by Rafael A. Camerini-Davalos, Harold S. Cole


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ISBN-13: 9781468456189
Publisher: Springer US
Publication date: 04/02/2012
Series: Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology , #246
Edition description: 1988
Pages: 421
Product dimensions: 7.01(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.04(d)

Table of Contents

Prediabetes in Animals.- History: The discovery of prediabetes in animals.- Hereditary diabetes in the KK mouse: An overview.- Development of microvascular and islet cell alterations in rats with spontaneous non insulin-dependent diabetes.- Development of diabetes in the non-obese NIDDM rat (GK rat).- Spontaneous diabetes in Macaca Nigra: Relevance to human beings with NIDDMM.- Immunological Markers.- Insulin autoantibodies in prediabetes.- Sites of the defects leading to autoimmunity in the spontaneously diabetic BB rat.- Assay for cytoplasmic islet cell antibodies using two-color immunofluorescence and rat pancreas.- Cytoplasmic islet cell autoantibodies: Prevalence and pathognomic significance.- A new marker of T lymphocite activation in type I diabetes.- Prediction of Diabetes.- Studies of prediabetes in the spontaneously diabetic BB rat.- Chemically-initiated hyperglycemia: Streptozotocin-specific T Lymphocyte reactions.- Diabetic lymphocytes tranafer and beta cell functions.- Lymphocyte subsets in prediabetes.- The in vivo visualization of insulitis: a new marker of prediabetes.- Genetic relationships between type I and type 2 diabetes mellitus.- Pathology of Prediabetes.- Kidney disease in KK mice: structural, biochemical and functional relationships.- Sequence of changes in KK mouse nephropathy.- Abnormal response to glucose in the prehyperglycemic stage.- Low insulin response: a marker of prediabetes.- Study of glucose removal rate and first phase insulin secretion in the offspring of two parents with non-insulin dependent diabetes.- Antecedent events for non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus.- Hemostasis and endothelial disorders in prediabetes.- Mtcrochannels in prediabetes.- Population Studies.- Islet-cell and insulin autoantibodies in first-degree relatives of type I diabetics: A 5-year follow-up in a swiss population.- Childhood insulin-dependent diabetes in Japan.- Children at risk of diabetes mellitus: New York studies of families with diabetes and of children with congenital rubella syndrome.- Family studies of insulin-dependent diabetics: the U.K. experience.- Can the high risk of type I diabetes in Finland be explained by familial aggregation and by HLA haplotype distribution?.- Genetic and humoral markers in IDDM patients and their families.- Development of diabetes in identical twins.- Type-specific concordance in young diabetic monozygotic twins.- The pathological lesions of the pancreas and prediabetes.- Treatment of Prediabetes.- Diabetogenicity of various protein sources in the diet of the diabetes-prone BB rat.- Effect of alpha-Glucosidase-inhibitors on blood glucose and insulin levels.- Kidney disease in KK mice: Effect of glyburide.- Kidney disease in KK mice: Effect of Glipizide.- Effect of Gliclazide on non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus.- Plasma activity of the enzyme N-Acetyl-Beta-Glucosaminidase in healthy and diabetic subjects. Effect of treatment with a sulfonylurea drug.- Continuous insulin treatment in the Chinese hamster. A review.- Kidney disease in KK mice. Effect of Insulin.- Some characteristics of chemically-induced beta-cell lesions as possible contributing factors in diabetes.- Effects of immunosuppresion with Cyclosporine on beta cell function and clinical remission in very early overt Type I diabetes.- Immunomodulation of prediabetes in BB rats for prevention of the disease.- Prevention of diabetes-related retinal microangiopathy with aldose reductase inhibitors.- Prevention of Diabetes.- Regulatory T cell control of autoimmune destruction of beta cells in the BB rat.- Prevention of diabetes in the BB rat by injection of major histocompatibility complex- (MHC-) compatible bone marrow cells.- The incidence of diabetes in BB rats is decreased following acute LCMV infection.- Strategies for primary prevention of non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus.

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