PowerHiking New York City : Fourteen Great Walks Through the Streets of Manhattan

PowerHiking New York City : Fourteen Great Walks Through the Streets of Manhattan

by Carolyn Hansen, Cathleen Peck





PowerHiking is choosing to walk with a big agenda. It takes sightseeing to a new level of energy and interest and allows you to see and to do as much as possible. It is walking with a purpose that excites not only your senses but also your spirit as you visit a neighborhood, a beautiful park, or an iconic building. Your days are full of exhilarating experiences and exercise.

In New York City PowerHiking takes on a whole new meaning. New York City is powerful, dynamic, exciting, exhilarating, vibrant, energetic, pulsating, multi-cultural. It is the heartbeat of the country; the center of global financial markets; the center of the world's entertainment industry, fashion industry, and publishing industry. There is history, art, architecture, and world renowned restaurants. It is a city designed to be explored on foot and PowerHiking New York City will introduce you to it as you explore its many wonders. We see and experience it all from early in the morning until late in the evening. Whether it is an early start to avoid a long line at The Empire State Building, a leisurely afternoon river cruise, or an evening of theater and late supper, the city is there for the experience.

New York is rich in history and the toughness and determination of early New Yorkers continues into the present creating a proud heritage. The PowerHike at the southern tip of Manhattan Island covers the early settlement era. Greenwich Village is a Historic Preservation site, as is Chelsea and the Meatpacking District. The city has been shaped by immigrants and the blending of their cultures. No where is this more evident than Liberty Island and Ellis Island. If you have time for only one excursion, this is a must-see. Business and trade have contributed to the growth of New York and its grand architectural structures. As the city grew, so did the buildings. Called a city of concrete, parks and greenery are important to New Yorkers as the PowerHike through Central Park will show you. One cannot think of New York City without thinking of culture - Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art and Times Square, the electronic symbol of the city that never sleeps.

Although we spend very full days and evenings PowerHiking the richness that is New York City, the walks can be divided into less strenuous excursions, with more time devoted to the pleasures of wandering through museums, parks and historical monuments. You may choose to spend only a few hours exploring the city or follow the longer routes that take you through many famous sites. The city is truly a feast to enjoy as you prefer. You are in charge of your experience, and walking from one destination to the next is the key. Wear your PowerHiking shoes, take a bottle of water, a camera, this book and set out on your PowerHiking adventure in New York City.

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ISBN-13: 9780578065977
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About the Author

Carolyn Hansen : Background in Education and Business. Travels extensively with family and friends. Interests include hiking and urban walking, photography, history and horticulture.

Cathleen Peck: Background in Business and Education. Travels extensively with family and friends. Interests include hiking and urban walking, art, history, and horticulture.

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