Praying Your Story

Praying Your Story



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ISBN-13: 9780939516575
Publisher: Ave Maria Press
Publication date: 02/28/2002
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.70(h) x 0.60(d)

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About the Saints10
I.Follow Your Faith and Not Your Fears
1.Some Timid Bunnies Change Their Tune: Prayer to befriend the cosmos17
2.The Hare Outruns a Hound: Prayer to slow down21
3.The Lion Is Ashamed To Feel Afraid: Prayer to see a molehill in every mountain25
4.Grandma Ewe Saves Her Life: Prayer to occasionally utter the unvarnished truth29
5.A Fool Scolds a Drowning Child: Prayer for healing from the itch to give advice33
6.The Wolf Fails To Deceive the Horse: Prayer to stand sovereign when I must37
7.A Canny Bat Changes Her Name: Prayer to listen for the call of my name41
8.A Gullible Wolf Is Scared Away: Prayer not to be compulsively fearful45
II.Love Can Make Fools of Us
9.An Amorous Lion Becomes a Fool: Prayer for foolish lovers51
10.Some Revelers Forget Past Lessons: Prayer to stay in touch with Sister Death55
11.A Wolf Becomes Proud of Its Shadow: Prayer to be humble despite a brilliant career59
12.A Greedy Lion Loses His Dinner: Prayer to take setbacks without whining63
13.A Lovesick Cat Becomes a Woman: Prayer to be the cat I was meant to be67
14.A Milkmaid Dreams Too Much: Prayer not to live in dreamland71
15.The Greedy Dog Loses His Bone: Prayer to be less greedy75
16.The Prideful Mice Are Defeated: Prayer to be preserved from triumphalism79
III.God Helps Those Who Help Themselves
17.A Drowning Priest Learns To Pray: Prayer to grow in awe of God85
18.A Wise Bear Advises a Traveler: Prayer to make my enemies ever more exasperated89
19.A Man Tries To Sell a God: Prayer forgiving God for slowness in helping93
20.The Clever Donkey Tricks a Wolf: Prayer against fear97
21.The Boastful Rooster Loses His Life: Prayer not to be a buffoon101
22.The Grasshoppers Fail To Save for the Future: Prayer to become slightly more prodigal105
23.The Hunter Hunts Only Tracks: Prayer to be daily more droll in my own eyes109
24.A Swan Sings To Save Her Life: Prayer to tell the honest truth even to God113
IV.We Often Are Our Own Worst Enemies
25.An Eagle Dies a Double Death: Prayer not to die unexpectedly119
26.The Foolish Crab Moves to the Land: Prayer to want what you haveGeorge Herbert123
27.A Reckless Deer Takes One Bite Too Many: Prayer not to indulge unreasonable desires127
28.The Foolhardy Shepherd Rears Wolf Cubs: Prayer to find a wise spirituality131
29.A Wolf Refuses To Pay His Fee: Prayer not to judge others135
30.A Wily Fox Has a Hare for Dinner: Prayer to be less naive139
31.A Brash Gnat Loses His Life: Prayer against expecting too much protection143
32.The Enemy's Trumpeter Is Condemned: Prayer to do no harm147
V.The Wise Avoid Foolish Expectations
33.A Tortoise Dies Trying To Fly: Prayer to value my inadequacies153
34.A Doomed Man Enjoys Revenge: Prayer for forgiveness of our enemies157
35.The Scorpion Stings the Helpful Hawk: Prayer to risk helping others161
36.A Wolf Finds Reasons for Eating a Lamb: Prayer for honesty165
37.A Stork Chooses Bad Companions: Prayer for the courage to love169
38.The Tricky Wolf Dons Sheep's Clothing: Prayer for help in removing disguises173
39.A Donkey Thinks He Is Divine: Prayer to be slightly credulous177
40.A Patient Dies of Good Symptoms: Prayer of apology for mistreating the earth181
Index of Saints191

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