Practice Makes PURPOSE: Six Spiritual Practices That Will Change Your Life and Transform Your Community

Practice Makes PURPOSE: Six Spiritual Practices That Will Change Your Life and Transform Your Community

by C. Paul Schroeder


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The Six Spiritual Practices are a new formulation of a very old set of teachings and disciplines. If you apply them regularly, you will have more energy and vitality, more focus, more compassion, more clarity, and more joy. And these effects will ripple outward into your marriage and family, your parenting, your workplace, your friendships, your neighborhood and city.

These practices will change your life and transform your community. They will connect you and the people around you to Purpose, the experience of belonging to something infinitely greater than ourselves.

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ISBN-13: 9780692830871
Publisher: Hexad Publishing
Publication date: 07/01/2017
Pages: 228
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.52(d)

Table of Contents


Acknowledgments i

The Six Spiritual Practices iii

THE BASICS: The Way of the Six Practices 1

PART ONE: Compassionate Seeing

THE ISSUE: Work of Fiction 9

THE FIX: Seeing You (and Me) 15

DEEP DIVE: Seeing Through Another’s Eyes 19

THE MANTRA: I Accept Everything I See 23

THE CHALLENGE: Compassion is Not a Feeling 29

THE PRACTICE IN PRACTICE: I Wonder What It’s Like to Be You 33

PART TWO: Heartfelt Listening

THE ISSUE: Deaf to Self 41

THE FIX: Awakening to Joy 45

DEEP DIVE: Acedia 49

THE MANTRA: I Hear What My Heart is Saying 53

THE CHALLENGE: Chasing Peace and Joy 57


PART THREE: Intentional Welcoming

THE ISSUE: Too Much Yes 69

THE FIX: Saying No for the Greater Good 73

DEEP DIVE: Sacred Boundaries 79

THE MANTRA: I Honor the Boundaries I Set 83

THE CHALLENGE: Dance of Differentiation 87

THE PRACTICE IN PRACTICE: The Toughest Boundaries 91

PART FOUR: Joyful Sharing

THE ISSUE: Gifts are Rarely Free 101

THE FIX: Give Your Gift Wings 107

DEEP DIVE: Like Water from a Well 111

THE MANTRA: I Share What I Have Freely 115

THE CHALLENGE: Letting Go of Success 119

THE PRACTICE IN PRACTICE: Do With It What You Will 123

PART FIVE: Grateful Receiving

THE ISSUE: Gray-Tinted Glasses 131

THE FIX: Changing Our Lenses 137

DEEP DIVE: No One is Self-Made 141

THE MANTRA: I Receive the Gift that is Offered 145

THE CHALLENGE: The Gift of Difficult People 149

THE PRACTICE IN PRACTICE: Gratitude Connects Us 153

PART SIX: Cooperative Building

THE ISSUE: Defaulting to Iron 161

THE FIX: Respecting Tension 167

DEEP DIVE: The New Human Community 173

THE MANTRA: I Co-Create a New Reality 177

THE CHALLENGE: Taming the Need to Win 181

THE PRACTICE IN PRACTICE: Let’s Figure This Out Together 185

THE FINAL STEP: Integrating the Six Practices 191

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