Praying with America: 100 Years of Encountering God in Prayer with America Magazine

Praying with America: 100 Years of Encountering God in Prayer with America Magazine

by James Martin

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“Prayer can be a difficult topic to write about, since trying to explain it is something like trying to pin down a butterfly. The more you seek to capture it, the more it wants to escape. In the end, what happens in prayer is incommunicable, as it happens privately, between one person and God.”—from the Introduction by James Martin, SJ
Prayer is our conversation with God. It is also at the heart of Ignatian spirituality. Understanding the practice and process of prayer, its various forms and expressions, is fundamental for people of faith. In one collection, Praying with America presents and celebrates the diversity of prayer over the past century and offers readers the wisdom and inspiration of leading Catholic thinkers on the practice of prayer.

Praying with America provides a curated collection of wide-ranging discussions on the subject, full of practical and inspirational wisdom, by some of the best-known Jesuit writers and other spiritual luminaries, including Thomas Keating, OCSO; Henri J. M. Nouwen; William O’Malley, SJ; Daniel J. Harrington, SJ; William A. Barry, SJ; Evelyn Waugh; and many more from America, which continues to be a leading Catholic weekly, reporting on news and the lives of the faithful around the globe for more than 100 years. James Martin, SJ, who introduces the collection, is a Jesuit priest, editor-at-large at America, and author of numerous books, including My Life with the Saints.

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About the Author

America magazine continues to be a leading Catholic weekly, reporting on news and the lives of the faithful around the globe for over 100 years. James Martin, S.J., who introduces the collection, is the best-selling Catholic writer of our time.

JAMES MARTIN, SJ, is associate editor of America magazine. A prolific author, writer, and editor, his books include My Life with the Saints, A Jesuit Off-Broadway,Searching for God at Ground Zero, and In Good Company. He is the editor of Awake My Soul and Celebrating Good Liturgy. His articles have appeared in The New York TimesThe Philadelphia InquirerThe Tablet, and Commonweal. Fr. Martin resides in New York City.

Table of Contents

Introduction James Martin vii

1909 Official Prayer The Editors 1

1916 A Comprehensive Prayer The Editors 3

1918 The Holy Fathers Day of Prayer The Editors 5

1925 The Secret of the Little Flower C. M. de Heredia 8

1928 Thanksgiving Day The Editors 13

1929 Praying Policemen The Editors 15

1937 The New Year The Editors 17

1937 I Can't Pray The Editors 18

1938 The Dangerous Prayer The Editors 20

1941 What We Most Need The Editors 22

1943 The Great Prayer The Editors 24

1961 "Above All, Your Prayers" Gerard F. Giblin 26

1962 For Intellectuals: To the Wise Men Evelyn Waugh 28

1963 Prayer for These Times Rev. Terrence W. Halloran 30

1964 Subway Stations of the Cross Cyril B. Egan 32

1972 The Credibility of Prayer Doris Donnelly 38

1973 Jewish Prayer: A Share in Holiness John C. Haughey 45

1978 Contemplative Prayer in the Christian Tradition Thomas Keating, OCSO 51

1978 Lectionary, Prayer, and Community Jacqueline McMakin 61

1978 Unceasing Prayer Henri J. M. Nouwen 66

1981 Prayer and Liberation M. Basil Pennington, OCSO 80

1983 Christmas in New York George W. Hunt 88

1992 Praying William J. O'Malley 92

1992 Attempting the Impossible Robert Inchausti 102

1994 The Journey Within Rev. John B. Healey 108

1994 Rummaging for God: Praying Backward through Your Day Dennis Hamm 115

1995 Praying in a Time of Depression Jane Redmont 121

1996 Jesuits Praying in Prison George M. Anderson 135

1997 Give Comfort to My People: Praying in the Spirit Richard J. Hauser 144

2001 Why Do You Pray? William A. Barry 157

2001 Desiring Prayer Jerry Ryan 162

2001 Does God Communicate with Me? William A. Barry 167

2002 How Do I Know It's God? William A. Barry 172

2003 Friendship Is a Prayer Greg Kandra 177

2005 In Praise of Horizontal Prayer Frank Moan 180

2005 A Letter to Young American Catholics: On Singing a New Song Rev. Robert P. Maloney 184

2006 Mysterious Tools: A New Catholic's Meditation on Prayer Karl Bjorn Erickson 190

2006 A Lesson in Consolation Drew Christiansen 194

2007 Friends in High Places James Martin 197

2007 Surprising Teachings on Prayer Daniel J. Harrington 200

2007 Persistence in Prayer Daniel J. Harrington 202

2007 Humility in Prayer Daniel J. Harrington 205

2007 Brother Lawrence and the Chimney Bird Stephen Martin 208

2008 Shadows in Prayer: The Seven D's of the Spiritual Life James Martin 212

2008 The Heart of the Matter: Rediscovering a Time-Honored Devotion Rev. David N. Knight 220

2008 Gateways to Prayer: The Enduring Spiritual Power of Icons Stephen Bonian 226

2010 The Quiet Space: Between the Lines of the Our Father David Berry 231

2010 Sisters in Faith: Finding Renewal-and a Dose of Irreverence-in a Women's Prayer Group Kaya Oakes 234

2010 On the Slope with Teilhard: Lessons on Spirit and Matter Drew Christiansen 237

2011 How God Speaks: Parents Can Help Children Learn How to Listen to God Edward McCormack 243

2012 The Art of Prayer Timothy O'Brien 248

2012 Interrupting Grace: A Contemplative Learns to Let Go T. B. Pasquale 251

2013 The Walking Cure Michael Rossmann 254

Contributors 257

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