Preaching Christmas: Seven Complete Sermon Series

Preaching Christmas: Seven Complete Sermon Series

by Barry L. Davis


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Having spent two and a half decades preparing sermons for preaching to congregations hungry for a Word from God, I know how difficult it can be to come up with something new, relevant, and Bible-centered week after week. This is especially true when it comes to the Holidays. How many times can we preach the same old story in a way that not only captivates our audience, but motivates them to reflect on what was said and take action based on what they have heard?

One of the best ways that I have discovered is to view the major Holidays as a good time for a sermon series, rather than an individual sermon. This gives you a lot more flexibility to explore different aspects of the event you are focusing on. It also allows for a deeper and more meaningful experience for those you are preaching to.

In this volume I have included seven of the Christmas Sermon Series I have developed that have been the most effective and received the most favorable comments from those who heard them. While I have done my best to offer credit where credit is due, I am sure that some of the ideas presented here are not original with me, and some have slipped through without attribution due to my faulty memory.

If you are the purchaser of this volume you are given blanket permission to use these sermons for inspiration, motivation, or even to preach as your own, edited or "as is," without offering attribution to me. I just ask that you do not offer them for sale.

Your Brother in Christ,

Barry L. Davis

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About the Author

Barry has been married to his wife Robin for almost 30 years and is the father of four wonderful children - Gretchen, Hezekiah, Elijah, and Micah. He was born in Ohio and lived in several different States growing up, but is at heart, a Buckeye. He presently makes his home in Central Kentucky.

Having been a pastor for two decades, Barry knows what it is like to be on the front lines of ministry, in the pulpit, out in the community, in board meetings, doing evangelism, and all the rest that comes with an active church ministry. Bringing that experience to his business, The Pastor's Helper, puts him in a unique position to lead other pastors to be successful in God's calling upon their lives.

Barry is the author, co-author, and editor of many Christian books and spends much of his time writing and developing new resources for those in pastoral ministry. He has earned the Bachelor of Theology and Bachelor of Biblical Literature from Ozark Christian College, the Master of Arts in New Testament and Preaching from Johnson University, the Master of Divinity from Golden State School of Theology, the Doctor of Ministry in Homiletics from American Christian College and Seminary, and the Doctor of Philosophy in Executive Leadership at Louisiana Baptist University.

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