Pregnant in Pennsylvania

Pregnant in Pennsylvania

by Jasinda Wilder

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When you're from a place like Clayton, PA, you either leave as soon as you can, or you never leave. We can't even say we're a one-stoplight town, because we don't have a stoplight, just a traffic circle on a minor local highway. Here in Clayton, everyone knows everyone, and gossip and rumors are a way of life.

So, when my high school sweetheart leaves our son and me for a woman in another state, it's the talk of the town for months, if not years. Even my motor-mouthed, wild child of a best friend, Cora, can't rustle up enough trouble to keep my name off their lips for more than a week or two.

So, when I meet a handsome, single man not from Clayton, I assume he's just passing through.

It was just supposed to be a night of fun with my BFF before school starts—one last hurrah before lesson plans and homework and packing lunches and school pickup lines take over everything. It wasn't supposed to lead to an intense, sizzling connection—an attraction which despite my most vehement denials goes far beyond the physical.

The real question now is...will it end in another heartbreak for me and my son, or could it become a Happily Ever After?

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BN ID: 2940161511831
Publisher: Jasinda Wilder
Publication date: 04/11/2019
Series: Fifty States of Love
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 19,441
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About the Author

NEW YORK TIMES, USA TODAY, WALL STREET JOURNAL and international bestselling author Jasinda Wilder is a Michigan native with a penchant for titillating tales about sexy men and strong women. Her bestselling titles include ALPHA, STRIPPED, WOUNDED, and the #1 Amazon and international bestseller FALLING INTO YOU. You can find her on her farm in Northern Michigan with her husband, author Jack Wilder, her six children and menagerie of animals.

