Practical Genetic Counseling

Practical Genetic Counseling

by Peter S. Harper


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The counselling of those at risk from inherited disorders forms an integral and expanding part of medicine, and advances are continually being made in this area of practice. Increasingly, common disorders are known to have a genetic component, and this book provides invaluable up to date guidance through the profusion of new information, and the associated psychosocial and ethical considerations and concerns. Changes for the sixth edition include full coverage of the implications of the human genome project for clinical genetic practice, the expanding societal implications of human genetics, and increased coverage of genetics and common diseases, including cancer genetics. The layout of the book has been improved, with line illustrations redrawn throughout and chapter summaries introduced as a tool for rapid reference and revision. Trainees in clinical genetics and genetic counselling, practising clinical geneticists and other clinicians in hospital or family practice requiring and introduction or ready reference to the subject will continue to find Practical Genetic Counselling invaluable. It will also be of interest to specialist nurses, counsellors working in the clinical setting, social scientists and ethicists involved with genetic developments as well as genetic laboratory staff requiring information on clinical aspects of the field.

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ISBN-13: 9780839116691
Publisher: University Park Press
Publication date: 02/28/1981
Pages: 296

Table of Contents

Part IGeneral aspects of genetic counselling
1Genetic counselling: an introduction3
2Genetic counselling in mendelian disorders21
3Genetic counselling in common, non-mendelian disorders51
4Chromosome abnormalities61
5Molecular genetics and genetic counselling77
6Dysmorphology and genetic syndromes87
7Carrier testing and genetic prediction99
8Prenatal diagnosis and related reproductive aspects111
9Special issues in genetic counselling131
10The genetic counselling clinic145
Part IIGenetic counselling: specific organ systems
11Neuromuscular disease161
12Central nervous system disorders173
13Disorders of mental function193
14Disorders of bone and connective tissue209
15Oral and craniofacial disorders229
16The skin237
17The eye247
19Cardiovascular and respiratory disorders265
20The gastrointestinal tract281
21Renal disease291
22Endocrine and reproductive disorders301
23Inborn errors of metabolism313
24Disorders of blood and immune function321
25Genetic risks in cancer331
26Environmental hazards345
Part IIIGenetic counselling: the wider picture
27Population aspects of genetic counselling357
28Genetics and society369
AppendixUseful information in connection with genetic counselling377

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