectfully disagree. It is not a new concept that people buy on emotion (95% of our brains—and therefore our decisions—are powered by emotion) and later validate their purchase decisions withrational thought. So it is imperative to purposefully create, or re-create your branding and marketing based on emotional expression, not just rational thought and data. I've been using ?creative- and emotion-based stimuli described in this book for over 15 years and found that marketing directors and corporate decision makers "get it" and absolutely hone in on how to identify the things that make their brands unique and powerful. And how to articulate their brands' purpose and product features and benefits in unique and powerful ways—in traditional, experiential and digital channels.Most of the marketing people I've worked with are ingenious, hard-working and proud of their companies. The problem is, most of them (especially those in B2B) underestimate the power of branding and marketing and rely almost entirely on their sales people and reps to introduce products, build relationships and grow their businesses. My mission is to help them power up their branding and marketing so they can shorten the sales cycle, generate more qualified leads, build stronger customer relationships and leapfrog right over their competitors.

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ISBN-13: 9781543969184
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 05/23/2019
Pages: 168
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About the Author

Rob Dalton caught a lucky break when he entered the field of advertising during an industry high point of the 1980s. His home town of Minneapolis, MN was considered the epicenter of creative brilliance, and he had the good fortune of honing his skills at some of the city's most cutting edge agencies including Fallon and Martin Williams. During his 3 decades of creating award- and business-winning advertising for FedEx, Timex, The Wall Street Journal, Lee Jeans, Boston Scientific, Fair Isaac (FICO), Uponor, 3M and others, he learned the best outcomes come from doing the best homework. Another thing he learned was the joy of helping other succeed. In 2001, Rob started his own business and has since transformed many Fortune 500 as well as challenger brands into marketing powerhouses. His proven process is explained in this step by step book, "Power Up Your B2B Branding," which is peppered with inspiring stories and useful marketing tips. Rob is married and lives with his wife Debbie in Minneapolis. They have two adult children and, quite possibly, the most adorable grandchild you've ever seen.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Let's start at the very beginning 5

Chapter 2 How to use this book 23

Chapter 3 Wishful thinking will get you everywhere 27

Chapter 4 Zampo ov sleger blanderbom 45

Chapter 5 Your recipe for marketing success 53

Chapter 6 Get in touch with your customers' feelings 67

Chapter 7 How to create stimuli for your Biggest, Most Important Brainstorm Session 77

Chapter 8 Your Biggest, Most Important Brainstorm Session 93

Chapter 9 Creating a Messaging Platform that sets your brand apart 105

Chapter 10 Finally, Branded Messaging that grows your business! 121

Chapter 11 Moving your Messaging Platform from paper to people 133

Chapter 12 Branded Moments. Your secret competitive advantage 143

Chapter 13 How to lose customers (the right way) 153

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