Powered Flight: The Engineering of Aerospace Propulsion

Powered Flight: The Engineering of Aerospace Propulsion

by David R. Greatrix


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Whilst most contemporary books in the aerospace propulsion field are dedicated primarily to gas turbine engines, there is often little or no coverage of other propulsion systems and devices such as propeller and helicopter rotors or detailed attention to rocket engines. By taking a wider viewpoint, Powered Flight - The Engineering of Aerospace Propulsion aims to provide a broader context, allowing observations and comparisons to be made across systems that are overlooked by focusing on a single aspect alone. The physics and history of aerospace propulsion are built on step-by-step, coupled with the development of an appreciation for the mathematics involved in the science and engineering of propulsion.

Combining the author’s experience as a researcher, an industry professional and a lecturer in graduate and undergraduate aerospace engineering, Powered Flight - The Engineering of Aerospace Propulsion covers its subject matter both theoretically and with an awareness of the practicalities of the industry. To ensure that the content is clear, representative but also interesting the text is complimented by a range of relevant graphs and photographs including representative engineering, in addition to several propeller performance charts. These items provide excellent reference and support materials for graduate and undergraduate projects and exercises.

Students in the field of aerospace engineering will find that Powered Flight - The Engineering of Aerospace Propulsion supports their studies from the introductory stage and throughout more intensive follow-on studies.

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ISBN-13: 9781447124849
Publisher: Springer London
Publication date: 01/25/2012
Edition description: 2012
Pages: 526
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.05(d)

About the Author

David R. Greatrix is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada, having taught and conducted research there since 1993. He has previously worked or studied for the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg; Canadair Group of Bombardier, Inc., Montreal; Boeing Canada, Winnipeg Division; the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies; and Defence Research Establishment Valcartier, Quebec.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Aerospace Propulsion.- Introduction to Atmospheric Flight.- The Propeller.- Internal Combustion Engines.- Pulsejet Engines.- Gas Turbine Engines – Fundamentals.- Turbofan Engines.- Turboprop & Turboshaft Engines.- Introduction to Space Flight.- Solid-Propellant Rocket Motors.- Liquid-Propellant Rocket Engines.- Hybrid Rocket Engines.- Air-Breathing Rocket Engines.- Propulsion in Space – Beyond the Chemical Rocket.

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