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Pregnant in Pennsylvania 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 21 reviews.
fantasylandblog 8 months ago
I have a soft spot for the oops pregnancy books, and this one is no exception. I have to say I think I enjoyed this one even more than some of the other ones I have read lately with that trope because 1. the characters are older- so they should know better 2. this romance has the get to know you before they find out 3. the female lead is so against having a relationship that it is almost laughable when she finds out. I love Jamie. This male character is so sweet and kind to Elyse even when sometimes she doesn't deserve it. He takes on being a friend to her and her son. The friendship is beautiful, and the chemistry is off the hook. I love that. Pregnant in Pennsylvania is a delightful story, and I can't wait to see how the next story is.
DebDiem 10 months ago
Pregnant In Pennsylvania by Jasinda Wilder is a fantastic contemporary romance. Ms. Wilder has given readers a well-written book furnished with a stellar cast of characters. Elyse is a divorced single mom of an eight-year-old boy. She's a high school counselor. Jamie is new to town and Elyse has a one night fling with him, only to find out later he's the new principal for her son's elementary school. Elyse and Jamie's story is packed with drama, angst, sizzle and laugh out loud humor thanks mostly to Elyse's sidekick Cora. Everyone needs a Cora in their life. I enjoyed this book from the first page to the last and look forward to reading more from Jasinda Wilder in the future. This is book 1 of the 50 States collection but can be read as a standalone. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.
RomanceSchmomance 10 months ago
I’m going to say this first before I dive into my review, I absolutely adore Jasinda and her books. So please don’t take this the wrong way. Although this may not be my favorite of Jasinda, I still found it enjoyable and loved the HEA we finally get in the end. I am ecstatic for the 50 States of Love series and will absolutely read every single one of them. I 100% understood Elyse’s hang ups with pursuing something with Jamie especially after the way her ex-husband treated her. And that was the consensus for most of the book, no matter how strong her attraction and feelings were towards Jamie, she refused to make something official about. But bless his heart because he knew down to the depths of his soul that he found his match in Elyse. And he was willing to wait for her! I loved Jamie, he was so patient and respectful of her wishes. Even though she was driving me absolutely bonkers over it all. He was great with Aiden and it was so evident that he loved Elyse and her son almost instantly. So yeah, I really struggled with Elyse’s character, she pushed him so much and there were times where I’d whisper, Jamie deserves better. But don’t worry, we get our HEA, I’m kind of hoping for an extended epilogue because I just wanted more time with the both of them. Pregnant in Pennsylvania is an enjoyable and OK read that I think many will enjoy! major thank you to the author for the complimentary copy in consideration for a review. this does not affect my opinion of the book or review.
DonnaMarie7751 11 months ago
Absolutely Loved this book! Being from a everyone knows your name and business kind of small town myself, this story really was relatable. It made my heart awe as Jamie is so sweet and patient. Who doesn’t want a man like that to come into their lives?! You will get all the feels with Jamie and Elyse’s love story.
Jeanette Oglesby 11 months ago
I not only love this authors writing, but I love her books. She knows how to draw the reader into her books and keep them there till the very end. Pregnant in Pennsylvania is everything that I've come to expect from Jasinda Wilder. This is the first book in her new 50 States of Love series...what a way to start off a new series. I can almost guarantee that I am going to love all 50 books!!! I love this whole idea. Pregnant in Pennsylvania is set in a very small town, so small that if you blink, you will miss it. Elyse and Jamie's story is a super sweet romance. I loved them both, but I really loved her son Aiden, that kid made me laugh. Their whole story was such an enjoyable read!! This is a can't miss series. Happy Reading Everyone!!!
JezzaBelle 11 months ago
First of all, I am so in love with the idea of a story for each of the 50 states in the U.S. I don't do a lot of travelling and I look forward to seeing the United States through the eyes of Mrs. Wilder. Jamie and Elyse meet at a bar during a night out. A one night stand is not a regular occurance for either, but also something neither can say no to. Their chemistry is off the charts and their night together was "magical". Being a single mom, Elyse has more to protect than just her own heart. Her son Aiden is her whole world and her mama bear instincts really come out to play. She certainly finds herself attracted Jamie and thinks often of their night together, but she's sure she knows how to wrangle those feelings and keep them under control. Jamie is divorced and has recently moved to Clayton because of his job, principal of Aiden's elementary school. He also begins to spend more time with Aiden as he assists with football practice. Though Elyse refuses to discuss a repeat of their night together, Jamie continues to subtly pursue the chance to spend more time with Elyse. Jamie and Elyse dance around each other throughout much of this book, but it's the moments Jamie spends with Aiden that cause Elyse (and myself) to fall in love with him completely. While there was nothing life changing or mind blowing about this book, it was certainly entertaining. I am looking forward to the next installment, Cowboy in Colorado.
Anonymous 11 months ago
I absolutely LOVED this book!! This is the first of the 50 States of Love Series and I am so excited! Pregnant in Pennsylvania may be one of my top reads by Jasinda at this point. There wasn't anything about this story I didn't like. Elyse is a single mother who was hurt really bad by her son's dad and doesn't really do the dating scene. Then walks in Jamie. Jamie is HOT and probably my 2nd book boyfriend. He is one of the sweetest characters I have ever read. Jamie went through a pretty rough divorce himself, but falls instantly for Elyse...and then falls in love with her son. Adorable love story that I soon will not forget!!!
Anonymous 11 months ago
Off to an amazing start on the new series. Wanted it to go on a little longer. Too good to put down as I read it in one morning. Can't wait for the next book as usual with Jasinder Wilder books!
AAmedeo47 11 months ago
