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There Is Enough
It might be hard for you to think that rivalry is wrong as it is so highly
valued in our society. It feels like every politician or other well paid
employee thinks that solely by competition you get what you need.
But that’s why they're employees. They don't realize that by not
participating in competition they'd become independent and free,
even as their natural state ought to be.
When you recognize that competition is wrong and quit trying to gain
something at other people’s expense, you step by step fall into the
abundance mentality. You begin to recognize that you are able to get
everything you think of, and this assures you that there will
constantly be more than enough of everything for everybody.
However what if you still are in scarcity mentality, and don’t know
how to get out of it? You'll need to introduce a positive affirmation in
your daily life. It may sound like this one: I see abundance everyplace.
Or it may be put in this way: there's more than enough resources in
the world for everybody. Whichever attracts you more.
You'll likewise need to train your eyes not to see what you don’t wish
to come up in your life. If you wish to eliminate the thoughts of
scarcity, direct your care to the manifestations of abundance. Look at
lush nature, deluxe cars, singing morning birds, positive and wealthy
individuals, royal buildings, whatsoever you affiliate with abundance.
There are a lot of wealth symbols to choose from, it simply depends
which symbols constitute riches to you. I may view nature and see the

pure proof of abundance on this Earth; yet other people may see
abundance symbols by viewing new gadgets and lavish clothes.
When you train your eyes to center on such symbols, you'll begin the
originative process in you. Your thinking will absolutely shift as you
no longer see poverty manifestations. By always looking at wealth
symbols you'll develop desire to become abundant.
As now you easily center on abundance, you'll have no difficulty in
producing thoughts of abundance. These thoughts will manifest in
your life bringing in everything you deeply thought about.
An abundance mindset tells you that there are constantly new
chances and opportunities. This frees much of the pressure you might
feel if you have a scarcity mindset that makes you believe that you
only got this shot right now. Or makes you feel like a perfect failure
simply because you just bumbled and things didn’t work out.
An abundance mindset lets you see life in a more long-run
perspective. And it may help you better your performance as with it
you’re producing a lot less pressure and anxieties inside your own
If you have a scarcity mindset then you'll likely take things too
seriously. You might think to yourself: “If I fail, the sky will fall”. It
likely won’t, though. But you believe it will, you become excessively
nervous and you’ve produced a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure as
your inner, self-created negativity puts obstructions on your path to

Chapter 2:
Meditation puts down a great foundation to success. It grooms mental
soil for the seeds of abundance (if you decide so).
Meditation does away with negative thinking and gets rid of
damaging emotions from your head. I'm not precisely sure why that
occurs, but it may be because with practice of meditation you get into
a lower frequency of brain activity. In that state the cleansing process
may occur.

Power Within
You will not do away with all negative thoughts after meditating one
time, however with continuous meditation you'll progress to such a
You'll notice that following meditation you feel peaceful. There are
not a lot of thoughts circling in your brain and you feel harmony
inside. I may describe this feeling as though you've been shielded
from adverse thoughts, events and additional damaging occurrences.
You feel calm and good.
Occasionally you will get into deep meditation (theta state). You'll get
so disengaged from your brain that you'll get aligned with the
universe and that will cause you to get a flush of awesome ideas.
That occurs to me really frequently as I've been meditating for a
while. Awesome ideas simply flow to you and you achieve those ‘wow’
moments where you can't believe that you became aware of such an
astonishing thought.
I likewise get reminders with meditation of what I ought to do to
accomplish some certain goal. It’s like the consciousness that I
recognize precisely what I ought to do and keeps reminding me of
things I'd forget otherwise.
As soon as you begin

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