Preaching with Freshness

Preaching with Freshness


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ISBN-13: 9780825434495
Publisher: Kregel Publications
Publication date: 05/28/2008
Series: Preaching With Series
Pages: 258
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Bruce Mawhinney is senior pastor of New Covenant Fellowship in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. He received his M.Div. from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and his D.Min. from Westminster Theological Seminary.

Jay E. Adams es profesor visitante de teología prática en el Westminster Theological Seminary y decano del Instituto de Estudios Pastorales (afiliado a la Fundación Cristiana de Orentación y Educación.) Es autor de vario libros además de Capacitado para orientar.

Jay E. Adams (PhD) is a frequent lecturer at ministerial conferences both here and abroad. He has taught in England, France, Holland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, N. Ireland, South Africa, Canada, Brazil, Guatemala, New Zealand, Austria, North Korea, and China. He has published over 75 books and is the translator of The Christian Counselor's New Testament. He recently completed the ten volume Christian Counselor's Commentary Series. He and his wife Betty Jane have four children.

Table of Contents

Foreword     8
Preface     9
The Board Meeting     11
The Return of Dr. Vickerson     16
The Preacher's One Business     25
The Importance of Starting Early     34
Planning the week for sermon preparation
Planning three weeks in advance
Planning one year of sermons in advance
Redeeming the Time     50
Conducting a detailed self-study of your use of time
A Day in the Life     57
Logging your use of time throughout the day and week
Rifles and Shotguns     65
The importance of a clear purpose aimed carefully at its target
The danger of "word association sermons"
The purpose statement as the sermon's destination
Introducing the use of aphorisms in preaching
Preaching with Aphorisms     73
The definition of aphorism
Jesus' use of aphorisms in his preaching
Jonah Snoring     78
Using "non-dictionary" sounds to enliven preaching
Shaping the Purpose into an Aphorism     82
Rewriting the purpose statement into a succinct, memorable aphorism
Learning to listen for the use of aphorisms around you
Rewriting worn cliches into fresh, aphoristic statements
Vary the Vehicles     88
Developing clear, easy-to-follow sermon outlines
Using different kinds of outlines for variety and freshness
Persuasion and Procedure     95
Sermons aimed at persuasion
Attackingdifficult and controversial topics from the pulpit
Procedural sermons: how to change, how to face difficulties, etc.
Surprise Power     102
Tapping into the power of the surprising statements of Scripture
Creating Internal Dialogue     109
Using questions to cause the audience to carry on an "internal dialogue" with the preacher
The use of puzzles and riddles to hold interest
Using the apparent contradictions of Scripture to anticipate the responses of the congregation and to challenge their thinking
The Nehemiah Project     117
Overcoming the tyranny of the urgent
Working with the Church Board to redefine the pastor's job description and to rearrange the congregation's expectations
Surprising Requests     127
Entering into Paul-Timothy relationships with other pastors
Reservoir Power     132
A reservoir of Scripture, scholarship, and prayer
Study that goes beyond week-to-week sermon preparation
The importance of studying the sermons of powerful preachers
A Visit to Forest Hills     142
The Three R's of Preaching     147
The importance and right use of reminding in preaching
The importance and right use of repetition in preaching
The importance and right use of reiteration preaching
The Six Fold Path     157
Reading and gathering illustrations and insights from six different categories of books at a time
Turning the Light on the Sermon     165
Sermon illustrations
Snob Appeal or Sense Appeal      172
Avoiding words that only boast of the preacher's vocabulary
Employing words that appeal to the five senses
Creating vivid, fresh images
Light from Fog     179
The importance and place of application in preaching
Campfire Reflections on Preaching     187
Using similes and metaphors
The place of humor in preaching
The use of puns
The Tale of the Tapes     195
Using the second person "you" for greater urgency
The importance of sermon analysis
Writing out introductions, conclusion, key thoughts
Home at Last!     202
The dangers of repeating old illustrations
The importance of using fresh illustrations of the Gospel's power today
The Late Night Phone Call     213
A Promise Kept     222
Aftermath     229
The importance of the preacher's life "adorning" the Gospel
The importance of mutual encouragement in the ministry
A Seminar on Fresh Preaching     240
The importance of keeping a checklist of principles as a reminder
Preaching-with-Freshness Checklist     245
One-Page Checklist     248
Paul's Seminar on Preaching     249

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