Practically Christian - Applying James Today

Practically Christian - Applying James Today

by Phillip Ross



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Practically Christian - Applying James Today by Phillip Ross

Second Edition, 141 pages.
Practically Christian offers a fresh and insightful application of the ancient Christian epistle of James to the contemporary American Evangelical world. Against the Antinomian backdrop of a Christianity shaped by the Church Growth Movement, Practically Christian puts teeth into Christianity, pressing for a practical realism in order to restore some theological balance and sanity to the practice of the faith.

The gospel, James reminded his readers, is a practical way of life. And where the actual living of that way of life is not demonstrated in the lives of Christians, the Holy Spirit must be presumed to be absent and the faithfulness of such people called into question. The gospel is not just a head belief, nor a heart-felt experience. It is primarily a way of life. Initiated through the grace of God alone, the gospel is not the gospel apart from its actual, behavioral manifestation in the lives of believers.

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ISBN-13: 9780615176673
Publisher: Pilgrim Platform
Publication date: 01/08/2008
Pages: 144
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