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Prayers from the Parking Lot: 50 Short Reflections for Moms on the Go

Prayers from the Parking Lot: 50 Short Reflections for Moms on the Go

by Mary Carver
Prayers from the Parking Lot: 50 Short Reflections for Moms on the Go

Prayers from the Parking Lot: 50 Short Reflections for Moms on the Go

by Mary Carver


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Raise your hand if you've ever hidden in your car. Just for a moment, just long enough to catch your breath. You're not alone! Moms everywhere are sitting on park benches and bleachers, in minivans and bus stops, at the baseball field, the dance studio, or in line at the grocery store. And we are exhausted.

Moms don't need more information, instructions, expectations, or responsibilities. Instead, you need something to put your mind and heart at ease. You need a reminder that everything you're anxious about is in God's hands. And you need it in small doses you can fit into your schedule--even if that means a few stolen minutes in the car!

Prayers from the Parking Lot meets you where you are--overscheduled and overwhelmed. Perfect for reading while you're on the go, these to-the-point devotions and prayers are topically arranged so you can go straight to the issue you're facing right now. If you're looking for understanding and encouragement as you navigate your busy days, this little book will yield big results.

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ISBN-13: 9781493436422
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 08/09/2022
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 144
File size: 11 MB
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About the Author

Mary Carver writes and speaks with humor and honesty, encouraging women with truth found in unexpected places. She is a regular contributor to (in)courage, the author of Women of CourageJourney to the Cross, and the (in)courage Bible study Courageous Joy, as well as the coauthor of Choose JoySacred Tears, and Empowered. Mary lives in Kansas City with her husband and two daughters. Find her online at

Table of Contents

Introduction 11

Buckle Up!

1 When You Need to Ask for Direction 15

2 When Worry Isn't Working 17

3 When Growing Kids Require Growing courage 19

4 When You Need to Be Gentle 21

5 When You Wonder, "Is This Normal?" 23

6 When It's Just a Phase (and When It Isn't) 25

7 When You're in a School Zone 27

8 When You're Afraid You Aren't Good Enough 29

9 When Your Plate Is Too Full 31

10 When Pinterest Makes You Panic 33

Caught in a Traffic Jam

11 When Words Hurt 39

12 When It's Hard to Trust God 41

13 When Your Kids Are Being Bullied 43

14 When You Need God to Provide 45

15 When They Need a Detour around Harmful Media 47

16 When Temptation Sneaks In 49

17 When It's Time to Speak Up 51

18 When You Need Help for Broken Hearts 53

19 When You Need to Put the Brakes on Screen Time 55

20 When Your Children Harm Themselves 57

Don't Make Me Pull Over!

21 When Gratitude Is Hard but Helpful 63

22 When They Won't Just Get Along 65

23 When They Forget They're Made in God's Image 67

24 When Social Media Presents New Challenges 69

25 When You Redefine Hospitality 71

26 When They Need to Be Reminded That Kindness Counts 73

27 When You Need to Give and Receive Forgiveness 75

28 When Anxiety Strikes 77

29 When Our Words Set the Wrong Example 79

30 When We Want to Grumble and Complain 81

Running Out of Gas

31 When Your Check Engine Light Is On 87

32 When You Wonder What Work Is Best 89

33 When Your Words Are More Critical Than Caring 91

34 When You Find a Partner in Parenting 93

35 When You Need to Pick Your Battles 97

36 When Worry Is Your First Reaction 99

37 When Parenting Wears You Down 101

38 When You're Falling Asleep at the Wheel 103

39 When Anger Gets the Best of You 105

40 When You Need a Friend 107

Shifting Gears and Changing Lanes

41 When You Face Choices about School 113

42 When They Need Friends 115

43 When Your Kids Get Hurt 117

44 When You're Thankful for Teachers 119

45 When They Are Determined to Be Unique 121

46 When You Need to Remember God Is Always with You (and Your Kids) 123

47 When They're Choosing Mentors 125

48 When You Think about the Future 127

49 When You Need to Take Your Hands Off the Wheel 129

50 When it's Time to Begin Letting Go 131

A Final Note 135

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