Pregnancy: A continuing source of sorrow and pain for women in Sub-Saharan Africa

Pregnancy: A continuing source of sorrow and pain for women in Sub-Saharan Africa

by Benjamin Ogbonna


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Pregnancy is an event in a woman's life

that calls for joy and happiness. This is in anticipation of

the birth of a new baby into the world. It is usually an

uneventful experience especially in the western world and

where problems arise, help is always available. Not so in

the Sub-Saharan African region where pregnancy is a source

of sorrow and pain for the vast majority of women. Certainly

not in a situation where 1 out of 16 pregnant women dies as

a result of complications of pregnancy. This book brings to

the front burner the issue of maternal deaths in Sub-Saharan

Africa. It should make an interesting reading for people in

the western world to enable them to fully appreciate what is

happening in other places. It is a book that bares it all;

more like washing your dirty linen in the public. For people

in Sub-Saharan Africa, it is a book that is intended to

rouse them from their protracted slumber to enable them

appreciate that there is a problem that needs urgent

attention. The various causes of maternal deaths are

discussed in details and solutions are proffered were

necessary to help the people that are directly involved. The

book also acknowledges the efforts of charitable

organizations around the world that have been actively

involved towards reducing the deaths that occur in pregnancy

in the region. More help is however needed from

Pharmaceutical Companies towards the provision of cheap

retroviral drugs to fight the ravages of HIV infection in

the region. This book is written in a language that has

reduced to the barest minimum medical terminologies for easy

readership by the general public.

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