Practice of Naturopathic Medicine: In Their Own Words

Practice of Naturopathic Medicine: In Their Own Words


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Practice of Naturopathic Medicine, the fifth of a twelve volume series entitled The Hevert Collection: In Their Own Words, provides a rich sampling of therapies that the early pioneering Naturopaths used to guide their patients to renewed and sustainable health. These articles, chosen from Benedict Lust publications spanning 1899 to1923, demonstrate the eclectic scope of their vision and celebrate what was possible therapeutically when using essentially what Nature provided: air, water, sun, earth, diet, exercise and breathing. These core elements of naturopathic medicine never failed to be the mainstay of the armamentarium of early Naturopaths as they introduced new methods alongside the old.

When we have confidence in the healing power of Nature and when we rediscover the profound value of Nature’s bounty, our practice accumulates case histories with stunning results. As you read these accounts of naturopathic practice in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, reproduced here "in their own words", remember to grasp the passion and earnest desire of these early Naturopaths to choose, above all else, the bounty of Nature—earth, air, water, nutrition—as the platform for their treatments. In Practice of Naturopathic Medicine we encounter our naturopathic elders with a professional intimacy that familiarizes us with the therapies they used to counter disease. Re-entering their world gives us pause to marvel at their heroic efforts to bring health to all of their patients. Their words teach us; they are rich pearls for us to this very day. Richly illustrated.

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ISBN-13: 9781945785047
Publisher: NUNM Press
Publication date: 09/13/2016
Series: in Their Own Words
Pages: 478
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About the Author

Sussanna Czeranko, ND, BBE, is a 1994 graduate of CCNM (Toronto). She is a licensed ND in Oregon. In the last twenty-two years, she has developed an extensive armamentarium of traditional naturopathic therapies for her patients. Especially interested in balneotherapy, botanical medicine, breathing and nutrition, she is a frequent international presenter and workshop leader. She is a monthly Contributing Editor (Nature Cure-Past Pearls) for NDNR and a Contributing Writer for the Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine Project. Dr. Czeranko founded The Breathing Academy and along with Dr. Karis Tressel
The Nature-Cure Academy, both of which provide training and practicums for Naturopathic doctors, the former in the scientific model of Buteyko breathing therapy, and the latter in traditional Naturopathic modalities. Dr. Czeranko also founded Manitou Waters Clinic, Spa and Health Education Centre in
Saskatchewan, Canada, on the shores of a pristine, highly mineralized northern lake.

Table of Contents

Mountain Air Resort Bellevue, Butler, New Jersey • Louisa Stroebele
The Thure Brandt System • Carola Staden
Natural Therapeutics And Electricity • G. H. A. Schaefer, M. E.
Hardening • Benedict Lust
Prospectus Of The New York Naturopathic Institute And College
And The Sanitarium Jungborn • Benedict Lust
Mechanical Massage-How It Is Applied • Benedict Lust
Osteopathy And Its Relation To Nature • Dr. George Boller, D.O.
The Value Of Physical Exercise • Richard Metcalfe
Provoking People • Louisa Lust
Naturopathy • Dr. Karl Kabisch
Influence Of Water On Health And Longevity • A. L. Wood, M.D.
Return To Nature, Light and Air • Adolf Just
Healing Power Of Music • Augusta Vescilius
Internal Irrigations • Benedict Lust
Hypnotism In Surgery • Benedict Lust
Snow • Sebastian Kneipp
Pneumathotherapy, Breathing Cure • Benedict Lust
Return To Nature • Dr. C. W. Young, Ph.E., D.O.
Heliotherapy (Sun Cure) and Thermotherapy (Heat Cure) • Benedict Lust
How Shall We Live? • Benedict Lust
Chiropractic • Bartlett Joshua Palmer, D.C.
The Value Of Earth As A Remedy • Adolph Just
The Kuhne Cure • Hans Knoch
Try The Laugh Cure • Edward Earle Purinton
The Spring Cure • Benedict Lust
The Science Of Nature Cure • Benedict Lust
Prevention Is Better Than Cure • Benedict Lust
The Early Morning Walk • S. T. Erieg
Homeopathy And Its Relation To Naturopathy • Dr. Rudolf Weil
The Sanitary Power Of The Climate Of High Altitudes • Dr. Theo. J. Jaquemin
The Relationship Of The Inorganic Salts In The Vegetable And Mineral Kingdoms • Ludwig H. Staden
The Healing Power Of Clay • Robert Bieri, N.D.
Scurf Rim • Henry Lindlahr, M.D.
Diagnosis From The Iris Of The Eye, Itch Or Psora Spots • Henry Lindlahr, M.D.
The New Psychology • Henry Lindlahr, M.D.
Is Medicine Behind Time? • Benedict Lust
The "Nature Cure" • Dr. Margaret Goettler
Rules Of Bathing In The Air-Light Bath • Benedict Lust, N.D.
Hints On How To Sleep Soundly • Edward Earle Purinton
Vibration And Health • T. R. Gowenlock
The Use Of Phrenology In Medicine • Elinor Van Buskirk, M.D.
The Science Of Kinesiology • Dr. Frederick W. Collins
The Science Of Cure • William Freeman Havard
Gynecology Minus The Knife • Dr. E. K. Stretch
Nauheim Treatment, Carbonic Acid Baths • Joseph A. Hoegen, N.D.
The Importance Of Nutritive Salts • Dr. Richard Peters
Narcotics and The Osteopath • Dr. Lawrence E. Kaim, Ph.D., D.O., D.C.
A Comparative Analysis • William Freeman Havard
Neuropathic Diagnosis • William Freeman Havard
Sleep and Efficiency • Oscar Evertz
Zone Therapy • J. S. Riley
Radiant Light In Naturopathic Practice • Per Nelson
What More? • Benedict Lust
Why the Allopath Is Unpopular • Gilbert Patten Brown, Ph.D., D.P., D.C., N.D.
The Restoration Of Impaired Function • William F. Havard, N.D.
Chromo-Therapy • George Starr White, M.D.
Violet Rays Properly Called High Frequency • Dr. E. A. Martin
Animal Magnetism, Curative Magnetism • Benedict Lust
Spinal Concussion • Benedict Lust
The Effects Of Drugless Treatments: Light, Chiropractic And Mechanotherapy • Henry C. Sperbeck, A.B., D.C., M.T.D.
The Blood Washing Method • Benedict Lust
The Physiology Of Curative Movements • Benedict Lust
Nature's Method Of Curing Diseases • Charles H. Duncan, M.D., D.C., D.N.
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