The wonderful Wilders are taking us on a romantic trip around the USA. We start in small town America, in the state of Pennsylvania. Family owned businesses, main street gossip, and of course football. Elyse is the high school guidance counselor and a single mother of a little boy. She was hurt so badly by her husband, that she doesn't want to pursue a relationship to protect herself and her son. She meets an attractive man on a night out on the town with her friends. There's a surprise for her when school starts. Can Elyse overcome her fears, and commit to the man of her's and her son's dreams. I'm looking forward to the next 49 states in their new 50 book series. As always the Wilders combine heartfelt romance, a little suspense, and a bit of comedy to create an emotional, well written story. Enjoy the road trip!
Amber_Starr 11 months ago
I love Jasinda Wilder books! And small town romance so I was all-in for this story! And this whole series. I think my favorite character from this book is probably Aiden. For 8 years old, he’s pretty awesome and well adjusted. And he’s just so dang funny. Being someone who isn’t from a small town, I love to read stories set in small towns where there’s 3 restaurants, everyone knows each other’s name (and gossip) and is just a quaint place. So Clayton and this whole story definitely fit that. Clayton is a teeny tiny place that is just so adorable. I can’t wait for the remaining 49 stories!!
Kyvalentine 11 months ago
Quick and fun read. I really enjoyed this one! I received an advance copy in exchange for my honest review. This book had like-able characters and a story that was easy to get sucked into. Elyse and Jamie are characters that I couldn't help loving. Elyse is a single mom in a small town, who against her better judgement, has a one night stand with Jamie. Turns out Jamie is the newly hired principal at her son's school. There is a bit of awkwardness because of this, but there is a real connection that they are unable to keep denying. All in all, the story was pure fun.
StephPhillips 11 months ago
I received a free copy of this book from the author. Pregnant in Pennsylvania kicks off a new 50 States of Love series by Jasinda Wilder. It's a contemporary romance centered around a high school counselor, Elyse, and an elementary school principal Jamie. Elyse is totally gun shy when it comes to romantic relationships. She's been burned pretty badly by her high school sweetheart which was her husband too. He left her for another woman and she's raising their son by herself. Thankfully she has help from her parents and BFF. Living in such a small town you pretty much know everyone and their business. So when Elise notices a guy she's never met before at one of the local watering holes her interest was peaked. Though she knows she can't commit to more than one night because her son comes first. The shock of who the new guy is and their combustible attraction is hard to avoid. Hello small town. Jamie is persistent I'll give him that! He definitely isn't interested in giving up on Elyse. You know when you've got a good thing so you might as well hold onto it!
BeccaLovesBooks 11 months ago
Pregnant in Pennsylvania is the first book in Jasinda Wilder’s new 50 States of Love Series. Each book will be a romance set in a new state. As soon as I heard about this series I knew I had to read them. I love the idea of setting a romance book in each state. Getting to know each state, or recognizing things in the ones you’ve been to. Pregnant in Pennsylvania is set in Clayton, which is a small town in Pennsylvania. Throughout the book, you really get a feel for what it would be like to live in a small town, which I loved! All the characters were very well written and developed and I loved them all! It’s impossible not to fall in love with Jamie and Cora, Elyse’s love interest and best friend. Also, her son Aiden really makes me wish my kids were little again. If you are looking for a romance to brighten your day while giving you a slice of small town life, this book would be perfect for you. I literally sat down and read it in one sitting. I give Pregnant in Pennsylvania 5 stars!
bbarneybooks28 11 months ago
“You can’t live your life scared of the what-ifs, Elyse.” But that’s exactly what she’s been doing since her divorce, since her ex left her and their son without a second glance. And, for the past three years, Elyse’s focus has been solely on her son, Aiden, shielding him from anymore heartbreak and making sure that he understands just how much he’s loved regardless of his father’s neglect. As a single, working mother, Elyse has had to juggle a lot of responsibilities and play numerous roles in order to take care of everyone in her life, and she has done remarkably well to keep all parts of her life moving forward, protecting Aiden from further pain, but in the process of focusing on her work and her son, she’s also found a way to prevent any personal heartache for herself, feeling that she doesn’t have time for any distractions, but what that has also done is give her a way to hide behind her son, ensuring that she won’t have to be let down by anyone else if she doesn’t give her heart away again. But what she didn’t anticipate was meeting a man who ‘gets’ her on every level…who allows her to experience the kind of intimacy that she never had with her ex-husband…who is as smitten with her son as he is with her…who keeps pursuing her even when she’s rejected him and sent him mixed signals numerous times…who vows to show her that the ‘what-ifs’ can actually mean something amazing instead of how she views them as too much to risk. Jamie Trent may not be a typical alpha male book boyfriend, but I think that’s why I rooted for him from his very first encounter with Elyse. He also endured a divorce - one that made him question his and other people’s choices, but he never gives up on finding love again and he sees exactly what he wants in Elyse and is patient enough to allow Elyse to work through her fears and concerns while also proving to her that he’s nothing like her ex and that they can create something beautiful, not only for one another but for Aiden as well. Pregnant in Pennsylvania teaches many lessons about life and love, and while they will all resonate with readers, two in particular are extremely important beliefs to remember: “Nobody gets through life without scars,” and “Fear is a powerful thing - but love is stronger.” The truth that these two ideas speak to is exactly what Elyse, what readers who have faced similar situations need to hold onto because there will always be pain in life…there will always be heartache, but it’s up to each person as to how s/he responds to the difficult times and the actions taken, but holding onto the belief that better days are ahead…that love can persevere through anything makes every day a little bit better than the last until the heartbreak is completely in the past and a happy present and future are what matters most. 4 Poison Apples
Ruby_Red_Review 11 months ago
