Precious Little Sleep: The Complete Baby Sleep Guide for Modern Parents

Precious Little Sleep: The Complete Baby Sleep Guide for Modern Parents

by Alexis Dubief

Paperback(Second Edition)

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Aren't babies precious? So is sleep.

Your baby is capable of sleeping through the night and this book will show you how.

A whip smart and entertaining guide that focuses on WHY babies sleep the way they do, this book arms you with evidence-based and flexible tools that work for every unique situation so that you can teach your baby how to sleep well.

This book will help you tackle the thorniest sleep snags, including:

  • Navigating the tricky newborn phase like a pro
  • Getting your child to truly sleep through the night
  • Weaning off the all-night buffet
  • Mastering the precarious tango that is healthy napping
  • Solving toddler and preschooler sleep struggles

Sleep expert Alexis Dubief, of the wildly popular website, podcast, and group Precious Little Sleep, imparts effective, accessible, and flexible strategies based on years of research that will dramatically improve your child's sleep.

You'll love the practical solutions and the way she presents them. And it works!

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ISBN-13: 9780997580822
Publisher: Precious Little Sleep LLC
Publication date: 10/19/2020
Edition description: Second Edition
Pages: 312
Sales rank: 53,232
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Baby Sleep: Essentials 6

Ten Things You Should Know at the Start 7

Are You Ruining Your Child? 9

Sleep Safety 9

Where Should Your Baby Sleep? 14

The Party That Is Newborn Sleep 20

Things to Expect in the First Three Months 22

Newborn Sleep: What Is Normal? 27

Helpful Newborn Sleep Guidelines 30

Bedtime Is the New Happy Hour 33

Demystifying Newborn Bedtime 34

Achieving Baby and Toddler Bedtime Victory 36

Common Bedtime Problems and How to Fix Them 41

How Babies Sleep 46

What's Going On under the Hood 47

How Baby Sleep Goes Off the Rails 55

Teaching Baby to Fall Asleep 59

Life after Independent Sleep 61

Baby Sleep Power Tools 63

What Is and Isn't a Good Sleep Power Tool 64

Power Tool #1: White Noise 67

Power Tool #2: Swaddling 69

Power Tool #3: The Pacifier 73

Power Tool #4: Sleep Schedule Management 76

Sleep Power Tools Summary: Putting It All Together 79

Teaching Baby to Sleep, Part 1:

SWAP (Sleep With Assistance Plan) 82

Teaching Baby to Sleep: The Fundamentals 84

Six Sleep With Assistance Plans (SWAPs) to Help Baby Learn to Sleep without You 86

Evaluating Your SWAP Progress 101

Teaching Baby to Sleep, Part 2:

SLIP (Sleep Learning Independence Plan) 106

Sleep Training Myths 108

Attachment and Sleep Training:

A Psychologist's Perspective -Dr. Rebecca Ruid 111

To SLIP or Not to SLIP 113

How to SLIP at Night 115 Beware the Extinction Burst 126 Common Issues 128

Handling Night Waking after SWAP or SLIP 133

Waking and Eating 134

Waking and Not Eating 139

Early-Morning Wakeups 140

The Three Conventions of Nap Nirvana 169

The Fourth Convention of Nap Nirvana 176

Stuck with Craptastic Naps? 182

When Your Child Drops a Nap 183

Bad Nap Days 187

Why, When, and How to Wean Off Your Sleep Power Tools 190

Weaning Off the Pacifier 191

Weaning Off the Swaddle 195

Weaning Off White Noise 198

Weaning Off Managing the Schedule 198

(Un)Common Sleep Setbacks 200

The Dreaded Sleep Regression 201

Baby Learns Cool New Stuff 203

Separation Anxiety 203

Travel 206

Daylight Saving Time 209

Chronic Sleep Deprivation 212

Your Child Doesn't Nap 213

Too Long in Bed 214

Night Gaps 215

Starting the Day at an Uncivilized Hour 216

Older Kids, Siblings, and Twins 222

Independent Sleepers 223

Bedtime, Boundaries, and Limit Testing 232

Moving to a Big-Kid Bed 237

Sleep and New Siblings 240

Sleep and Multiples 245

Room-Sharing 246

SLIP and Siblings 247

Nightmares and Night Terrors 248

The Last Word 256

Appendix: Potential Medical

Complications for Sleep 258

Infant Reflux 259

Food Allergy and Intolerance 264

Teething 266

Sleep Apnea 268

Restless Legs Syndrome 269

Premature Birth 269

Acknowledgments 271

Further Resources 273

References 275

Index 288

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