Powered by Instinct: 5 Rules for Trusting Your Guts

Powered by Instinct: 5 Rules for Trusting Your Guts

by Kathy Kolbe

Hardcover(KOLBE CORP.)

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Powered by Instinct: 5 Rules for Trusting Your Guts by Kathy Kolbe

What if you had a secret power that could reduce burnout, increase productivity, and improve communication?  Would you be intrigued?  Furthermore, what if this power could be used in any situation to benefit your life, and you didn't even have to train yourself to use it?  Everyone has such a resource right at their fingertips.  It's called 'instincts.'  Psychologists have ignored this elusive third part of the mind for over a century, but the influence of instincts-and how to use them to your benefit -is about to be revealed.


       Powered by Instinct: 5 Rules for Trusting Your Guts is a landmark book by the country's foremost authority on human instincts, Kathy Kolbe.  It will introduce readers to her newest discoveries in the field of human behavior that will transform the way the world thinks about what makes people act they way they do.  The book will lay out the accumulating body of evidence that shows that our culture's focus on the intellect has caused us to stray from innate abilities and the benefits of going with our grain instead of stressing ourselves by trying to change who we are. This hands-on, how-to guide explains an unparalleled approach to work, relationships, learning and enjoying life that provides maximum benefits with no effort on your part to change a single thing about yourself. 


            The secret is a new method of dealing with how you take action, which allows you to be yourself, leaving requirements that you change your way of acting far behind you. No more struggling to be what someone else says is the ideal you; your energy instead can go towards acting in ways you are naturally suited.  Trust Your Guts leads to results based on the identification of specific Action Modes, instinctive patterns of behavior. A simple set of exercises designed to trigger the creative process causes mental muscles to more effectively and efficiently capture that personal power.  Although the basis of this method has been around for centuries as a philosophy of life, its practical applications to performance improvement have not been understood until now.  This book offers the first credible, objective evidence to show why trusting instincts improves decision making and builds self-esteem.  Trust Your Guts shares a method that has proven to enhance problem solving more quickly, more permanently, and more effectively than traditional self-improvement programs. 


       This program is centered around five rules for trusting instincts when taking action.  The rules are:


        Rule #1: Act-Before You Think:   How often has opportunity passed you by because you spent too long thinking before you acted?  By acting first and thinking later, you allow your instinctive energy to flow without being hindered by a fear of looking stupid or thoughts like, "Is this the way it's supposed to be done?"  Putting rational thought into the creative process too early on will prevent you from taking necessary risks-in relationships, at work, and even in emergency situations.  On the other hand, acting on impulses will trigger your instincts into action and allow you to act on opportunities in a way that is natural to you.  Then you can use thought to improve on your actions-or discontinue the process.

        Rule #2: Self-Provoke:   Don't wait for others to give you the opportunity to be your authentic self-that chance might not ever present itself.  Instead, challenge yourself to get into mental gear.  Initiate action instead of waiting around for the right moment to act.  By doing so, you will create your own opportunities for achievement.  Taking charge by igniting your instincts into action will let you fight for the freedom to solve problems in your own way.  Learning to provoke yourself into action will help you achieve more in the way you want to.  It will allow you to aspire to higher standards in your life-and act accordingly.

        Rule #3: Commit-But to Very Little:   Each person has only a limited amount of energy to expend on the things they want and need to do.  If you are committed to too much, you'll never be able to distribute your instinctive energy in a way that will allow you to get everything done.  That doesn't mean you should shirk all responsibility-instead, focus your creative energy on a few top priorities.  Know what your top priorities are, and dedicate most of your energy to getting those things done.  Put less energy towards things that need to be done but don't necessarily need your best effort, or things you'd like to do but don't have the time or energy for right now.  Share your commitments with those around you so they know exactly what to expect from your actions.

        Rule #4: Be Obstinate-in Overcoming Obstacles:   Who wouldn't want to be obstinate, to persevere, to act with determination, to adhere to a purpose?  Obstinately acting on instincts-even when other people tell you you're nuts-will help you thrive.  Be willful when you act according to your natural talents, not apologetic.  Your way of problem solving might not be considered "normal," but that shouldn't matter if the solutions you come up with work for you.  Staying true to your actions and problem solving techniques-and being determined to do so-will let you be yourself instead of the person you're "expected" to be.

        Rule #5: Do Nothing-When Nothing Works:   Instinctive energy does not come in unlimited supplies.  It runs out at some point, and when it does, it needs to be rejuvenated.  When your instincts aren't sending you clear signals, or aren't telling you to take action at all, it's time to remove your mental clutter.  Stopping action and engaging your senses in activities that require little or no thought will help clear your mind and replenish your instincts.  Allowing yourself to do nothing periodically will help prevent burnout and let you take action with your instincts fully charged.

  You have all it takes to enhance your own successes.  Just learn to trust your instincts!


