Practical Biology for Advanced Level

Practical Biology for Advanced Level

by Michael Roberts, Tim King


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Providing a course for the practical element present in A/AS Level Biology syllabuses, this book is designed to be used alongside any other core book. It contains over 170 practical investigations, ideas for practical work, boxes giving advice on specific techniques and questions at the end of chapters to help students to consolidate what they have learned.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780174482253
Publisher: Thornes, Nelson
Publication date: 09/30/1994
Series: Practical Biology for Advanced Level
Pages: 256

Table of Contents

Part 1: The nature of biology
biomes to microhabitats
communities and ecosystems
pollution and conservation
populations and the niche concept
associations between species
systematics and taxonomy
classification of organs. Part 2: The chemicals of life
the cell as a basic unit
tissues, organs and individuals
movement in and out of cells
cells and chemical reactions. Part 3: The release of energy
gas exchange
heterotrophic nutrition
autotrophic nutrition
the principles of transport
transport in the mammal
transport in the flowering plant. Part 4: The principle of homeostasis
excretion and water balance
temparature regulation
defence against disease. Part 5: Nervous communication
hormonal communication
reception of stimuli
muscle and other effectors
movement and locomotion
behaviour. Part 6: Cell division and the cell cycle
patterns of reproduction
reproduction of the mammal
reproduction of the flowering plant
patterns of growth and development
control of growth and development. Part 7: The principles of heredity
chromosomes and genes
the nature of the gene
gene action
population genetics
evolution in evidence
the mechanism of evolution
major steps in evolution.

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