Prehistory Explained

Prehistory Explained

by Shane Leach

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Prehistory Explained uses hundreds of pieces of irrefutable scientific evidence and hundreds of ancient writings to explain all the ancient mysteries. The theories in this book are based on hundreds of pieces of irrefutable scientific evidence including: NASA's lunar seismometry data, NASA's lunar core tube data, carbon-dated dinosaur bones, the Specific Production Rate (SPR) and the Specific Decay Rate (SDR) of C-14 in the upper atmosphere, magnetic resonance imaging data from Antarctica, DNA sequencing of undamaged, un-fossilized soft tissue recovered in different dinosaur bone marrow samples, radar imaging of the Martian moon Phobos, and X-ray analysis of the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx. The theories in this book are also based on hundreds of ancient writings including: the Bible, the Mahabharata, the Ramayana, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Koran, the Popol Vuh of the Quiche Maya, the Book of Enoch, the Epic of Gilgamesh, the Epic of Etana, the Lost Book of Enki, the ancient Sumerian and Babylonian cuneiform clay tablets, and many other ancient writings. One of the perfectly logical, rational, evidence based theories in this book is the theory that the Moon is an artificial construction. When Apollo 15 landed on the moon, it drilled out a core tube 15-18 ft to the lunar surface. The scientists who analyzed this lunar core tube were shocked to discover that there was a sharp break from the makeup of the gases impinging on the lunar surface at a certain stage in the early past. From the words of Richard C Hoagland, "It almost looks like the moon orbited one type of star which was evaporating vapors (such as the corona) and then was brought here and then subjected to the Sun's corona that has a very different chemical makeup." Quite simply it seems like 100,000 yrs. back, the Moon was turning around a distant star and after that it had been transported here. Zulu shaman, Credo Mutwa, stated that Zulu folklore along with other African tales state that the Moon was assembled 'far, far away'. The Indian Deity, Chandra, was alleged to ride his chariot, the Moon, throughout the nighttime skies towed by ten white horses. Zulu folklores state of the way Wowane and Mpanku...'rolled the Moon across the heavens to the Earth'. Zulus and other indigenous African novels state the Moon was assembled 'far, far away' to restrain individuals and as a vehicle to traverse the Universe. After Apollo 11 landed on the moon, it ran a lunar seismometry experimentation where it put up a lot of seismometers at different locations on the lunar surface. Scientists discovered that when the solid-rocket boosters were fired, those seismometers discovered that the moon rang like a bell for more than an hour that suggests that the moon is an artificial arrangement. Approximately a decade after the experiments, 1 scientist studying the data from these types of lunar seismometers, found that there are two enormous, symmetrical, arc-shaped structures buried about 1,000 miles under the lunar surface close to the center of this Moon. Following this information was printed, NASA turned off their lunar seismometers. The Associated Press cable carried this brief but unexpected Soviet statement: "Emphasizing the value of lunar soil samples, along with also an article in Pravda demonstrated that the first successful automated assignment in 1970 brought down particles of iron which DOES NOT RUST. Pure iron that doesn't rust is unknown on Earth. Actually, it cannot yet be even fabricated. Physicists and scientific specialists claim they can't understand how that is in any way possible without some sort of manufacturing process being included. In addition they point out that it's beyond our current Earth technology."

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About the Author

The author was born and raised in Essex, CT on the Connecticut River. He went to college at Johnson State College in Johnson, VT. He traveled all over the United States for five years during which time he wrote this book.

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