Prealgebra / Edition 5

Prealgebra / Edition 5

by Jamie Blair
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Prealgebra / Edition 5

This clear, accessible treatment of mathematics features a building-block approach toward problem solving and realistic, diverse applications. The Putting Your Skills to Work and new chapter-end feature, Math in the Media, present readers with opportunities to utilize critical thinking skills, analyze and interpret data, and problem solve using applied situations encountered in daily life.The goal of the changes in the 2nd edition is to upgrade the level of algebra in the book—This is accomplished by introducing equations, evaluating expressions, and properties of exponents earlier and revisiting the topics moreoften. Readers now learn how to solve equations using one principle first (Chapters 1, 3, 4, and 5)—Using bothprinciples together is covered (Ch. 6) after readers have had substantial practice using one principle of equality. Contains 2 chapters dedicated to algebra skills (Ch. 3 and 6). A substantial increase in coverage of evaluating expressions (nearly double) from the first edition. Signed numbers are now covered earlier in Chapter 2 and Whole number operations are covered in one chapter vs. two in the previous edition.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 2900321756458
Publisher: Pearson
Publication date: 09/30/2011
Edition description: NE
Pages: 725
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

Table of Contents

1. Whole Numbers and Introduction to Algebra.
Understanding Whole Numbers. Addition of Whole Number Expressions. Subtraction of Whole Number Expressions. Multiplication of Whole Number Expressions: Part I. Multiplication of Whole Numbers Expressions: Part II. Division of Whole Number Expressions. Exponents and Order of Operations. Introduction to Equations. Applied Problems Involving Several Operations.

Understanding Integers. Addition of Integers. Subtraction of Integers. Multiplication and Division of Integers. Order of Operations and Applications Involving Integers. Simplifying and Evaluation Algebraic Expressions.

3. Introduction to Equations and Algebraic Expressions.
Solving Equations of the Form x + a = c and x - a = c. Solving Equations of the form ax = c. Equations and Geometric Formulas. Performing Operations with Exponents.

4. Fractions, Ratio, and Proportion.
Factoring Whole Numbers. Understanding Fractions. Simplifying Fractional Expressions. Simplifying Fractional Expressions with Exponents. Ratios and Rates. Proportions. Applied Problems Involving Proportions.

5. Operations with Fractional Expressions.
Multiplication and Division of Fractional Expressions. Multiples and Least Common Multiples Expressions. Addition and Subtraction of Fractional Expressions. Operations with Mixed Numbers. Order of Operations and Complex Fractions. Applied Problems Involving Fractions. Solving Equations of the Form x/a = c.

6. Polynomials.
Addition and Subtraction of Polynomials. Multiplication of Polynomials. Translating English to Algebra. Factoring: The Greatest CommonFactor.

7. Equations.
Solving Equations Using One Principle of Equality. Solving Equations Using More Than One Principle of Equality. Solving Equations with Parentheses. Solving Equations with Fractions. Using Equations to Solve Applied Problems.

8. Decimals and Percents.
Understanding Decimal Fractions. Addition and Subtraction of Decimals Expressions. Multiplication and Division of Decimals. Solving Equations and Applied Problems Involving Decimals. Percents. Solving Percent Problems Using Equations. Solving Percent Problems Using Proportions (Optional). Estimating with Percents. Applied Problems Involving Percents.

9. Graphing and Statistics.
Interpreting and Constructing Graphs. Mean, Median and Mode. The Rectangular Coordinate System. Linear Equations with Two Variables.

10. Measurement and Geometric Figures.
Converting between U.S. Units; Converting between Metric Units. Converting between the U.S. and Metric Systems (Optional). Angles. Square Roots and the Pythagorean Theorem. The Circle and Applied Problems. Volume. Similar Geometric Figures.

Appendix A: Introduction to U.S. and Metric Units of Measurement.
Appendix B: Scientific Calculators.
Appendix C: Congruent Triangles.
Appendix D: Additional Arithmetic Practice.
Appendix E: Math in the Media.

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