About the Author:

Kathy Kolbe, innovative theorist and author (of such best-selling books as The Conative Connection and Pure Instinct), is the developer of the world�s first system for measuring individual instinctive talents and Chief Executive Officer of Kolbe Corp.

A former journalist inducted last year into Northwestern University�s Hall of Achievement, Kathy spent more than 20 years researching and testing her theories of human behavior. Initially the creator of Think-ercises�, a product that teaches critical and creative thinking skills, she began to explore an under-researched part of the human mind: the conative, an area acknowledged by thinkers from Plato to Piaget.

Her scientifically-proven methods have brought international praise.  Organizations around the world have benefited from her insights and expertise.  She was profiled in Time magazine�s Man of the Year issue as one of seven Americans �who exemplify the spirit that inspires�the choice for Man of the Year.�  Kolbe was honored by the White House as �one of America�s Can-Do people.� 

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Publication date: 10/01/2003
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Powered by Instinct 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you would like (among other things) to: 1.) reduce your stress 2.) get more accomplished in less time, and with less effort 3.) learn to better prioritize your activities ...then you need this book! I've never been a 'self-help' fan. I assumed that stress was a necessary by-product of modern life -- and that if you weren't stressed, you were probably on medication. Powered By Instinct gave me a whole new perspective... With easy-to-follow dialogue and simple hands-on excercises, Kolbe demonstrates how to tap into what is probably your best untapped resource -- your own instincts. Major companies like IBM, universities such as Stanford, and even professional sports teams have been using Kolbe's wisdom for years to solve problems and improve performance. This book makes her research available to the 'average person' and shows how it can be applied to daily life in areas like finance, relationships, career, education, and parenting. I highly recommend this one.
Guest More than 1 year ago
For as long as I can remember, I've been told that carefully considering my actions before taking them and following established models is the only way to success. But looking around at the world, that rule has never seemed to bring out the best in people. Sure, you might end up with a secure job by acting the way the world expects you to, but is success truly success if you can't enjoy yourself in what you're doing? Isn't there a way to move up in the world while staying true to yourself? What a relief this book was! For once, someone was telling me that I don't have to conform to the world's expectations to be successful. These rules make so much sense; they allow you to succeed while feeling the joy of being yourself instead of conforming to a model. These rules can benefit anyone who wants the freedom to be themselves as they journey through life, no matter what path they take -- and that should be the true measure of success.
Guest More than 1 year ago
As a mother of two who works from home ¿ I¿m always feeling the demands of being the perfect mother and the perfect employee ¿ a constant battle. In search of finding peace within myself and peace at home ¿ I began looking for a way to ¿solve¿ this problem ¿ little did I know that the answers were within! I¿ve never been one who relies on self-help books to shed the light ¿ but, WOW, was I amazed when I stumbled upon Powered by Instinct. This battle that I¿ve been fighting for so long was because I was doing things against my grain --- not trusting my guts! Powered by Instinct ¿ 5 Rules for Trusting Your Guts gives me permission to break the rules ¿ like Act BEFORE I think, Commit ¿ but to very little and Do Nothing when NOTHING works! The best part is that I¿m finding that by applying these principles, and taking a deeper look at myself through the Thinkercise activities included throughout the book, that I am gaining a better understanding of my natural abilities and am finding greater joy in what I do ¿ and best yet ¿ improving my performance on the job and in the home ¿ with less stress and effort! I would be remiss not mention the style in which the book was written ¿it makes for a super easy read - from the variety of colors, paragraph and section blocking, the font types and styles to the dialog between Kathy and Ev - it's a book that you can easily read back to back or skim when wanting to get an overview. It¿s another example of Kolbe¿s willingness to challenge the system and ¿break¿ the rules. If I would have to recommend one book to friends and families who are looking for balance and peace in their life, regardless of the situation, I would recommend this one!
Guest More than 1 year ago
For years I have been halfway reading books that are supposed to help me find my true career destiny. I have accomplished a great deal in my career, but not without a GREAT deal of stress. It¿s like I felt I could be doing something better or more satisfying. Powered by instinct has enlightened and freed me at the same time. Surprisingly the 5 rules have taught me more about myself than I ever realized existed. Aspects of my personality that I have always tried to change or alter to fit in certain molds, I now accept, understand, and more importantly use to my advantage. This is a new way of thinking about everything!! But guess what ¿ Powered but Instinct has also helped me communicate better with my wife, make better parenting decisions, and realize the type of career that will work best for me. Sure I still have some work to do (don¿t we all). But, with the 5 rules I feel positive about the changes that are happening in my life both personally and professionally!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Kathy Kolbe new book provide a pathway to finding and using your power. The five rules provide you with real actionalbe ways to insure personal success. Learn how to be yourself and use your talents in a productive way that will reduce fear, frustration and fatigue.