Pranksters At Play

Pranksters At Play

by Mel Anthony


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Chuckle and chortle with St. Timothy's pranksters as they lead you along their twisting, turning, craftily constructed schemes. Groan and grumble with their victims as they discover they've been led down the garden path.

PRANKSTERS AT PLAY: TALES OUT OF SCHOOL is chock-a-block with, what else -- pranks! Reader beware, lest you become a victim yourself. You have been warned. Remember, in this book, as at St. Timothy's, "Nothing is ever exactly what it seems."

"You're right, Emerson," said his teacher. "I suppose I've always known it. And, when I really think about it, only that awful man could be behind all this nonsense," she declared.

"Oh, Ma'am," replied Emerson with a sharp intake of breath, "pranks aren't nonsense. Pranks are very serious business, Ma'am. If you're going to do them right."


Mel Anthony knows about pranks. For five years at boarding school (age 13 to 18) he was both a perpetrator and victim of pranks. Having reared three sons, practiced social work, retired to a sailboat and become engaged in relief work in Peru, he has found time to look back on a much more innocent, contented, carefree period in his life.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Royalties from the sale of this book will be donated to Christian-Out-Reach-Peru (Cristianos Obrando para Respaldar los Peruanos) to support relief work in and around Puente Piedra, Lima, Peru. For more information, please go to

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Pages: 292
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