5 STAR Review by Jodi for Ruby Red Romance Review This book was like coming home. This book had my heart melting and my heart breaking. Let's see if I can put into words how much I loved this book. Jasinda Wilder had me falling in love with Elyse from the very beginning. She's caring, compassionate, loving and devoted. She loves her son so much. She does everything she can for her students. She's not ready to give her heart over again and that was hard to watch. She has so much to give. Jamie is amazing. He's patient and willing to wait for Elyse. Watching Jamie love Elyse when she could love him back was more than I bargained for. Watching him love her son, made me melt. I loved this story from start to finish and you will too. I love the idea of what's to come with this series. Hold on...because we have 49 more states to come.
Pat_M 11 months ago
I am so excited about this new series from Jasinda Wilder!! It will be like traveling through all the states, like a huge road trip!! Plus the romance!! I am so excited!! Pregnant in Pennsylvania, is a second chance love between two people that have been hurt previously and need to trust and love again. I loved the characters, the little town romance, as well as the plot. It's not like you are having a surprise in the end, because the title says everything, but it's the how you get there that makes the difference! I loved it!
AmyBosica 11 months ago
Words can not even express how excited I was to hear about the 50 States of Love Series. It is such a unique and fun idea and I couldn't wait to see which state we would explore first.Pregnant is Pennsylvania is the first book in the 50 States of Love Series and it follows the story of Jamie and Elyse. Their story combines two of my favorite troupes: accidental pregnancy and small town romance. In a town where everyone knows your name and nothing is ever kept secret, I couldn't wait to see how Jamie and Elyse's story would play out.Elyse & Jamie's story captured me from the very first page and I couldn't help but get swept up in their story. From the moment I was first introduced to their characters, I just had to know more. As a single mom, Elyse knows more than anyone else, just how cruel small town gossip can be. As much as she'd love to move on and find some happiness of her own, her son remains her number one priority. Little did she know that when the newcomer blew into town, her entire world would be turned upside down.There is so much to love about Jamie and Elyse's story. Their story is filled with lots of heart, romance, friendship and angst. I loved the will they/won't they moments, the moments that just made you swoon, the delicious tension and the oh so irresistible pull. At the end of the day, this story hit all the marks I was looking for and was a lot of fun to spend my day getting lost in.Pregnant in Pennsylvania kicks off the 50 States of Love Series with a terrific start. I enjoyed getting to know these characters and I look forward to seeing which state has me falling in love next.
MJSanders1021 11 months ago
When you tourself have been Elyse for nine years. Not all aspects but the closed off and putting my child first and not trusting because of a failed marraige and negative voices in your head. I related from start to finish. Shoot, I am still experiencing that inner war but breaking out slowly. Jasinda did this well. Touched on so many real feelings from both man and woman perspective of doubt, hurt, and torment. Mr. Trent wasn't without demons and when he revealed them, I was knocked on my tailend. Now to experience the joys of 49 more.
KDRBCK 11 months ago
Pregnant in Pennsylvania by Jasinda Wilder is the first book in a brand new series of standalones. Meet Elyse and Jamie. Elyse is a divorced single mom. She still carries scars from her divorce but on a night out she meets her fate - only she doesn't knows it, yet. Jamie is the new elementary school principal, her son's principal, a good man with the patience of a saint. He fells for Elyse, hook line and sinker. But Elyse creates excuse after excuse only to keep him at arms length. Pregnant in Pennsylvania is a quick, witty and fun read and I greatly enjoyed reading Elyse and Jamie's story. 4 stars.
RandysGal69 11 months ago
This is the first book in a new series from Author Jasinda Wilder which once I heard about that each of the 50 states will get their own book, I said sign me up! I enjoy second chance romances and this book delivered it. It is full of real life topics of love, romance, divorce, heart ache, as well as full of humor and heart warming scenes that will leave you have all the feels for the main characters of Jaime & Elyse. I give Jaime sooo much credit for being patient and understanding with Elyse and I was pleasantly surprised on how their story ends. Go get this beautifully written story that will have you believing in second chances with finding the right one.
Sara Koelsch 11 months ago
I knew when I read that Jack Wilder was saying this new series with 50 States of Love was going to kill him and Jasinda by the end that I HAD to read them ALL!! Mainly, I just enjoy Jasinda Wilder's writing and was really excited to see how the books were related to their titles state. This book, Pregnant in Pennsylvania, was adorable! Elyse is a local lifer. She's lived in Clayton all her life only leaving for college and returning once she finished college. Her life was exactly what she wanted... small town living and raising a family. Until one day, ever changed for Elyse and her ex-husband Dan. Elyse and Dan created a sweetheart named Aiden. It was just Elyse and Aiden. They formed a really sweet mom and son bond. This has to have one of the most adorable book openings I've ever read with single parents. I think this is what Elsye had a hard time moving on from. Change is hard. Fear is deep especially when you're a single mom with double the fear. You aren't just protecting your heart but the heart outside of your body. The new man in town is persistent and the situation isn't as simple as just a man and a woman liking each other. But Jaime is smitten and he doesn't give up! I really adored him quickly. If I had to complain about anything with this book is that I really wish it had been in dual POV. I would have loved reading Jaime's personal thoughts. I've never been to Pennsylvania besides driving through, it seriously feels like the state goes on forever and there's always construction going on... and oh man the deer are plentiful!! This felt like a small town story with tons of normal, everyday real feelings and fears. I really appreciated the way Elyse made herself think positive things about herself for each negative. It's a good reminder that we all age and our bodies change as we get older. Elsye is a character that most women, especially moms, are going to relate too. I'm really excited for the next book!!